REVIEW: The Best Hanging Chaise Loungers for Outdoor Lounging


Swing lounge chair with umbrella

When it comes to outdoor swing chairs, the Hanging Chaise Lounge chair from Best Choice Products is a popular option. Everyone loves poolside lounge chairs. And everyone loves porch swings. This model combines the best of these two worlds into one amazing seat designed for comfort and fun. What seems to be the most appreciated quality of this hanging chaise lounger with canopy is the attention to detail as far as comfort features are concerned.

Hanging Chaise Lounger Chair with Arch Stand and Conopy review
Hanging Chaise Lounger Chair with Arc Stand and Canopy in Turquoise. Available in different colors



Before we go into details about these, below are a few others of the chair’s models,  key features and practical specifications.

Key features and specifications:

  • Durable powder-coated metal frame.
  • Can only accommodate one person at a time.
  • It has a 256 maximum weight capacity.
  • It features a detachable canopy shade to protect the user from harsh weather.
  • It is available in multiple colors including green, blue and orange for aesthetic variety.
  • The cushions are PVC coated for water resistance.

Outdoor hanging lounge chairs

It’s ideal for outdoor use and comes with weather-resistant cushions and a removable umbrella canopy. Replacement cushions in various colors, made of durable spun polyester and over 2 inches thick are also available here.

Thick cushions

The cushions feature a PVC cover stuffed with soft yet firm foam. This padding is a little over 2 inches in thickness. It, therefore, ensures that you can rest comfortably on the seat for long periods of time without getting numb or stiff.

Headrest pillow

The seat also comes with a head-rest pillow for additional comfort. However, this might night be comfortable for everyone especially if you are wearing headgear of you have a chunky hairdo. The good news, in this case, is that the headrest pillow can easily be detached. It is therefore entirely up to you to decide whether or not you want to use it.

Large seat dimensions

The seat portion of the swing might be built for one person but it offers plenty of room. You can, therefore, lay straight, curl up into fetal position or sit however else you like while on the chair. However, the armrests have been described by users as uncomfortable and restricting. If this is the case for you then you can very easily get rid of them.

Smooth curve design

The smooth curve of the lounge chair allows you to enjoy it both while seated or laying down. The curve is gentle on your back which means you do not have to worry about straining.


  1. It is comfortable

With all the comfort features, you can very easily spend all your time on this swing without experiencing any discomfort. All you have to do is find that perfect position you will be good to go.

  1. It is strong and stable

The strong and well-constructed frame and stand pretty much guarantee your safety and stability. No worrying about the swing toppling over while you rock back and forth in bliss.

  1. The seats are weatherproof

The PVC coating protects the seat cushions from harsh weather elements including extreme sunlight and rain. This means you can easily set it up outside and leave it there without having to worry about it getting damaged.



  1. It is difficult to assemble

Like most swings, this set comes in separate pieces for you to assemble on site. The massive nature of the swing makes it particularly difficult with the instructions offering very little help.

  1. It takes a lot of space

You will need some extra room in your back yard or porch to set this one up. With dimensions of 76 inches height by 46 inches in width, it is actually one of the biggest swings on the market.

  1. The PVC coating is not breathable thus uncomfortable

The PVC might offer the benefit of being waterproof but it also negatively affects overall comfort. Sitting on the swing for long and in hot weather will lead to uncomfortable sweating as a result of the plastic’s heat retention. The fact that it is not aerated also contributes to this outcome.

Curved Hanging Lounge Chairs

Below you can find more Curved Hanging Lounger Swings, similar to the Hanging Chaise Lounge chair from Best Choice Products

A curved lounger swing provides full back support, and the arched shape makes it comfortable to sit in and read, chat, or simply take in the scenery. Many designs come with shade protection, making them ideal for outdoor use, although they are stylish enough for indoor use too. Curved Hanging Loungers are available in a range of designs (both with and without stands). Here are our TOP choices for prospective buyers:

Luxury Wooden Hanging Lounge Chair Wave

A bit pricey, but one of the most beautiful swing loungers available is the Hanging Lounge Chair Wave by Exaco.

Wooden Luxury Hanging Lounger with Firm Polyester Cushion, in Classic Ivory



 Affordable alternative:




A wooden swing chair lounger in the shape of a wave. This extremely comfortable luxury model made of from Scandinavian timber is new in the US market. With style, elegance, comfort, and innovation in one. The specially designed cushion is made of polyester material and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. At first glance, the hanging lounger in the shape of waves looks as if it is only a beautiful work of art. But the fact is, it is an extremely comfortable piece of furniture. However, s disadvantage is the lack of canopy.

