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The Anthropologie brand is an interesting choice for women that have outgrown some of the bigger fashion names in clothing and interior design. The idea is that confident consumers don’t have to be “on-trend” to have a beautiful interior that is comfortable with. Instead, they can shop for beautiful, naturally-inspired objects that make them happy and comfortable. Therefore, this is a great place to look for hanging chairs.

Romantic: soft and feminine bedroom swing. Photo and customer review by Anthropologie


Choosing the right hanging chair by Anthropologie for your home

Unfortunately, many of the Anthropologie hanging chairs are sold out right now. This goes to show that the designs are popular with the intended audience after all. This is no surprise when you see the quality of the pieces and the way that they tap into the needs of the brand’s core market. However, these two models below are currently available for purchase.

The Knotted Melati Hanging Chair

konotted hanging chair and reviews
Macrame Egg Basket Chair By Anthropologie


The first of the chairs currently available from the swing chairs Anthropologie collection is this macrame option. This indoor egg swing model is interesting for any woman that wants a timeless piece to add to a cozy reading nook. There is an elegant feel here that is totally on brief and adds femininity with the delicacy of the neutral-tone pattern. The intricate design looks like an elaborate piece of lace suspended from the ceiling. There is symmetry in the mandala-esque features and a natural weave.


Yet, there is no doubt that this is also going to be a strong, supportive hanging chair that you can rely upon time and time again. This hanging chair is for indoor use only but the aesthetic appeal means that it should work in any space without taking over. You can also embellish it with your own sense of style by adding one of the brand’s cushions.

The Peacock Hanging Egg Chair

Beautifully crafted hanging egg chair available here

The focus on natural motifs and inspiration continues with the Peacock chair. Again, this is highly age-appropriate while remaining cool and elegant. Rather than focus on the color of the peacock and its gaudy splendor, this chair looks at the patterns in the tail feathers. There is a clever use of negative space to create a simplified feel of the bird’s tail across the back of the seat. The chair comes together with the wicker supports and the woven material that creates the rest of this natural pod hanging chair. The symmetrical effect is engaging and inviting with the tactile nature of the design and materials.

Peacock Indoor Outdoor Hanging Chair Basket Rattag Egg
Peacock Hanging Egg Chair Basket for Indoor and Outdoor


As this is a model for either indoors or outdoors, you can suspend it with ease to find the best view in the most relaxing spot. Anthropologie finishes the seat off with a white cushion and suggests adding a throw or blanket to make things even cozier. There is no shortage of those in the collection.

You can make an Anthropologie hanging chair work in many spaces

Both of these chairs showcase the great designs and focus on natural tones that are an important part of this brand. Other models (see the images bellow) may become available again soon. So, it is worthwhile browsing their site for inspiration.

Knotted Melati Hanging Chair Old Model. Check availability at Anthropologie

If one of these chairs seems like the perfect pick for your home, you can also find interesting accessories to match. Find what fits your style without compromising for “fashion”.

Nest Hanging Chair Basket Rattan Anthropologie
Nest Hanging Chair. Check availability at Anthropologie

Why are Anthropologie hanging chairs such a good fit for older women?

Do you know Grace & Frankie by Netflix? The woven hanging egg chair in the beach house on “Grace & Frankie” is to seen in thei bohemian meditation room

hanging egg-chair-in-frankie-meditatation-bohemian-room
Grace and Frankie –  Hanging Egg Chair from Bohemian Meditation Room. Source: Netflix

The shapes and materials used across the collection are interesting because they don’t fit with a specific era. There is a nod to mid-century looks with the pod shapes and clean lines. But, the woven designs and natural themes are perfect for the home of any woman in today’s culture. This is where these hanging chairs work so perfectly with the notion of finding a good fit for older women that aren’t so worried about current trends. These chairs are still going to look cool years from now.

Woven Hanging Chair White Basket Elegant Vintage
Woven Hanging Chair by Justina Blakeney. Check availability at Anthropologie

A common theme with these chairs is to create a natural look in the most simple way possible. There is no wasted material or over-the-top design in the weaves and patterns of the different options. Even the most elaborate, like the Macrame hanging chair below, still offer elegance and a minimalist approach.


Blue Macrame Egg Swing. Check availability here.

Less is more hear with the natural tones, simple shapes and little more than a neutral cushion as an accessory. It means that buyers can stick with this understated feel for a timeless look in their home or garden. Or, they can instead add to the chair with other accessories to add a sense of personal style. Anthropologie hanging chairs are the perfect match.

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