The Ultimate Hang Out

Hot days, the humming of insects and a cool drink in your hand -that’s a good life. And it is best enjoyed gently swinging in a hammock chair,
To reach this delightful state with your friends, you’ll need a couple of hammocks and one or couple of trees to hang the hammock chairs from.


Design the ultimate hang out with hammock chairs

Hammock chairs are simply amazing. You can actually enjoy all of the harmony and leisure of a regular hammock while sitting upright. And while a conventional hammock uses horizontal space, a hammock chair uses vertical space and takes less space making it perfect for hanging in small apartments, a bedroom, or even in your office. How to install a hammock chair inside your home, suspended from a ceiling, you can read here.

In this article, we’ll show you how to properly hang hammock chairs outdoors, from a tree, as many as you’d like, so that you can make a wonderful hang out for you and your companions.

Buy Hammock Chairs

If you don’t have any, the first step is actually to buy hammock chairs. We recommend having a look at this one or this one hammock chair by La Siesta. If you’d like to have kids around swinging too, the hanging nests are the best choice.

Choose a Perfect Tree


Four Hammock Chairs- Hang Out with friends
Photo by

And the second step is to pick a tree that can carry your great idea of ultimate hang out. The best option is to have a perfect big tree with plenty of strong branches for your hang out session in your garden, that can support this kind of gathering. The best are the trees with a short main trunk with several large but sturdy branches relatively close to the ground.


Look for other signs that the tree is healthy. The tree that it is growing toward the sunlight, is a good healthy tree which gives you an angle that will effectively counter your weight, making for a stable hang. You’ll also want to find a branch with several sturdy branches nearby so that you can safely get out of the chair when you want to.
But even if your tree is not big enough, several trees near to each other can also be an excellent location or look for good hammock chair spots all around the tree so you can combine.

Start at the Bottom

Generally speaking, a tree’s branches are stronger near the bottom of the trunk. Hang your hammock chairs at the bottom of the tree, where you can be sure the branches will hold the weight. Find a space low on the tree so that the entire hammock chair from top to bottom fits and you have enough room to dangle your legs.  Remember, your chair will sink a little bit.

We also recommend that the heavier people in your group use the bottom branches cause they are usually the sturdiest branches.

Buy a Hammock Chair Stand

Wooden Round Chairs hanginfg froma a wooden stand-Quadro-

Don’t you have a perfect tree in your garden? No problem, La Siesta have a perfect stand for four hammock chairs or hammock chair loungers at once!

This excellent weatherproof hammock chair stand is perfect for quick and easy suspension without measuring, setting or knotting.

Big Stand for 4  XXL hammock chairs 

  • Nordic spruce offers exceptional strength, due to its fiber density.
  • Wood from responsible forestry
  • Thanks to a high-pressure lamination method and waterproofing treatment, the stand can remain outdoors 
  • Pre-treated with weatherproof stain
  • Assembled Diameter: 9 ft 10 in; Assembled Height: 8 ft 2 in

The hammock chair stand is sturdy enough to hold not only the fabric hammock chairs but also the wooden swing chairs. The Globo Chair is a perfect fit.

Swing Your Troubles Away in a Hanging Chair

Relaxing at home after work or school may be unmanageable to do at first. It is not easy to come down with your hectic schedule. However, a hanging chair is the relaxation tip No. 1 and will prove to you that you don’t have to wander far to achieve your goal. In this article, we introduce hanging and hammock chairs, and everything you should know about it. Maybe you should, but you don’t have to.

If you do not want to spend a lot of time in researching, here you can find a brief overview of hanging chairs we recommend. Every of them will help you to stop thinking about work.

The different hanging chair types

Hanging chair is also called swing chair, hanging seat, hammock chair, swing hammock chair or sack chair, depending on the provider or material. Don’t get confused because basically all mean the same thing. However, there are still many different types of hanging chairs, which differ primarily in the materials used. We split them here into two groups: soft hanging chairs and hard (basket) hanging chairs.

1. Soft hanging chairs

  • Hammock chair is hanging chair made of fabric cotton
  • Outdoor hammock chair is a hammock chair made of weather-resistant fabric mixture
  • Macrame hanging chair
  • Hanging nest for children
rope hammock chair with wooden frame
Rope hanging chair with wooden frame by Cobble Mountain

Soft chairs are easy to fold, are not hard or firm to the touch, breathable and very flexible. Usually, the hammock chairs were made of cotton, what makes them pleasing and subtle. They hold your body „cocooned“ in a quiet or gentle way. This cocoon effect is especially present at hanging nest chairs for children.

2. Hard (basket) Hanging chairs

  • Hanging chair made of wood
  • Hanging chair made of rattan
  • Hanging wicker chair
  • Hanging chair made of fiberglass
Hemisphere Hanging Round Basket Chairs by Bloom
Hemisphere Basket Chairs by Bloom USA

Hard hanging chairs, also called basket chairs, in contrast to hammock chairs have rather a sharp definition. Besides the material they made of, the shape plays the most important role, so we can distinguish between:

  • Hanging Egg Chairs, which are very popular. This is completely understandable, cause the egg swings are not only stylish, they successfully combine form and function, appearance and comfort. The most famous of this kind is Nanna Dietzel’s Hanging Egg Chair designed in 1959. The Design of the “Hanging Egg Chair” has long since been dubbed timeless, whereas rattan had its golden age in the 60s and 70s when skilled wicker weavers and designers crafted beautifully formed furniture out of the challenging material.
  • Round hanging chairs which are also known as ball chairs. The best-known is the transparent bubble chair designed by Finnish furniture designer Eero Aarnio in 1960’s. This clear round acrylic ball is most famous 60s style hanging chair, a must have for minimalist style living room.
  • Papasan hanging chairs is an indoor basket chair traditionally made of rattan. The removable cushion is filled with cotton fluff. It looks like a big bowl, so it is also called “bowl chair”. This nostalgic bowl-shaped chair has always been known in Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, and the Philippines. In America, it was presented for the first time in the 1950s and became highly popular first in the 70’s. A version for two people is called “Mamasan”.


