Different Types of Hanging Egg Chairs

There is only one original iconic hanging egg chair designed by Nanna Ditzel in the early 1960s. However, we noticed that our visitors often expect something else when they type in „hanging egg chair,“ or „egg swing,“ or even „egg hammock.“ Although it is clear- a ball is round, and an egg is oval- many who are looking for an egg chair expect something completely different; A round-shaped hanging basket with a stand. Or some other kind of basket swing chairs.

To help you find the chair you want, however you name it, we are going to show you here various types of hanging egg chairs. They all have something in common:

  1. all of them are basket hanging chairs (in opposite to soft hammocks made of textile)
  2. in each of them, you can swing lightly touching the ground with your feet

Below you can find FAQ around hanging egg chair types and our answers and examples. Enjoy it!


Are they designed for inside or for outside?

1. Outdoor Hanging Egg Chair

This is an outdoor wicker hanging egg chair designed for outside. It is made of synthetic rattan. The UV and water-resistant material improves durability so you can leave it outside during the summer days. The net design lets you enjoy the breeze of fresh air.


2. Indoor Hanging Egg Chair

This Knotted Melati Hanging Chair by Anthropologie is an indoor hanging egg chair . It is one of the most romantic eg swing chairs available online.  It is large but it feels airy and light like a breeze. This makes them perfect for living room or bedroom


How large is the basket?

1. Double 2 Person Hanging Egg Chair

Hanging egg chair double with stand is big enough for two people. One person can even lie down across the swing.


2. Single Person Hanging Egg Chair

Single person outdoor hanging basket chair without stand  suspenden by a rope. This is a good example of a classic hanging chair for one person.


Do they come with a frame or a ceiling suspension hardware?

1. Hanging Egg Chair with Stand

This is one example of a “hanging egg chair with stand.” Lightweight swings with a thick colorful cushion are portable and easy to install. If it’s made of synthetic wicker, you can use it indoors and outdoors too. No wonder they are on all bestseller lists


2. Hanging Egg Chair without Stand

A hanging egg chair without stand, suspended from one anchor point -a ceiling or a tree branch – allows you to rotate 360 degrees. You can easily install one outdoors if you have a sturdy tree in your garden. Here is how to suspend a hanging one from the ceiling inside your home.


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What material are they made of?

1. Wooden Egg Swing

Hanging egg chairs made of wood are, besides those made of rattan, the most popular swings made of natural material. They are of high quality, suitable for indoors and outdoors, and usually not cheap. Gaya Hanging Chair with stand is made from wood– constructed thoughtfully taking into consideration everything from visual appeal, durability, and ease of assembly.


2. Wicker Egg Swings

The wicker is actually not a material; it is the way the material is being woven into shape. This example of a woven egg chair basket is made of olefin synthetic, which will keep its color and shape through many seasons. The cushions (available in white and red and yellow) are removable and suitable for indoor or outdoor use.


3. Natural Rattan Egg Swings

Hand-crafted Hanging Egg Chair in natural rattan. Synthetic wicker furniture is very often used for interrior design, mostly because it is cheaper. A piece of furniture made of natural rattan cannot replace it in the aesthetic sense. Therefore we recommend natural rattan hanging egg chairs for your home, and the artificial version for garden or terrace.



4. Soft Material Egg Swings

This hanging egg seat in orange is made of soft fabric material and still strong and big enough for two people. Usually, hanging egg chairs are made of hard material., cause the basket chairs are much easier at keeping a shapeThe pumpkin hanging egg chair on the picture above is more of an exception, and perhaps that’s why it was the most popular hanging egg chairs last year.


Do they have an open or closed shape?

1. Closed Egg Pod Basket

Photo credit : @im_faultierwald: If you are sitting in this type of hanging egg chair, you cannot se through it, and nobody can see you either. You are feeling like in a private room in a room, acoustic and visually separated from your surroundings


2. Opened Grid Egg Basket

This Hand-woven hanging egg chair swing is an example of an open and airy hanging egg chair. In contrast to the pervious basket this chair is exposed and half-transparent. The woven basket on this chair makes it a light and airy addition to a room.


Mass production or art pieces?

1. Cheap Hanging Egg Chairs

Two hanging swingasan egg chairs with comfy cushions and drink holders. The weekend can come. Photo by Pier1. These hanging chairs you can get for little money


2. Luxury Hanging Egg Chair

DESIGN: NANNA & JØRGEN DITZEL This designer piece is the famous original hanging egg chair. Noways manufactured by Sika Design.


What shape is the basket?

1. Round shaped Egg Chairs

I have never seen a round egg. But if you go to amazon and search for a hanging egg chair, you will see all possible shapes. So that’s the reason why we here want to mention also round hanging egg chairs. This one is called “Globo Chair” and is manufactured by Baier of Maine. The most famous round chair is the transparent one designed by Aarnio Eero


2. Egg Shaped Swing Chairs

This one looks like an egg with red interior padding. It is a contemporary hanging egg chair with futuristic look, which are popular in the late 1960s. This chair is from the same generation as the Aarnio Eeros’ Bubble Chair and the Ball Chair, which were just the beginning of a huge range of fiberglass furniture.