Read our review here: REVIEW: Luxury Wooden Hanging Lounge Chair Wave Exaco by Jagram Lifestyle

wooden hanging-swing lounge with stand


Great Deal Furniture Brown Wicker Hanging Chair with Cushions

Outdoor Brown Wicker Hanging Chair Lounger with Cushions One Person
Outdoor Brown Wicker Hanging Chair with Cushions – click on image to check the price and availability


This all-weather swinging lounge chair with stand is made using a woven resin wicker material which is UV-protected, preventing fading and wear. The structure itself (the stand and the chair frame) is constructed from sturdy yet beautiful, weather-resistant material.

Read our review here: Outdoor Swing Chair Lounger with Stand by Great Deal Furniture


River Cottage Gardens Wooden Outdoor Lounge Chair

If you’re looking for a classic curved lounger made of wood but with a canopy for sun protection, this wooden lounge chair boasts a clean design and also comes with a sturdy stand

Outdoor Wooden Lounge Chair white with Canopy Steel Frame



For the most part, this chair has the same design as the Hanging Chaise Lounger from Best Choice Products. It has the same long smooth curve with the detachable canopy umbrella. However, when it comes to comfort it is greatly lacking. It has thin cushions which make it uncomfortable to rest on for long periods of time. It also has a significantly less stable stand and more likely to topple over. However, if you are looking for something simple and in the same design but more affordable, then it is an option worth considering.


Curved Lounger Swing Without Stand

If you’ve already got the perfect spot to mount your lounger, and you don’t need a stand, then you can purchase the same model – Hanging Lounge Chair Wave by Exaco without stand. It will cost twice as less and it is an excellent choice. It can be used both indoors or outdoors, wherever you choose to relax.

wooden curved hanging chaise lounger swing without stand- beautiful deign



Final verdict

In conclusion, the Hanging Chaise Lounge Chair with Canopy is a good option for a large and comfortable outdoor swing. The weatherproof design, as well as the canopy, make it possible to set it anywhere from your condo rooftop to your suburban home pool deck. The adjustable comfort features also mean you have a lot to look forward to in terms of fun chilling time. So if you are willing to live with the occasional sweat pools and the difficult setup you will have yourself a true treasure.


Ten Reasons To Choose A Hanging Lounger For Your Home

When it comes to buying furniture we are surrounded by many different (and exciting) possibilities. So many in fact that it can sometimes be hard to choose. Here are ten reasons why a hanging chaise lounger would be the ideal addition to your home.

  • Unique seating experience

A hanging lounger offers a seating experience like nothing else in the world. It allows you to lift off from the world and feel as though you are floating in the air – and if that’s not a unique experience then we don’t know what is!

  • Eye-catching design

You won’t find hanging chairs or loungers everywhere you go, they certainly aren’t a common piece of furniture. But this makes them unique, eye-catching, and always memorable. If you’re looking for a new conversation piece (that’s also perfect for relaxing in) then a hanging lounger is an excellent choice.

  • Ideal for relaxing

Hanging loungers are perfect for people who need a chair that will help them unwind. The gentle rocking motion of these loungers, and the room to spread out make them unmatched when it comes to relaxation.

  • Your friends will love it

You’ll love owning a hanging lounger and your guests will love you for having one too! Plus, many of our featured hanging chairs are capable of seating more than one person – making this an ideal piece of furniture for those who love to entertain – both indoors and outdoors.

  • Family-friendly

There are dozens of hanging loungers on the market that are designed to hold upwards of 400lbs which means they can be used by the whole family. Ideal for watching an outdoor movie together or just looking up at the stars and telling stories. Great memories await!

  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use

Hanging loungers can be introduced to almost any room of the house. They make an attractive addition to a bedroom or study and are eye-catching as living room decor too. But hanging loungers are also ideal for outdoor spaces such as porches, balconies, or poolside.

There are even loungers made for traveling. These feature a lightweight design that makes them perfect for camping, hiking, and fishing trips. Imagine looking up at the stars from one of these loungers – now that would be pure bliss!

  • Shade protection

With an outdoor hanging lounger, you don’t need to compromise on shade protection as many varieties actually come with their own canopies. These help to decrease the glare and the amount of sun that reaches the chair. This is especially useful when you’re planning on spending a few hours in the lounger which trust us, you’re going to want to do.

  • They’re available with or without stands

Hanging loungers are available with or without support stands. Those that come without stands usually come with brackets and/or chains to make installation easier.