Fabric Hammock Chair

What is actually a hammock chair? A hammock chair also called a hammock swing or canvas hanging chair, is a piece of furniture that, in its original version, consists of a piece of large cotton fabric which is stretched by a so-called spreading bar. In contrast to the regular hammock, which hangs between two points, a hanging hammock chair is attached to only one single point. In order to make the 360 degrees rotation possible, a swivel hook is often integrated, what applies to the highly recommended and really excellent hammock chairs by La Siesta.


Hanging Hammock Chair
Hanging Chair La Siesta
Components of a hammock chair: 1. Bottom Hanging area (cotton fabric) 2. Hanging rope 360° 3. Swivel 4. Spreader Bar

Compared to a classic hanging chair, such as a basket chair, the hammock chair is very soft and is more suitable for relaxation than for productive work. Here is a short history tour: the original hammock chair was probably created in Europe or at least further developed. It is a modification of the classic cloth hammock, which already had been used by the Maya in South America about 1000 years ago. The hammock came to Europe in the 15th century with Christopher Columbus.

The correct hammock chair size

Only if the cotton cloth fabric is large enough for your body, you can sit comfortably in the chair.

The buying guide: basic rule here is – if you want to put yourself in the hammock chair, the long edge of the hanging chair should be at least 10 cm longer than you are.  But also is very important to choose the appropriate length of the spreader bar. The large cloth in your hanging hammock chair makes sense only if it is stretched sufficiently far from the spreader bar. If the spreader bar is not long enough, you will have little freedom of movement in the hanging chair. To prevent this, your spreader bar should have a certain minimum length. The more space you need (or would like), the longer the spreader bar should be. An adult chair is normally available with spreader bars between 100 and 140 cm. For a children’s chair, it usually measures only 70 cm, although I would recommend (depending on the age or size) also a length up to 110 cm.

How to hang  the hammock chair

Have you already found your perfect hanger? Very good! Now it’s about fixing: Opposite a hammock, a hanging chair, as already said, has the great advantage that it must be attached to only one single point. This makes it possible to use a hanging chair even in smaller rooms where you simply have no space for a hammock.

As already said, only one fixpoint is necessary to hang your hammock chair, either indoors or outdoors. It can be hung on the center of veranda beam, hang on the ceiling inside your house, or hang from a tree branch. The right weight is when your feet are comfortably touching the ground while sitting in the hammock chair (approximately 40 cm from ground tot he bottom of seat). You can alternatively use a bolt or screw with a hammock spring attached tot he hooks, which is much more comfortable. The hammock spring is designed to make sitting even more comfortable and it protects against abrupt tensioning oft he strings oft he hammock chair.

Here you can find where and how you can attach your hanging chair – so that you have a long time of pleasure in it: How and where you can attach the hanging chair

Hammock chair with frame

If you do not want to be tied to a certain place, you should think about installing a hammock chair with a stand. Hanging hammock chairs with frame can either be purchased as a complete set or assembled individually from a hammock chair and a hammock chair stand.

Advantages of a complete set:

  • low price
  • less effort in ordering

Disadvantages of a complete set:

  • mostly lower quality
  • often only no-name products from Asia
  • usually bad design

Although a set is mostly cheaper, we clearly recommend investing a little bit more in better quality products. This is the only way to make sure a hammock chair has the right size and can carry enough weight. And not to underestimate – your hammock chair should also look chic.

Have you already decided to purchase a hanging chair stand separately? Cool! You are looking for a suitable hanging chair stand that looks nice and is also of high quality? No problem! If you would like also a cheap one, we, unfortunately, have to disappoint you – because high-quality hanging chair stands are not quite cheap.

Here you can read our reviews and recommendations – the best hanging chair stands.


Wooden Hanging Chair

If you prefer clearly shaped basket chair with a focus on design and appearance, then hang-out chairs or wooden swing chairs can come into question. These sturdy and strong swing chairs have little in common with their relatives made of soft fabric and are more like a little sister of well-known patio swings.The most popular and best hanging wooden chair is the Globo Chair by Byer of Maine or the bigger one Globo Royal Swing. A hanging wooden chair is a more expensive than a hammock chair, but you’ll get a great piece of furniture which you can enjoy indoors and outdoors. The beautiful design will add a breeze of nature in every room you put it.

Wooden Swing with Stand by Byer of Maine

How to take care of hanging wooden chairs

If you want to buy a wooden chair for the garden, you should think of a regular care of the material so that your swing looks nice as long as possible. The wooden furniture usually consists of weatherproof impregnated spruce, but unfortunately, such an impregnation does not last forever. It can be washed out by regular contact with rain. You should, therefore, treat the wood once a year or at least every two years in order to keep it weather-resistant. An exterior oil finish is definitely the simplest, quickest way to treat your outdoor hanging wooden chair.


Hanging chair made of rattan

A hanging chair made of synthetic rattan, also known as all-weather-wicker, is perfect for use on the terrace or on the balcony. That’s why this kind of chairs is called- all weather swing chair. On the other hand, the natural rattan is made from the rattan palm trees and can be braided relatively flexible and stable under the influence of hot steam.

Here can you read  more about differences between natural rattan  and poly rattan wicker

all weather outdoor wicher swing chair very roomy
Comfy Swing Chair with Stand. Made of all-weather synthetic rattan wicker and powder coated aluminum stand- click to view on Amazon

Most (not all) wicker hanging chairs today were made from synthetic wicker which is a general concept for all kinds of plastic rattan imitates.  This “plastic ratan” imitate  has the great advantage over the natural variant that it is completely weatherproof. The plastic braids of the modern hanging chairs keep wind and weather virtually unlimited and therefore is perfect for outdoor use. Only the upholstery of the hanger chairs and possible metal parts are prone to weather influences or rust. The selection of hanging wicker chairs is very good and the prices are low in comparison with wooden chairs. Accordingly, there are many beautifully designed models. Hanging chairs made of synthetic rattan are therefore suitable for all people who are looking for relaxation outdoors. With a hanging rattan chair in your own garden, you can relax stylishly and comfortably.

