Everything You Need to Know About Hanging Rattan Chairs

Stylistically, it’s hard to beat the unique appeal of hanging furniture. It’s both comfortable and functional, and it will automatically draw the attention of anyone who visits your home. That’s especially true of rattan hanging chairs.

They’re eye-catching, ecofriendly and comfortable, not to mention more durable than you’d expect.

A hanging rattan chair also lends itself to all sorts of design possibilities, so let’s take a look at the nearly endless diversity of rattan hanging chairs.


Double Hanging Rattan Chair

Double Hanging Rattan Chair. Perfect addition to a living room. Photo by Serena&Lily. Serena&Lily

The design elements are both significant and very different. Rattan can be double-roped into a cozy hanging chair that’s great for corners and spaces that need a bit of funky appeal. And on a larger scale, the ropes that hold up a hanging rattan chair can be angled to create a bench that’s perfect for two.

Hanging Rattan Bench

Hanaging Rattan Bench. Photo by @johnfergusoninteriors.

But chairs aren’t the only option-not by a long shot. If your flair for creativity extends into the bedroom, how about hanging your sleeping space from the ceiling to form a rattan bed, then add a shell to the bed for both privacy and intimacy?

Hanging Egg Rattan Chair

Two Hanging Rattan Egg Chairs by Nanna Ditzel . Photo by @huitlaguna.
Sika Design at Wayfair

That same kind of creativity can be extended into the great outdoors as well. The iconic hanging egg chair, for instance has been popular for a long time now, and with good reason. There’s nothing more relaxing than swinging in the breeze with this kind of rattan hanging chair, and the portability it offers lends an extra level of appeal.

The ability to spin, swing or simply hang out (literally!) in these chairs is yet another vital element that says all sorts of unique things about the owner.

Rattan basket chair open-sided

Rattan basket chair open-sided. Designed by Justina Justina Blakeney. Similar model available at Etsy

It indicates a casual lifestyle with a dedication to beauty and fine design, and that’s a hard combination to find in either stand or outdoor furniture.

And rattan hanging chairs can do both. They’re stylish enough to fit almost any room, but casual enough to be used on a deck or patio while lending a unique design element to a space that usually tends toward generic.

Vintage hanging rattan chair

Vintage hanging rattan chair,
Available at Amazon

Most rattan furniture tends to fall under the heading of “Scandinavian design,” but that doesn’t come close to capturing the amazing array of possibilities offered by this kind of furniture. Rattan hanging chairs are also available in a wide array of darker hues, which means they can be used for color balance in just about any room in the house. Have a look at our vintage hanging chairs collection.

Teardrop rattan basket chair

Teardrop rattan basket chair Photo by @anuskayhomeair.
Available at Urban Outfitters

Don’t let the simplicity fool you, either. Rattan can be quite striking when used in unconventional settings, and hanging chairs represent the ideal vehicle to do this.

One of the first things you’ll notice when you start checking out these kinds of chairs is the wide array of design stamps that different companies have chosen in their different product lines.

Hanging rattan chair with stand

Hanging rattan chair with stand.
See at Amazon

The stand is another crucial element of rattan hanging chairs. A well-designed stand will help set off the uniqueness of the rattan, and it will also aid you in making design choices pertaining to where you choose to place the chair. And the variety of looks in these stands can be just as diverse and stunning as the hanging chairs themselves.

The stand usually must be purchased separately, and also has uses that go beyond design, however. For those who value physical security, hanging a rattan basket from a substantial stand can make a hanging rattan chair feel more comfortable and enticing. Or you can go with hanging the rattan chair in a way that implies risk and daring, depending on the look of the room, the layout and the desired effect.

Boho Rattan Swing

Vintage rattan basket swing. Photo by Hayneedle

Physical safety aside, one of the best parts of rattan hanging chairs is that they open up the possibility that nearly anyone with a creative mind can become an interior designer. You can create that cozy corner mentioned earlier, or use a rattan hanging chair to open up a smaller room and make it seem much more spacious.

Small hanging rattan chair

Small hanging rattan chair for small rooms by Wayfair

Finally, there’s the portability that goes with rattan hanging chairs that has a unique appeal. You may not want to do this if you’re buying expensive indoor rattan hanging chairs, but as a general rule they’re easy to shift around. That means that if you get tired of a particular look you can create an entirely new room concept in a matter of minutes, often with only minimal help.

Or maybe even with no help at all.

A Quick Buyer’s Guide to Rattan Hanging Chairs

Part of the reason rattan is so appealing has to do with the unique properties of the material, so let’s delve into that aspect a bit.

Rattan is natural

Rattan is actually a vine cut from tropical jungles in the fairest, and the vines can grow to lengths of 200-500 feet.

This gives rattan some incredibly special features. Because its a vine, rattan can be bent or curved, and this can be seen in many types of rattan furniture, including rattan hanging chairs.

The normal color of rattan is a light golden hue, and the typical use of that color is in a variety of tropical or nautical themes.

