Review: Luxury 2 Person Wicker Swing Chair with Stand

Swing chairs are without a doubt a fun addition to any space. It could be that you want to put it out on your front porch or maybe indoors in a sunroom. Whatever the case, there is something about these seats that take you back to your childhood in a fun but sophisticated manner. Below is a comprehensive review of a very popular  XL model on the market today- 2 seater egg chair by Island Gale.





We will start things off with a brief overview of the basic features and specifications. These include:

2 person wicker Swing Chair with stand
2 person wicker Swing Chair with stand CHECK PRICE AND AVAILABILITY
  • The swing comfortably seats two people.
  • A maximum weight capacity of 528 pounds.
  • Strong and stable bronze steel frame.
  • It has a 2 stand design for better weight distribution.
  • The cushion covers can be removed and washed.
  • The cushions are tufted for added aesthetic appeal.
  • Handwoven wicker design.
  • Comes with a 12-month warranty.

In addition to these basic features and specifications, the seat is designed to offer maximum comfort to the user. Below are 2 key features that facilitate this.

Seat dimensions and design
The seat on this swing features a flat bottom. This is generally considered more comfortable and more stable. However, it might be a slight con if you prefer the curved base design. Its dimensions also facilitate comfort standing at 58.27 inches wide by 48.81 inches tall by 27.5 inches deep. This allows you to sit, lean back or even lie across the swing. It is a great design that compensates for the seat’s lack of a foothold.

Foam stuffed cushions
The seats are lined with foam stuffed cushions that are covered with soft cushion covers. The cushions span the entire base of the seat, part of the back and part of the sides of the swing nook. This allows you as the user to relax taking pretty much any angle or position without having to worry about running out of the comfortable cushion. They are also very generously stuffed which significantly improves the comfort levels.

Here you can find the customized patio loveseat cover, which is the best protector for your Island Gale Luxury 2-Person Swing Chair. 



2 Seat Wicker Hanging Swing Chair
  1. It has a 2 stand design: In contrast to others extra large swing chairs, this one has integrated 2 C-stands  on a one base, which is excellent for better weight distribution
  2. It is easy to assemble: According to the manufacturers, it should only take you 3 minutes to get the swing set up and ready for action. The frame design is responsible for this convenience as all you have to do is to hang the swing wicker onto the frame.
  1. It has aesthetic appeal: This is mainly because of the woven wicker design. It gives it a simple yet classy look.
  1. All parts are weather resistant: The frames are powdered for rust resistance which allows easy outdoor use. The woven wicker, on the other hand, features weather resistant polyethylene fibers which protect it from everything including rain and UV.
  1. It is easy to maintain: The cushions covers can be removed and washed easily. As for the rest of the swing, a simple wipe and dusting on occasional is all you need to keep it looking good.
  1. Designed for two people: There is enough place to prop your self up long ways and have plenty of room for both legs.


XL Outdoor Patio Wicker Swing Chair with Stand
Sturdy and big enough for 2 adults
  1. It does not offer foot support: This makes it uncomfortable to sit with your feet hanging off the swing especially if you are not tall enough to touch the floor while seated. But you can put your legs up in the chair
  2. The base of the frame occupies a lot of space: At 47.24 inches by 47.24 inches by 12.99 inches, the frame is pretty average in size. However, the base is significantly larger than what you get with other models of a similar design.





There are numerous other models out that you can look into while shopping for a swing chair. Here you can find a few of hanging loveseat swings with stand.

Below are 4 of the best in comparison to this Island Gale.

BEST QUALITY Double Hanging Chair

Pricey but seems well built and comfortable, it is very well made and should last for years. This wicker swing for two is fairly easy to assemble. The whole swing is in excellent quality. If you have a long search for the perfect solution behind you and have made the final decision that the quality and size are most important for you, then this double hanging chair with stand is a really good choice. The seat is very comfortable, although not quite deep enough with the thick pillows, which are high quality. It is big, so be sure to measure and consider the location.

Its weight capacity is 600 lb.

Double Extra Hihg Quality Outdoor Swing Chair
Double Extra High Quality Outdoor Swing Chair



  • Aluminum frame
  • 1 Green throw pillow included
  • Beige waterproof fabric cushion

Product Details

  • Weight Capacity: 600 lb.
  • Hammock Fabric Material: Wicker/Rattan
  • Hammock Stand Included: Yes
  • Capacity: Double
  • Product Warranty: No
  • Location: Outdoor Use Only

Soft Pumpkin Double Swing Chair with Stand

This one is the bestseller. In opposit to Island Gale double hanging chair, it is soft, not as sturdy, and cheap. So if you want a swing chair for two-person, but the Island Gale swing is to expensive, this one is a great alternative for a limited budget. But is you want to invest a little bit more money, we recommend the first one.