Perfect furniture for restaurant owners

Often, a rattan chair is delivered directly with a suitable frame. So you do not need to worry about the purchase of a chair stand and are also flexible in the installation site. For all these reasons wicker hanging chairs are more and more popular as catering furniture. Highly recommended to restaurant owners.

How to take care of rattan chairs

In the indoor area, hanging chairs made of rattan are absolutely maintenance-free. The cushions are removable and mostly washable Outside, on the terrace, on the balcony or in the garden, you should pay attention not to expose the hanging chair to strong weather and follow a few simple rules.  If the hanging chair is made of natural rattan, it is suitable for indoor use. But also a hanging chair of synthetic rattan should be covered or placed indoors during the winter. Although the plastic part is almost indestructible, the metal parts in the wicker or on the frame can be rusty depending on the quality, which could lead to unsightly stains on your terrace.


A hanging chair for children

Hanging chairs are there where happiness meats relaxation. Everybody likes that! But especially children show a huge enthusiasm for the dynamic way of sitting. They can spin and rock and swing while sitting! A dream chair for every child! A hanging chair in the kid’s room, however, is not only fun but also a great retreat, in which children can read and dream. Here can you read, what to look for when buying a hanging chair for children. 

Hanging cave for children

Hanging Nest Chair for Children- Perfect Place for Listening to Music
Hanging Nest Chair for Children- REVIEW

There are a lot of hanging chairs for children out there- hammock chairs for kids, indoor swings, Globo chairs for kids made of wood or kid’s bubble chairs. But we want to give preference to hanging nest chairs for children, also called hanging caves, which are enclosed all around by fabric and are therefore particularly suitable as a personal retreat for your child.

You should pay attention to a few things when purchasing a children’s hanging seat:

  • Fabric quality: organic cotton without any toxic additives
  • Size of the hanging chair: Not too small, not too big
  • How and where to install

The right size

We all know-the children grow up so fast. That seems is reason enough not to buy a kid’s hammock chair but in a large adult model, your child can feel lost. So what model to buy? Our recommendation is:·

  • From 3 to 8 years: special hanging chair for children·
  • From 8 years: a small hanging chair for adults

Children under 3 years of age should not have their own chair since the danger of falling out is relatively high. For children up to 3 years, we recommend baby swings, which can be used for newborns too.


Contemporary Hanging Chairs

transparent hanging ball chair
Inspired by Eero Aarnio Bubble Chair

And at the end, it is a must to mention hanging bubble chair or hanging egg chair made of fieberglass. Despite being designed and created almost 50 years ago, these contemporary hanging chairs still boasts of a cutting edge, state of the art design. Looking at this passion for perfection you wouldn’t believe that it’s a massive blast from the past.

No matter what stage of life you’re in, there’s a perfect hanging chair for your home. Protection Status

Boho Chic and Romantic: DIY Macrame Hammock Chair

Once popular in the 70s, the macrame nowadays are brought back by the boho chic enthusiasts. We’re not surprised to see an increase of chic macrame hanging chairs out there due to its stylish and modern versatility. They are simply beautiful but so pricey!

If you have been looking for one for your living room or porch, and if you ask your self- how to make a macrame hanging chair -you should definitely give this a try.

Macrame Garden Chair - DIY

These free macrame patterns by AcajouCrafts are suitable for beginners since they are not complicated and pretty easy to make. Having said that, a comfortable hanging hammock chair is quite large and therefore is a DIY macrame hammock chair time consuming project. And this one is really comfy you can hang indoors and outdoors.

In contrast to other macrame chairs you can find online, this one has a deep “pocket” so you can nestle in and swing away all the stress.  The size of the seat is approximately 40 inches long and 32 inches wide but you can increase the width cutting additional cords.  Make sure you end up with an even number (36, 38, 40, etc.)


Supplies Needed:

  • 6mm cord material (322 yards)
  • Two 3-inch welded metal rings (heavy duty)
  • Flexible Tape Measure
  • Optional: One 36-inch  wooden Dowel, 3/4-inch thick (+ dowel caps)

Knots used:

  • Double Half Hitch (DHH)
  • Alternating Square Knots (ASK)
  • Barrel Knot
  • Larks Head Knot
  • Wrapped Knot
  • Overhand Knot

Cut the cords as follows: 

  • Upper Side Supports –16 cords, each at least 3 yards long
  • Lower Side Supports –16 cords, each at least 4 yards long
  • Seat — 32 cords, each at least 6.5 yards long
  • Wrapped Knots — 2 cords, each 36 inches long

Note: The images below mimic the details of each step, but in a smaller scale.

When you create your own Hammock Chair, the cords will be thicker and there will be more of them.


Side Supports

Step 1:  Pass 8 of the 4-yard cords through one of the rings, and match the ends.

Place 8 of the 3-yard cords on top, and center them as well.

Fold the bundle of cords over the lower part of the ring.

Tie a Wrapped Knot around the cords, following the instructions below:

machrame hammock chair DIY
Secure one end of a 36-inch cord to the right of the folded cords, next to the ring. Move down 2 inches and fold it.  Bring the end back up, close to the ring.
macrame hammock chair free pattern
Wrap the end around the cords, including the secured end of the one you are using.
Wrap firmly, moving downward, towards the fold.


macrame hanging chair cheap tutorial
When the knot is 2 inches long, pass the end through the folded area, which looks like a loop.


macrame hammock chair for indoors and outdoors
Pull on the secured end, which is at the top of the knot. This will pull the other end, as well as the loop, inside the Wrapped knot. Apply glue to the entire knot, and trim off any extra material from the short cord


Upper Edge of Seat

Step 3: Secure the rings to your work surface or hang them up somehow.

