Hanging Basket Chair – Different Types

Every homeowner has their own idea on the perfect décor for their home and certainly the wide range of furniture styles, designs, and choices nowadays is endless. Though a specific look may not be for everyone, the self-confident homeowner is willing to take a chance on décor and style that is a bit over the top, chic and definitely jazzy.

Globo Double Natura - Hanging Chair for Two Person Wooden- Large Hanging Basket Chair - Globo Double
Large Hanging Basket Chair – Globo Double Chair with Cushion by Byer of Maine. Made of wood. Perfect hanging chair for two person



Installing a hanging basket chair, or any other type of hanging indoor chairs as an addition to your living room, television room, and even your bedrooms, is not only creative and attractive but every bit fun, fun and more fun.

This style and mod design of indoor furniture is truly not for everyone, but rest assured those who take interest earn a spot at the top of the list of family and friends for creativity and a décor that is both sleek and sassy.

Here we are going to explain to you different types of hanging basket chairs you can hang inside your home.


Hanging Rattan Chair

Basket Swing Chair Hand Made with cushions and rope
Basket Swing Chair Hand Made


The popularity of hanging rattan chairs has increased drastically in many homes all across the globe. It is a must-have for many first-time home buyers with a primary focus on adding pizzazz and appeal to their new living room, game room, bedroom, or even their comfy office. With the creativity and unique presence offered by these trendy chairs, homeowners everywhere, and indeed those located in quiet beach areas or locations surrounded by miraculous palm trees, are finding both delight and solace in their extraordinary look and feel.

Though the hanging rattan chair looks good anywhere, they are undoubtedly suitable for loft spaces and certainly high ceiling spaces throughout the home giving each area a remarkably unique and smart look.

Many of these unique basket chairs, and specifically the popular hanging rattan chairs, are also well suited for family game rooms where family members and friends get together to compete, play and have fun.


Hanging Egg Basket Chair

The hanging egg chair is a popular, versatile and comfortable hanging basket chair that is not only affordable but indeed offers a creative transformation of any room in the home from a traditional look to a snazzy and truly dapper look. Read here: Different Types of Hanging Egg Chairs

Hand-woven hanging egg swing with stand- by Jo Lisa
Hand-woven hanging eggchair swing with stand by Jo LisaCHECK PRICE ON WAYFAIR

The chairs are designed with attractive chain or rope, cushy padded seats that offer extreme comfort and back support that is every bit as sturdy and comfortable as the design is attractive. Though this hanging chair may appear to be somewhat uncomfortable, it is to the contrary, remarkably comfortable and in no way hinders an individual’s posture or physical abilities.

The Nanna Ditzel Hanging Egg Chair is absolutely a great addition to any big master bedroom, large playrooms or game rooms, and every living room constructed with a high ceiling. Certainly, one of the most comfortable chairs on the market today, the hanging egg chair can be billed as the perfect siesta chair as well. The overall design of the chair has had a lasting effect in the furniture design and decoration category and it seems that people everywhere have become a bit obsessed with its beauty, uniqueness, creative design, and absolute comfort and quite frankly, is one thing that every house today should have.

More about the famous original Hanging Egg Chair designed by Nanna Ditzel you can read here:

The Original Hanging Egg Chair: by Nanna & Jørgen Ditzel


Papasan Bowl-Chair

Papasan Swing Black

The hanging papasan chair from the 50s is the new trend!

This bowl-shaped swing chair certainly provides the perfect means for a quiet little escape. Attractive and enjoyable to look at and equally enjoyable to sit in, these trendy basket chairs are simple but chic and are truly an ultimate getaway. The sturdy structure coupled with the fluffy, colorful cushions that fit ever so snugly into the chair frame, allows you to simply cuddle in style and relax for hours on end.

Though relaxation truly comes in a variety of forms, the hanging Papasan chair offers you the perfect relaxation of mind, body, and spirit. These amazing pieces of furniture were originally designed back in the 50s, but still, have their own unique place in the world today. Gaining more and more recognition in the marketplace, designers today continue to enhance the chair’s presence with innovative styles, colors, and features that continue to add to the spectacular trend-setting reinterpretations of the hanging chair concept.

Hanging Ball Chairs


hanging basket ball chair made of wiid with stand and cushion
Hanging Basket Chair with Stand made of Wood- the Globo Chair is combining simplicity and warmth- perfect for living room.


The wide range of hanging basket chair designs make it somewhat of a challenge for individuals to choose the ideal color, style, and even shape for their homes.  The round hanging ball chairs are also known as hemisphere or as globe chairs. The Globo chair on the picture above is made of real wood – a beautiful addition for indoors as well as outdoors.

Each of the unique designs offers not only style but extreme comfort and support for the body. The hanging basket chairs are suitable and healthy for both young and old alike. Each offers a lightweight structure, superior comfort, durability, reliability, and affordability.

A truly appealing purchase and a perfect buy for any homeowner, the historic design of the hanging chair has not only been revived but is a true inspiration of the future though very reminiscent of the past.


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