There are many different types to choose from so it’s up to you to decide which type of lounger will suit your home and your lifestyle better.

  • Easy to care for

Hanging loungers are easy to look after and can last for many, many years. Just follow the manufacturers’ instructions to keep your chair in showroom condition.

  • Powerful de-stressor

One of the most attractive qualities of hanging loungers is their gentle rocking motion, which many people find to be a powerful de-stressor. These types of loungers are well-suited to people looking for a unique way to retreat from the world and find total relaxation.


FAQ’s About Hanging Lounge Chairs$_59.JPG

Buying a hanging lounger is an exciting experience but many people have questions when it comes to their purchase.

What is a hanging chaise lounger used for?

A hanging lounger is a piece of furniture that can be placed indoors or outdoors and is designed for relaxation. Loungers allow you to recline (lie down) or sit up and these chairs can be mounted to a wall or tree or hung from a stand.


What makes hanging loungers so special?

Hanging loungers and chairs offer a unique seating experience. Because all the weight is supported from the top (rather than the bottom like most furniture), it makes you feel as though you are floating in the air. Most loungers also feature soft cushions and this combined with a gentle rocking motion is ideal for unwinding after a long day.


I live in an apartment – can I have a hanging chaise lounger?

Of course, you can! Just like hanging chairs, there is a hanging lounger for everyone. Hanging loungers aren’t only for those with huge houses.

If you don’t want to mount your lounger or make it a permanent feature you can choose one that comes with its own stand. If your apartment has a balcony you might want to consider an outdoor lounger with a canopy to provide a little shade.

Many types of hanging loungers are made to seat more than one person, which also makes them useful for small areas like apartments.


I like to travel – what’s the best type of hanging lounger for me?

Space and portability are the main factors that you would need to consider if you wanted a hanging lounger that you could travel with. You’d want to choose a hanging chair with a lightweight design that is easy to assemble and dismantle, and made from a strong durable fabric. You would also want to consider whether the lounger needs to be just big enough for you or for your family as well.


Where can I buy replacement parts and cushions for my hanging lounger?

Should you need a replacement part for your chair, it’s best to contact the manufacturer or the store you purchased the chair from. Failing this you could also visit a general hardware store who should also be able to assist.

The same would apply if you need replacement cushions or soft furnishings for your chair. These can usually be purchased without any hassle from the supplier but you could also have your own bespoke cushions designed and made by an interior designer.


What type of materials are used to make hanging chairs?

Most types of hanging chairs and loungers are made from a combination of materials such as wood, metal, fabric, and rattan.

Hanging loungers that fold away easily are usually made from aluminium which is both lightweight and strong. Heavier loungers made from wood are more well-suited for long term placement while rattan chairs are lighter and weatherproof.


Are hanging chairs and loungers safe?

You must read the instructions that come with your hanging lounger to ensure that you assemble and use it as recommended by the manufacturer.

Hanging chairs and loungers should always be used with caution, especially by unsteady or elderly persons. And because hanging chairs often have moving parts, it’s best for children not to use them without adult supervision.


How do I choose the best outdoor hanging lounger?

When it comes to any type of outdoor furniture, the first thing you’ll want to do is consider the material it’s made from. Make sure that you choose a chair that is intended for use outside – like wood or treated rattan.

You’ll also want to check whether the cushions are weatherproof of whether they need to be removed after use.

Then you’ll need to decide whether you want a free-swinging hanging lounger or whether you prefer a chair with a stand. It’s a good idea to invest in a lounger that has a canopy as this can be a lifesaver on hot days.


How do I clean my hanging lounger?

Each hanging lounger should come with a set of instructions for cleaning. Making sure that your hanging chair is clean will keep it in tip-top shape so it’s important to make a note of these cleaning instructions.

Many loungers (especially those intended for outdoor use) require minimal cleaning – sometimes just a rubdown with a damp cloth is all that’s required.


What should I look for when buying my hanging chaise lounger?

When it comes to purchasing a hanging lounger these are some of the factors you should consider:

  • Size vs. available space
  • Weight Capacity
  • With or without stand
  • Indoor or Outdoor use
  • With or without cushions
  • What type of maintenance
  • What type of cleaning is required
  • What type of tools are needed for assembly
  • Does it need to be portable

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Hanging Chaise Lounger by Best Choice Products


Weight Capacity




Quality and Comfort




Price–Performance ratio



  • Thick cushions
  • Head rest pillow
  • Large seat dimensions
  • Smooth curve design
  • weatherproof


  • difficult to assemble
  • takes a lot of space
  • PVC coating is not breathable