Select two of the shortest cords coming from the right ring, and two more from the left.

These will act as holding cords for the upper edge of the Hammock Chair.

macrame swing chair
Move down 36 to 40 inches from the bottom of the Wrapped Knot, depending on how low you want the top of the seat to rest.
The four cords should be brought towards each other, diagonally, so they unite at this point.
how to make a macrame hammock chair
Step 4: Mentally number the left cords as 1 and 2, and the right as 3 and 4.
Use them to tie a tight Square Knot. The working cords are 1 and 4 and the fillers are 2 – 3.
macrame free patterns chair
Here’s a closer view of the SK tied in the holding cord.
You will be mounting the cords for the seat of the Hammock Chair on either side of this knot.

Creating the Seat

Step 5:  Move the ends of the 4 cords so two go right, and the other two head left, rather than letting them dangle.  You can see this in the image below.

The cords for the seat of the Hammock Chair will be mounted onto the 4 cords.

how to make a macrame hanging chair
Fold one 6.5-yard cord in half, and lay it down on top of the 4 holding cords to the left of the Square knot.
how to make a macrame hanging chair
Bring the ends around to the back of the 4 cords, and through the loop that forms, pulling them towards you. This is a reverse Larks Head knot.
Leave some room between this knot and the Square knot, for the next step.
macrame pod chair
Tie a Half Hitch with the end closest to the Square Knot:
Pass the end over the front, and under the back of the cords. Bring it over the cord you are working with, as you pull it downward.
macrame swing chair diy
Use the other end to make a Half Hitch as well. Tighten the knots firmly.
macrame swing chair diy
Push the first knot to the right, so it rests against the Square Knot.
Repeat step 5 with the remaining 6.5-yard cords. There should be 16 cords mounted on each side of the SK in the center of the Hammock Chair.

Step 6:  Tie the first row of Alternating Square Knots (ASK) with the 6.5-yard cords.  Start with cord 1 and move all the way across to cord 64, tying the knots in a horizontal row.

They should rest just below the mounting knots described above.  Use 4 cords per knot (2 fillers). Tie the knots firmly and tighten them as much as you can.

Step 7:  Tie more rows of ASK, so there is 1-inch of space between the rows.

The EVEN numbered rows begin with cord 3 and end with cord 62.

The ODD numbered rows begin with cord 1 and end with cord 64 (same as row1).

Stop when you have around 10 inches of material left, by measuring the shortest cords.

Lower Edge of Seat

Step 8:  Hang the Hammock Chair by the rings, if you have not already done so.

Select two of the longest cords coming from the right ring, and two more from the left. Move all four of these cords diagonally, towards each other. Measure 60 inches down from the Wrapped knot. That’s the point where the cords should unite.

IMPORTANT: Before you move on to the next step, place the bottom of the seat close to these holding cords, to check the depth of the Hammock Chair.

The bottom portion of the seat needs to form a deep pocket, as in the image shown at the top of the page. You can reduce the distance between the Wrapped knot and the place where the cords meet, if you want the bottom edge to come up more. 

Don’t bring it up too much, or the seat won’t be comfortable. 

Step 9: Once these lower holding cords are at the correct placement, tie a tight Square Knot to link them together. This is similar to what you did in step 3.

Step 10:  Move the ends of the new holding cords so two go right, and the other two head left, rather than letting them dangle. Attach half the cords from the seat to the right of the Square Knot, and the same on the left, using Double Half Hitches.  

Design Tip: This is the same as step 5, only the type of knot used is slightly different. Start near the center and move outward as you attach the cords.

Apply glue to the entire row of DHH and allow it to dry before continuing.

Tie a Barrel Knot with each cord, resting under the seat of the Hammock Chair, close to the lower edge.

Finish the seat by choosing one option:

  • (Option 1) Weave the ends through spaces in the seat. You can trim them a bit first, but make sure they are at least 2 inches long. Use glue to hold the ends in place.
  • (Option 2) Trim the cords and leave a fringe, so they dangle.

Side Supports

Step 11:  Organize the remaining cords for the right side support, into sets of two.

You will move from the bottom to the top of the Hammock Chair as you attach them to the right side of the seat design. Look at the seat, and notice that there are large spaces along the edge, between the rows of Square Knots.

macrame free patterns chair
Slide one of the side support cords through a space at the edge, from the top. Do the same with the second cord, placing it close to the first cord, but in a different space.
Make sure the portion coming from the ring is straight, with a little tension.
macrame swing chair- step by step
Tie the ends together with an Overhand knot. Tighten it as much as possible.
macrame hanging chair living room
Tie another Overhand knot next to the first.
After tightening it, make sure it rests in the back of the Hammock chair design.
step by step- how to macrame a hammock chair
Pull the ends to the front of the seat before moving on to the next step.

Step 12: Repeat step 11 with the remaining side supports for the right side. Use the longest cords first, since they should support the lower half of the seat. Make sure they are evenly spaced. The shorter cords are used as you move closer to the top.

Step 13:  Repeat steps 11 and 12, attaching the left side supports.  Try to place them between the same rows as on the right side. Make adjustments to the knots as needed so the Hammock Chair hangs evenly, before moving on to the next step.

macrame IY hammock chair white
Step 14: Go back to where you started, and pass the ends of the side supports through another space, further in (to the left). Then tie the ends together again, with two Overhand knots, as in step 11.
Do this to all the other side supports on both the right and left sides. When you are finished, apply glue to the knots and allow it to dry before moving on.

Step 15: The remaining material from the side supports can be used to make a fringe. You could also finish them off by attaching them to the seat with additional knots. Another option is to tie Barrel knots in each one, so they rest close to the Square knots.  Apply glue and cut off the extra material.

Step 16: Use chain or thick rope passed through the rings to attach the Hammock Chair to a branch or sturdy hook.

Optional Attachment to a Dowel

Step 17: Using a dowel is optional, but it stabilizes the chair and makes it feel more sturdy.