2 person hanging seat orange
double orange soft hanging chair with stand for limited budget CHECK PRICE AND AVAILABILITY
This Cozy double Hanging Chair adds an eye-catching design and a comfortable spot to stop and enjoy your beautiful backyard. Arrives in one carton which includes the chair, stand, hardware, and cushions.

Product Details:

  • Weight Capacity: 400 lb.
  • Hammock Fabric Material: Polyester; Nylon
  • Hammock Fabric Material: Wrap-around covering: Polyester
  • Hammock Stand Included: Yes
  • Suitable for Indoor Use: Yes
  • Capacity: Double
  • Installation Required: Yes
  • Product Warranty: 1 Year limited
  • Location: Indoor / Outdoor Use



Person Resin Wicker Swing Chair by Island Bay

2 Person Resin Wicker Hanging Egg Loveseat Swing Chair in Espresso
2 Person Resin Wicker Hanging Egg Loveseat Swing Chair in Espresso CHECK PRICE AND AVAILABILITY

This steel frame model also features the egg shape resulting in a curved seat base. Compared to the Island Gale swing, it happens to have a significantly smaller frame base which makes results in less space consumption.  But it hangs on only one chain and is not as sturdy as the Island Gale swing. The frame and the wicker itself feature UV protection reinforcement as well as resistance to chipping. One unique feature is that the seat height is adjustable. It can handle two people with a 450 pounds maximum weight limit.


Vantage 2 Person Wicker Swing Chair With Stand and Canopy

The Vantage Outdoor Double Seat Swing Chair wizth conopy and stand is a great alternative if you don’t have the natural shade in your backyard, or for the poolside. It is made of a deluxe artificial rattan weave and plush all-weather white fabric pillow with two back pillows. Vantage comes with a sturdy powder coated steel structure, double hanging chains, and a flexible sun canopy. This basket double swing chair is weather and UV resistant. Assembly Required.

Double hanging basket chair made of rattan. With stand and canopy CHECK PRICE AN HOUZZ

Set Includes:

  • One – Vantage Swing Chair
  • Stand-Alone Double Seat Hammock
  • Sturdy Powder-Coated Steel Frame
  • Washable Polyester Cushions
  • UV Resistant and All-Weather
  • Luxurious Synthetic Rattan Weave
  • Non-Marking Plastic Foot Pads
  • Weight Capacity: 441 Pounds
  • Color: Brown White
  • Length: 56.5″
  • Weight: 91
  • Width: 48″
  • Seat Dimensions: 42.5″W
  • Cushion Dimensions: 23.5″L x 42″W x 3.5″H
  • Overall Product Dimensions: 56.5″L x 48″W x 76.5″H
  • Materials: Pe Round Rattan
  • Weimas Fabric Outer Cover
  • Polyester Fiber Without Nonwoven Fabric Inner Cover
  • Black Pvc Foot Pad
  • Steel Frame
  • Powder Coated Steel Frame
  • Heigth: 76.5″
  • Backrest Cushion Dimensions: 18″L x 18″W x 7″H

2 Person Garden Swing with Canopy by Tangkula 

Two Person Garden Swing with separate seats and canopy 2 Person Garden Swing with Connopy with two separate seats CHECK PRICE AND AVAILABILITY

As a cheap alternative, we recommend this all-weather wicker seat as an excellent addition to your garden, patio, poolside or other outdoor areas.

This set comes as 2 separate swing seats which can swing separately,  with a maximum weight capacity of 264 pounds per seat. It is also unique in that the swing motion is created by springs. Finally, it features a canopy whose tilt angle can be adjusted allowing you to enjoy the seat outdoors without having to worry about sunburns.

  • Strong & Durable quality
  • Weather-resistant
  • Separate seats
  • Long canopy
  • Fashion Design


In conclusion, if you are looking for a double swing chair with stand, the Island Gale 2 person hanging egg chair is in our oppinion the best solution.  It has a simple yet sturdy and very comfortable design. It is also super easy to set up and take apart at will.

But there are some other alternatives worth considering.



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2 Person Wicker Swing with Stand by Island Gale


Weight Capacity




Quality and Comfort




Price–Performance ratio



  • Extra Large
  • Strong and Stable
  • All Waether
  • Thick Washable Cushion
  • Easy Assembly


  • Occupies a lot of space