Hanging papasan rattan chair.
Available at Amazon

Weight-wise, the combination of strength and lightness is a huge part of what makes rattan so popular. It’s strong and durable if care for properly, and as mentioned earlier the lightness makes it easy to move around.

Rattan vs. Wicker

One issue that’s typically misunderstood by many buyers is the difference between rattan and wicker. It’s an important distinction, especially since the common assumption is that they’re basically the same.

Outdoor wicker swing chair – synthetic wather proof rattan.
Available at Wayfair

While there are obvious similarities, overall that’s simply not true. Synthetic wicker furniture actually consists strands that are woven together, and generally speaking it’s flimsier and not nearly as sturdy as rattan.

The vines in rattan furniture can also be stacked or arranged in layers, and this, too, is part of what makes rattan furniture so special. You’ll see this in the armrests of some rattan chairs; it’s one of the most functional design elements of rattan, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be used in incredibly creative ways.

Cheap synthetic wicker chair by Wayfair

For indoors and outdoors

Many people also associate rattan hanging chairs with outdoor furniture, which is a natural thing to do. Rattan is definitely idea for that, in part because it can handle temperature extremes and offers a natural resistance to insects.

But rattan furniture is also ideal for indoor use and design, too. Several high-end companies have demonstrated how elegant and luxurious rattan can be, especially when color and craftsmanship are combined in unique ways.

a women-sitting-in-a-hanging-rattan-chair-with-canopy
Photo Source monnarita.com

Perhaps the most important part of shopping for rattan furniture is to get past the misconceptions. Colors can range across the board, and you can use rattan as an effective contrast with virtually any kind of wood, especially if you’re adding cushions, pillows and other design elements.


There are some things you should know about care, though. The surfaces should be cleaned regularly, and stains should be dealt with immediately.

This can be done with a cloth and detergent, and you can use boiled linseed oil if the rattan begins to crack or split.

Also, rubber stops beneath the legs will help keep the rattan from splitting or cracking, especially if the pieces are going to be moved around a lot.

In addition, if you’re buying a more expensive piece or a room set for indoor use, then you should probably keep it indoors. This will help maintain the original look and feel of your rattan hanging chairs long after less expensive outdoor pieces have begun to fade a little.

Three Great Rattan Companies

Now let’s look at some of the leading rattan companies. We’ll start at the top with one of the premier companies and tell you why they’re among the best.

Sika Design

hanging egg chair original USA UK rattan

Sika Design might be the ultimate high-end choice when it comes to rattan. The company’s experience with rattan furniture dates back to the early 1940s, and Sika is among the originators of the so-called Scandinavian design.

The design elements lean toward luxury. Sika prides itself on using the highest quality materials, and some of their furniture-which is described on their website as “iconic”-is designed by legendary architects like Nanna Ditzel, the inventor of the hanging egg chair.

Other illustrious architects have contributed to the design, and Sika has a well-earned reputation for being environmentally responsible when it comes to forest maintenance and various kinds of certification for their work.

Serena & Lily

Serena&Lily Brend

Compared to Sika, Serena & Lily is decidedly funky and laid back.

The good news about Serena & Lily is that they tend to offer fairly specific parameters if you’re searching for a rattan hanging chair. The selection is solid, too, so if you’re looking to experience all the possibilities when it comes to rattan hanging chairs, Serena & Lily offers maybe the widest array of choices.

The design elements of what they carry tends to be fairly specific, though. Serena & Lily’s calling card is what the company calls “breezy California style,” so the products lean in that direction.

If you’re looking for what’s described on their website as “casual and coastal,” they should definitely be on your shopping list as well.



If you have even the slightest amount of interest in rattan hanging chairs, this is a company whose products you should also definitely check out.

Kouboo * emphasizes the styles and looks implemented by native artisans, which is especially important when it comes to the geographic origin of rattan in the Far East.

The result is a stunning array of products, including hanging chairs, but Kouboo also offers tables, headboards, stools and even cabinets!

So if you want to go all in on rattan in your design choices, Kouboo should definitely be on your shopping list, too.


Q. Are rattan hanging chairs inside or outside furniture?

A. Both! Most people see a hanging chair and think patio, deck or beach, but they can also be used for interior rooms and designs as well.

Q What about price? Are rattan hanging chairs expensive?

A. Not really. Because of the uniqueness of the material, rattan outdoor pieces tend to be more expensive than their patio or deck counterparts. But you can definitely mix and match if you’re on a budget.

Q. How durable is rattan?

A. More durable than you probably think it is. If rattan is properly cared for, it can last nearly as long as all but the most elite wood pieces.

Q. How is shopping for rattan different?

A. Well, its harder to find physical brick-and-mortar stores than it is for regular furniture, so online shopping is often critical, and you’ll probably have to do some mixing and matching in that regard, too.

Q. How should I approach room design with rattan furniture?

A. Be creative! The tendency is to go for a funky, outdoor look with rattan hanging chairs, but than can also be a bit of a cliche if it’s overdone. Go for the look you want and you’ll be fine!


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