  • Drill holes at each end for the chain or rope to pass through.
  • Slide the rings onto the dowel, and position them close to the holes.
  • Use pieces of scrap cord to wrap around the rings and the dowel several times, to hold them in place.
  • You can wrap in a Figure 8 pattern, and when you are finished, tie the two ends together with a Barrel Knot.
  • Make sure the knots are as tight as possible and apply glue.  Attach dowel caps at each end.


We highly recommend visiting the author of this lovely tutorial: Free Macrame Patterns, where you can find over 300 pages of instructions and photos to help you create a variety of modern and vintage projects, including handcrafted jewelry.

Read more:


Hanging-Chairs’s Choice: The Photos We Want to Share with You. Enjoy!

These colorful outdoor swings on the first picture below by Paola Lenti, designed by Francesco Rota, have a beautiful name- Adagio, which means “slowly”, so please enjoy these photos below in adagio style.

Oldie but goodie form Paola Lenti. Summer is around the corner, let’s hang out. 

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Hanging chairs!! I am obsessed. I want one hanging in our sunroom for book in hand & cider hour. . . . . . .

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Probably the best gift I ever gave to Luca ; her new #swingchair at #home 🙆🏽🐒🏹💨

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Saff cat gave her approval on the hanging chair today . We’re taking the weekend off of painting. Three weeks until we finish, I think. Xx

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More #jungalowstyle inspiration from @shopsalte in Edgartown. I wanna swing away all my summer days in that little nook!

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Clubhouse at the Jersey Shore 

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Coming very soon to @casaduhagon!!! Cozumel hanging pvc chair from @mexadesign. Perfect for this summer!!!! 

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Sunday vibes! We are open 12 – 4 today.. We have some beautiful hanging chairs in stock ready to be hung and relaxed in! 

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This will be awesome if every office has one of these hanging egg chairs! We are dreaming seated meditation on it

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If you are reading this now, you are at the bottom of this page, so we assume that you’ve really enjoyed Hanging-Chair’s choice pictures and you’re seriously thinking about having one relaxing and fancy hanging seat in your garden, home or even the office.

We recommend having a look at The Ultimate List of Hanging Chairs

In a Hammock Chair to a Stronger Body

A hammock chair is wonderful for strengthening in many different ways.

It is well known that the strong core and the sense of balance are related. Balance is an excellent way to grow physical fitness, so it shouldn’t be surprising that regular use of a hammock chair  is a great way to improve your core strength.

According to the American Sports Institute, there are two ways to improve balance:

  • systematic strength training and
  • motor control stability.

Although many would immediately think that “systematic strength training” is equal “lifting weights”, it does not necessarily have to involve such techniques – it can be done through leveraging your own weight to create repeated resistance. The most popular techniques include balance boards or stability balls. Yoga, and other forms of mind-body training and martial arts, such as Pilates or Tai Chi are very useful  but you can work on your balance and core strength on your own by just standing on one foot and closing your eyes.


Hammock Chair for strong core and the sence of balance
Motor Control Stability is activated while she is sleeping in a Hammock Chair by La Siesta

However, hanging out in a hammock chair is much more comfortable as standing on one foot, isn’t it?! And the good thing is- both (balance and stability control) were challenged by rocking and swinging in  a hammock chair. The wider you’re swinging in, the bigger resistance you will be putting on your core to propel yourself from side to side which is a very effective strength training.

Motor Control Stability is activated basically every time you use a hammock chair, whether or not rocking or other motions are included. There does not necessarily have to be any kind of progressive resistance in this sort of exercise, which makes a hammock chair an ideal area for this kind of muscle activity. Hammock chairs are never perfectly still, which move the pressure points to various positions all over your body. The gentle massage stimulates multiple acupressure meridians of the body while you relax. By relieving body weight, the hammock  chair helps you to rapidly increase your flexibility while improving balance and core strength. Drastic improvements in health and vitality in a very short time!

Aerial Yoga is a relatively new approach to a traditional Yoga which includes a hammock with all its benefits. A hammock chair works in a similar way as a “single point aerial yoga hammock” giving you an antigravity feeling . Muscles were stimulated and rehabilitated, and the spine decompressed as the body hangs freely.

By now, it should be understandable that a hammock chair is an excellent instrument for strengthening your core. Here we give you 7 reasons why to Hang a Hammock Chair in your home.

So find a tree in your backyard or suspend a hammock chair in your living room and get to building those muscles!

Reasons to Buy a Kids Hanging Chair

7 Reasons to Hang a Hanging Chair in Kid’s Room

By now, most adults have fallen in love with the magical relaxation tool known as the hanging chair. We count down the seconds until we can go home and melt into the soothing embrace of our gently swinging seats. We find ways to lure our spouses out of the chair so we can commandeer it. Actually, us grown-ups may be more attached to our hanging chairs than we are to our spouses. I’m kidding!

But hanging chairs are great for kids, too! Here are seven solid reasons to invest in a hanging chair for kids:

1) They capture the imagination

Kids have a knack for turning mundane objects into fantastical creatures, time machines, and natural wonders. In the blink of an eye, they transform your piano bench into the plank on a pirate’s ship, your microwave into a cage for beanie babies, and your poor, dismembered couch into stepping stones across a lake of lava.

What better gift than a chair that hovers above the ground? Once your child realizes they have a magic carpet/dragon/sky castle/hot air balloon in their bedroom, they will be hooked. Your child will be able to exercise their imagination, and your living room couch will be able to take a much-needed break. As a bonus, your kid will probably be pretty popular with their friends, too. Why wouldn’t they, when they have a flying chair in their bedroom?

2) No more rescuing plastic soldiers from The Void

The worst part about dealing with furniture in a child’s bedroom: it eats everything. Coloring book pages, homework, small animal figurines, Cheetos and assorted contraband all wind up underneath your child’s chair, and it falls on you to heft the seat up and search for the lost treasures. With a hanging chair, this risk completely disappears!