3. Teardrop-shaped Egg Swings

Romantic bohemian teardrop-shaped ratan basket swing with a blanket looks like a unique and cozy bedroom idea.


4. Hanging chair open sided

Hanging chair with open sides has advantages – hanging movement is free and you don’t feel separated from the outside world inside. Such an egg chair from IKEA would be good


As you can see, there are various typer of hanging egg chairs. No matter if you are looking for a 2 person hanging egg chair or a single-seater swing, an outdoor or indoor option – there is a perfect hanging egg chair waiting for you.

For more ideas, visit our reviews page with the ultimate list of the best hanging chairs.

FAQ Hanging Egg Chairs

1. What is an Egg Chair?

An egg chair is actually a half egg shaped chair. They are also known as swing chairs, hanging basket chairs, or egg hammocks. But we also want to point out that (although it is not quite logical) circular-shaped hanging chairs are also common among hanging egg chairs.Outdoor-Patio-White-Wicker-Swing-Ball-Egg-Chair-Modway

2. Which types of hanging egg chairs are known?

There are different types of hanging egg chairs: hanging egg chair with stand, and hanging egg chair without stand, depending on the type of suspension. Single hanging egg chairs, or double hanging egg chairs, depending on load capacity and size. They can be made of different materials: rattan, wicker, plastic, fiberglass, knotted, wood, aluminum. Some of them can be used outdoors, and some of them (natural rattan, for example) are only indoor hanging egg chairs.
All these different types of hanging egg chairs have been introduced above.

3. Where to buy egg chairs?

Many sell hanging egg chairs because they are completely in trend. You generally have two options, either visiting a local furniture dealer or buying online.
And here you can read more about Ikea hanging egg chair.

4. Who sells hanging egg chairs online?

If you decide to buy an egg swing online, besides hanging egg chairs collection by Amazon, you can find a very large selection at Wayfair. But some very nice unique pieces are not available at these two biggest online sellers.
Unique egg chairs collection you can find at Anthropologie). Finish Design Store offers originals such as Nana Ditzel Egg Chair or Bubble Chair. Urban Outfitters (here) has a fancy collection, and if you looking for a rattan egg swing chair, you can always find nice ones at Serena&Lily. For customers from the UK, we also recommend looking at Made.

5. Do I need a stand for hanging egg chair?

This depends on several factors. Floating egg chairs are space-saving, look classy. A hanging egg chair with a stand is not so static – you can push it back and forth, it is stable, but takes up more space.

– Here you can find the best hanging chair frames.
– And here the best suspension systems.
– And here is an explanation of how to hang the chair from the ceiling

6. Frame for hanging egg chair – where to find and what to choose?

There are so many beautiful hanging chairs that are offered without a matching frame. We would even say that the most beautiful egg hanging chairs available on the internet are without a frame. Therefore, it should not deter you from choosing a hanging chair without a frame. Because there are very good frames, which are sold separately. We have made a selection of the best hanging chair stands You can then choose whether you want to use your egg chair with a wooden frame or a metal frame.

7. Cushion for hanging egg chair – where to find and what to choose?

Of course, you can already use the pillows you have in the house. But they are usually not ergonomic enough. If you did not get a suitable cushion with your chosen hanging egg chair, here is our selection of the best cushions designed especially for hanging egg chairs.

8. Cover for hanging egg chair – where to find and what to choose?

If you use your hanging egg chair outside, you will need a suitable hanging chair cover. Especially if you don’t have a covered terrace or use the chair in the garden. We have presented a selection of the best hanging chair covers here.

9. Chain for hanging egg chair – where to find and what to choose?

For aesthetic reasons, some hanging egg chairs look very classy with a chain (e.g. the transparent one made of fiberglass, like hanging bubble chair), and some with a rope (e.g. anthropology egg hanging chair, or rattan egg swings).

– Here is the rope
– Here is the chain.

10. Are hanging egg chairs comfortable?

Hanging chairs are generally comfortable because they rock. Babies like swings, toddlers too, and unfortunately adults have forgotten how pleasant it is. Apart from that, ergonomically speaking, there are different models of hanging chairs. While hammock chairs (cotton) adapt to the body, hanging egg chairs are made of solid material. The advantage is that you can lean back properly, like in a classic armchair. But you need a nice, thick and cuddly cushion so that it is not too hard to sit on. When you like to put the legs up in the chair, the basket must be deep enough.

11. How to assemble a hanging egg chair?

Usually, the hanging egg chair comes ready to hang up, with instructions on how to do it. With a few simple steps, you can hang the basket on the frame. If you choose the free-hanging version, not all parts are always available. Here are the best hanging kits.

12. Are hanging egg chairs safe?

Yes, they are. But you have to be aware that the hanging chairs are not meant to swing wildly (children like it), but for easy rocking. This question usually refers to whether the basket will fall down all at once. As long as it is well fixed and the load capacity is respected, there are generally no big concerns.
Especially with big or double hanging chairs, which are meant for two people, you should pay attention to sufficient load capacity.

13. How to make an egg chair?

For those who dare to start this project, we have an interesting video, you can see here:

How to make a wooden hanging egg chair

What a fantastic result!
You can find the same wooden hanging chair here.

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