3) It makes for easy cleaning

The underside of your standard chair does more than eat your child’s crayons– it also hosts a wide variety of horrors, including dirt, dust bunnies, and unwanted chunks of vegetables. Hanging chairs don’t trap dirt, and they’re a breeze to vacuum underneath or around. Now, if only you could suspend the bed from the ceiling…

4) It helps teach children how to relax

Children are great at imagination and honest play, but they are often lacking in relaxation skills. The ability to consciously relax is a valuable skill– but if you’ve ever instructed your child to ‘sit down and meditate’, you know it’s a lot harder than it seems! Hanging chairs are the perfect way to teach kids how to sit still, be quiet, and let their muscles relax for a few minutes. On the one hand, the gentle swinging motion will help prevent them from feeling bored or restless, as they often do when forced to sit in one spot. In addition, the swinging (or rocking) will soothe their bodies and minds, making them enjoy the process of slowing down far more than they would otherwise. It’s like a rocking chair, but prettier and more interesting.

5) It can grow up right along with your little one

Though a hanging chair for kids will serve as an excellent magic carpet in their little kid years, it can also become a quirky, cute addition to their childhood bedroom, and later, an elegant, soothing focal point in their teenage bedroom. Unlike princess-themed sofas or superhero bean bags, your child’s hanging chair will be there to stay for years to come– even as the rest of their furniture grow and evolve around it.

6) It will encourage your child to read

For most parents, the only thing more difficult than getting a child to eat steamed broccoli is getting that child to read. Fortunately, a hanging chair may be just what you need to get their nose in a book! Most hanging chairs have a very roomy seat, allowing your child to fidget, curl up, and squirm as they please. More importantly, kids can swing while they’re turning the pages, which can help them stay focused and engaged with the story for longer periods of time. You can make your child into a bookworm yet.

7) No more stubbed toes

One of the biggest causes of tears among kids– aside from tangled hair– is the dreaded Furniture Toe Stub. With a hanging chair, it’s virtually impossible for your child to stub (or even break) their toe when they’re playing soccer in their bedroom even though you told them not to.

These are our reviews for the best and most recommended hanging chairs for kids:

Review: Hanging Nest JOKI by La Siesta

Review: Ekorre Hanging Chair for Kids by IKEA

Review: Kids Hammock Chair LORI by La Siesta

Review: Hanging Tent-Chair Cozy Posy HugglePod HangOut by HearthSong

Featured Image by AMAZONAS hammocks, Germany

Outdoor Hammok Chair for the Whole Family

7 Best Spots to Hang a Hammock Chair Outdoors

An outdoor hammock chair is a great way to unwind and relax while enjoying the crisp air and natural sounds of nature. There are many outdoor places that a hammock chair can be hung if you use a little creativity. You also do not need to be limited by the outdoor surroundings. To help you get started planning your next hanging chair experience, here are the 7  best spots to hang a hammock chair outdoors.

1- Over The Water


Hammock Chair Over the Water
Hanging Out over the Water © La Siesta

There is no better way to relax than to be soothed with the back and forth movement of a hanging hammock chair while tiny waves of water lap underneath you. A true Zen experience. This can be accomplished by finding a pair of trees that are across a river, lake, or ocean. Sometimes you will not be lucky enough to find a good location right over the water, but being directly next to it is the next best thing. Why not bring a fishing rod along as well and see what you can catch? The options are almost endless when you have a fresh water source and a hammock chair.

2- Beside Your Pool

You might not live in a state with a beach or have access to any other source of fresh water. It also might be difficult to find just the right spot at these locations to hang a hammock chair. However, if you are a pool owner you can have the next best thing. All that you need is a sturdy tree branch or a hammock chair stand and you are ready to go. When you are swinging by the pool it is a relaxing way to enjoy a good book, have a nice glass of wine, or supervise your kid’s water activities.

3- On Your Porch or Deck

This one is a lot more common but still an excellent choice. An outdoor hammock chair is a great alternative to regular patio chairs or even a porch swing In fact, some people say that no porch or deck is complete without a swinging hammock chair. With such a great opportunity for relaxation, why limit yourself to just one? More hanging hammock chairs hanging on your porch provide an opportunity for your entire family to have a relaxing experience. You might even find that you become very popular with the neighbors or other people in your community.

4- On Your Fire Escape

Not everyone owns a garden or has a porch or deck. Some people live in a busy city in large buildings. If this is you, then you might think that there is no way you can enjoy an outdoor hammock experience. You should think again. Even if you live in a tiny urban apartment the opportunity to enjoy a hammock chair outside your home is within your reach. A fire escape is a great location to hang a hammock chair and enjoy the outdoors. You will be the envy of your building until they steal your idea and buy a hammock chair of their own. Just make sure that you check with all of your local laws first, as well as your building manager if you think that there might be an issue.

5- At The Park

Hammock Chair in the Park
Hanging Out in the Park- Hammock Chair © La Siesta, Germany

Why not take a nap or read the paper at the park in a cozy hanging chair? Any park can be a great location for an outdoor hammock chair. To hang it you can use sturdy tree branches and suspension sets, or the stand mentioned earlier. It is a great way to unwind. The only drawback is all the people who will probably approach you asking where they can get a hammock chair of their own. It is up to you if you want to exit your  cozy hammock paradise and let them give it a try.

6- On A Camping Trip

When you are out camping there is no need to rough it on the hard ground or sit on a rock. Just bring your handy outdoor hammock chair along. There is no better way to take a break or even enjoy a nap. A hammock chair is an ideal camping accessory that just isn’t used enough.

7-  On A Ski Trip

Hammock chairs are very versatile means of relaxation and with the right creative mind can be enjoyed in a variety of settings. The 6 listed above are just the tip of the iceberg. Speaking of ice, why not hang a hammock on your next ski trip!.

With a hammock stand or the right trees and suspension sets, there is really no place that you can’t enjoy your hammock outdoors. Don’t take our word for it, try one of our 7 best outdoor hammock chair locations or just create a perfect hang out!

8- Create a Perfect Hang Out

Cacoon-Hanging-Chair-Hang_out_treeHot days, the humming of insects and a cool drink in your hand -that’s a good life. And it is best enjoyed gently swinging in a hammock chair,
To reach this delightful state with your friends, you’ll need a couple of hammocks and one or couple of trees to hang the hammock chairs from.

The Ultimate Hang Out- how to create it?

Hammock Chairs in Living Room

7 Reasons To Hang a Hammock Chair Indoors

Anyone into interior design (or who has surfed Pinterest for five minutes) has stumbled across the fun, unique piece of furniture known as the indoor hammock chair. The Internet loves to share high-resolution photographs of luxurious-looking hanging chairs looking out bay windows into the sunset. We often find ourselves staring longingly into the perfectly-decorated, crystal-laden bedrooms, wishing we could capture a piece of the fun and serenity inside.

And why not? Hanging a hammock chair indoors is the perfect way to introduce that unique, free-spirited feel into your home– without burning incense, installing sundials, or hanging crystals from your ceiling. Here is a list of seven reasons why you should hang a hammock chair in your home:


1- They add an element of fun to any room

We love elegance, but unfortunately, living rooms and bedrooms often fall victim to stagnation. It can be difficult to make any given room feel fun and free without sacrificing taste and maturity. You want something interesting and different, but you don’t want your house to come across as childish! There has to be a middle ground between boring executive, college hippie, and excitable Kindergartner.

The hammock chair is that middle ground. It can be as elegant or as “hippie-ish” as you would like it to be, and it adds a simple, free-spirited feel to any room. The gentle swing of a hammock chair is just the amount of movement to take your home from still and stagnant to fun and free.


2- They can ease back and neck pain

The benefits of a hammock chair are more than aesthetic appeal. Today, a shocking number of American adults struggle with chronic neck or back pain, and many times our chairs are to blame. No matter how much effort you put into maintaining your posture, you are going to have problems if your chairs are stiff or poorly-built.

Sitting in a comfy hammock chair can reduce the stress on your spine and your joints, which reduces inflammation and reduces pain. Defying gravity in a gently swinging seat could be just what the doctor ordered.


3- They aid in relaxation

Hammock chairs are kind to more than just your spine– they can be an integral part of any routine meant to promote muscle relaxation. Unlike unforgiving computer chairs or recliners, hammock chairs gently adjust to every detail of your body. Instead of forcing your muscles to submit to their shape, hammock chairs gently mold around your form, supporting muscles without forcing them into tense, uncomfortable positions. This eliminates problems with pressure points and promotes full-body relaxation. Warning: accidental naps are a possibility!


4- They improve concentration and focus

If you find yourself squirming, fidgeting and distracted when you are trying to work on projects, a hammock chair may be the solution to your restless brain. There is a reason why some therapists, naturopaths and alternative healers recommend hammock chairs for their wound-up patients! The constant, gentle swinging that comes with sitting in a hammock chair keeps your mind stimulated, which improves your ability to concentrate on tasks like reading or writing.


5- They are perfect for meditation

Relaxation and concentration lead to one thing: meditation. Anyone who has tried to get into meditation has run into the difficulty that comes with sitting still– your body gets uncomfortable, which leads to a restless mind, which leads to endless fidgeting. Once you realize you are fidgeting, you become frustrated… which leads to more fidgeting. It is impossible to feel ‘zen’ when you can’t get comfortable.

Hammock swing chairs eliminate that vicious cycle altogether. They provide the comfort and clarity necessary to become a meditation pro.


6- They can help you be more active 

By now, most of us have heard that sitting is the new smoking– staying perfectly still for long periods of time can increase your risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and even cancer. While hanging a hammock chair in your home is not an excuse to skip the gym, it can go a long way in encouraging movement throughout the day. The swinging motion itself encourages gentle movements while you are seated. In addition, the improved focus and energy levels will mean that you are more inclined to move throughout the day. A good hammock chair may help you hold onto the energy you need to convince yourself to go for a jog on a Saturday afternoon.


7- They are easy to move

Gone are the days when you had to heft your thousand-pound armchair out of the way to vacuum your living room. Hammock chairs take up minimal space. If you hang yours from a stand, you can move it around the house as you please– which means that, theoretically, you never have to sit in another chair again. You can use a hammock chair in your home for eating, reading, writing, watching television, or staring out the window. The possibilities are endless.

The Four Best Suspension Sets for a Ceiling Chair

To hang a ceiling chair you’ll usually need just a single anchor point. Here’s a quick overview of the four best suspension sets for the hammock and hanging chairs on the market which you can easily install and relatively quickly attach your hammock chair to the ceiling.




MARATHON Swing Hanger
MARATHON Swing Hanger made in Germany– click on image to check availability

This high-quality swing hanger is a perfect choice to hang your hammock chair “swing style” with two suspension points on our porch or your living room.

This is certainly not the cheapest swing hanger you could find, but it is a high-quality product, very solid, easy to fix up and completely silent.  You can leisurely enjoy the midnight swinging without disturbing the neighborhood, cause this swing hanger works like a charm with no squeaks, no rubbing and no plastic ring that breaks down after a couple of days.

Thanks to modern ball bearings technique, the suspended snap hook runs like on rails, which allows constant movement up to 60 minutes nonstop and beyond. The excellent rolling feature guarantees a maximum of smooth motion and pure relaxation without any background noise.

You can choose between premium zinc plated or stainless steel hanger, which is seawater proofed and perfect for the beach or in swimming pools with chlorine-containing air.

  • It is really smooth without noise and suitable for almost nonstop movements
  • Made in Germany.
  • Very easy to install due to drilling template
  • STRONG: Weight capacity 300 lbs



For outdoors we recommend the new model made of stainless steel AISI 304.  The model with improved runnability will let you enjoy many minutes of really smooth and continuous motion. One small push on the porch swing and it keeps going, and going, and going, and…

Keep in mind that you are buying individual hangers. For a porch swing or any other swing chair with two suspension points, you need to purchase 2 of them.



If you want to hang your hanging chair “pivot style”, this suspension system is the best oneIt is suitable for hammock chairs with a spreader bar or basket hanging chairs which require only one anchor point. This ball bearing swivel hook lets you rotate freely in your swing chair all-around full circle, and ensures the cords do not chafe allowing free rotation in any direction.


Hanging Chair Hammock Chair Swivel Power Hook by Byer of Maine
Hanging Chair Swivel Hook by Byer of Maine with a Weight capacity of 300 lbs – click on the image to check availability

Byer of Maine is American distributor for their partners, Amazonas from Germany. They are well known in Europe for their top-quality, original cotton hammocks and hanging chairs and accessories. This ball-mounted ceiling hook with an extension chain for adjusting the height should give you many years of excellent service in your home when used for quiet relaxation. Thanks to modern bearing technique, this suspension system hook assures a safe hanging spot for your hanging chair, whilst providing the flexibility of rotating a full 360 degrees.


  • Special hook including ball bearing, one chain, 4 bolts, 4 metal plugs
  • Manufacturer: Amazonas in Germany
  • Very easy to install
  • Made with industrial bearings for safe swinging.
  • FLEXIBILITY: turns a full 360 degrees 
  • STRONG: Weight capacity of 300 lbs.”
  • You don’t need to get springs. It comes with the swivel hook and chain.
  • Only for use in concrete! 

For wood, you’ll need an adapter available here.This adapter is designed to allow for the Swivel Hook to be mounted using 1 1/2″ wood framing.



Watch the installation video here:




 Suspension Set for Hanging Chair by la Siesta
Suspension Set for Hammock Chairs and Hanging Nests made in Germany – click on the image to check availability

This universal suspension set by La Siesta, one of the leading suppliers of high-quality hammock chairs from Latin America, is excellent for flexible installation on a wall, a ceiling, beams or trees.

The Smart Hook allows easy modification of rope length. The hook can be simply fixed using common tools, and is suitable for attachment to a lot of different surfaces. Its three-sided shape with three holes guarantees optimal weight distribution.

This set is very practical, weatherproof and resistant to UV-rays, so it is suitable for indoors and outdoors use. All components are 100% “Made in Germany”, which is a brand promise for excellent, high-quality products.

  • Hook: fiberglass reinforced polyamide; rope: heat set polyester. 
  • Easy installation. Enables swift suspension and demounting.
  • Rope length easily adjustable with the Smart Hook
  • Made in Germany. Products tested and certified by the German TUV Rheinland
  • STRONG: Maximum weight capacity: 160 kg (355 lbs)

Read our installation guide here.




Ball bearing Technique 

Comparison duration of movement of suspansion systems

Ball bearing for sviwel hook is a perfect solution for a swing or a hanging chair
Working principle for a ball bearing; red dots show the direction of rotation. It is cageless, but a ball is a non-contact ideal figure.

The Marathon Hanger and the Power Hook have integrated ball bearings, which reduce friction between moving parts. The advantage of ball bearings is reflected in longer duration of movement and in a longer lifetime. The fidget spinners for example, which uses ball bearings to allow it to spin, are toys designed to spin with little effort.

As you noticed, the three suspension kits named above are made in Germany. They are not the cheapest but definitely high-quality products. That being said, there are in the meantime a lot of cheaper suspension kits available online. The most of them were imported from China. According to the number of positive reviews, some of them seem to be good. Here s the best one “no name” product we found on Amazon




Universal Hanging Chair Spring Swivel Kit
Universal Hammock Chair Suspension Set– click on the image to check availability

This stainless hanging chair suspension kit includes all you need to hang any hammock or swing chair reliably from any usual ceiling joist or wood beam or any other overhead surface. Included in the pack are a spring and a swivel that allows 360 degrees of rotation without any tangling or twisting chair rope so that hammock chair never comes undone from the ceiling.


  • Easy to install
  • A heavy duty 500 lb spring provides bounce and extra level of comfort to any swing.
  • FLEXIBILITY: turns a full 360 degrees
  • STRONG: Weight capacity 300 lbs.


We haven’t tested this suspension system personally, but as there is no certificate for the product, we would strongly advise, to be skeptical about spring hook capacityof over 500lb. Also, don’t mix up weight and the spring capacity. Even if the spring has a capacity of 500 lb, this doesn’t mean that the set itself can hold more than 300lbs. The manufacturer is Arbor Hammocks. As this is the only product offered by them, we assume the product is made in China.

Parts appear to be very high quality, strong and carefully finished. The set seems to be perfect for punching bags or hanging any other heavy object from an overhead mount. Anyway, note the following points:

  • spring is hard, which means, it doesn’t stretch and does not relieve stress, even when a nearly 200 lb person sits in the chair.
  • hooks on spring are very shallow. Seems like it could easily slip off when getting in out of the chair and hurt you (it’s very heavy)
  • swivel is metal on metal so it doesn’t rotate easily as this is the case with the Power Hook by Byer of Maine, which uses the bearing technique. The chain or rope will twist more easily making it useless.
  • with all these components, it is not uniform and therefore not the most beautiful solution

Conclusion: According to the review rating on Amazon, hundreds of customers are satisfied with this product, so if you need a low budget solution, the suspension kit might work for you. Otherwise, we recommend buying the Power Hook reviewed above.


Last but not least -Liability Note

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation and safety when fixing the suspension set. The installation must be done by a competent person and to a load-bearing material. Check all individual parts for signs of damage regularly. Should you find signs of damage, replace the respective parts immediately. An extraordinary exposure to weather and intensive use will bring about wear and tear faster. Never exceed the specified maximum loading capacity of the product.

In the case of new installation, before using your new ceiling chair, be sure to test it for safety.