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The Best Hanging Chair for You

Are you looking for the coolest and the most stylish way to chill out in your living room? Then you need a hanging chair. We can help you find the perfect one for you.

Those who want to buy a hanging chair have a wide choice of alternative suppliers and products. There are countless models for different purposes, in various sizes, materials, and shapes.  The pool of options is so vast, and you start suffering from “choice overload”?

Our purpose is to help you decide what hanging chair is right for your lifestyle and guide you to get the best deal in the market.

Find your perfect hanging chair with us!

Hanging Globo Chair. Available at Amazon
Photo by just.a.val house tour.

Here you can see our top-rated hanging chairs!

Types of Hanging Chairs

There are various types of hanging chairs, and in each of them, the feet lightly touch the ground and like in a rocking chair, one can steer the swinging movement by oneself.

konotted hanging chair and reviews
Knotted Melati Hanging Chair available at Anthropologie

Swinging develops the sense of balance and body perception and brings a feeling of well-being. Therefore a hanging chair is often seen as a symbol of leisure, relaxation and simply – comfortable living. Over the last decade, it has developed into a stylish way of seating and interior design.

There are many different kinds of hanging seats. However, here are a few basic categories that can be so distinguished:

  • Indoor and outdoor hanging chairs. Technically, you can always use outdoor furniture indoors, while the opposite is not always the case.
  • Hammock chairs and basket hanging chairs, depending on whether they have a hard or a soft seating surface.
  • Hanging chair with stand and ceiling chairs, according to different ways we hang them.
  • And as an especial category- hanging chairs for kids.

Hammock Chair


Hanging hammock chair © La Siesta

For all hammock lovers, the hanging hammock chair made of cotton or fabric is a great indoor solution. They are breathable, flexible, soft to touch, and adaptable to the body.  Once you’re in, you don’t want to get out.

Since you don’t have to worry about two “ends” being supported, a hammock chair needs much less space, but you won’t miss that lazy hammock feeling at all.

There are two hanging styles: hanging your hammock chair swing style on two ropes allows you to rock back and forth, like in a child’s play swing. When you hang your hammock chair pivot style, you only need one anchor point which allows to rotate 360 degrees and drift gently while you relax.

So it is mostly down to personal taste which one of them you choose. The fact is, the weightlessness that comes from being suspended in it is unbeatable on the relaxation scale.


Hanging Basket Chair

Hanging Round Wicker Chair with Cushion and Stand in Driftwood Finish
Round Wicker Swing Chair with Cushion. A little escape after a hard day at work or just for relaxing.  Available here 

This type of hanging chairs doesn’t have much in common with a hammock chair. In a hanging basket chair, you adopt a standard sitting position. It doesn’t fit the body like the one made of cotton or fabric, but it’s not less comfortable.  It usually has a “bird’s nest” and a cushion. They are available in a wealth of styles, shapes and designs so you can choose according to the style of your surrounding environment

The most popular is the egg shaped hanging chair, but also the old-fashioned Papasan chair is returning with full force.

The most common technique used for the construction of a basket hanging chair is the wicker. The material choice will have an impact on the aesthetics as well as the strength of the chair. While natural rattan is suitable for indoor use, synthetic rattan, also called all-weather wicker, is specially designed to be resistant to the outdoor elements and can perfectly fit in any home and outdoor design.

But if you not quite sure whether natural rattan of synthetic rattan would fit better into your living room, think about a classic wooden hanging basket chair with a thick cushion

Beautiful and warm hammock chair, a perfect place for cold winter days by SIA AI.X from Latvia (ww.aix.lv)

Add fun and comfort to your living space with one of these amazing swing chairs and it will become the signature piece of your living room or garden.

Check out these awesome hang-time ideas for your home or backyard.

Hanging Chaise Loungers

Wooden chaise lounger with stand and thick cushion available here


What is the difference between a hanging chair and a hanging lounger?

Hanging chairs usually only provide seating for one person in the sitting position. With a hanging lounger, you can recline back and sometimes even lie down. Hanging loungers also come in bigger sizes, about to accommodate more people. Both loungers and chairs offer a comfortable “light as air” seating experience.


Patio Swing

White Porch Swing in 12 different colors available here

A swing is the pure joy of swinging for the whole family!  An old-fashioned patio swing is wooden and wide enough to comfortably seat about three adults, with an armrest at each end. Originally they hung from the ceilings of covered porches. Therefore, they are also called porch swings. Today there are more swing options on the market than ever before and you don’t need a porch to enjoy a patio swing. Some people prefer a big outdoor swing where the whole family can sit or even a swinging bed, while others like to have a few single-swings.

Swing stands are the perfect solution for people who like to have the freedom to place their swings wherever they like.

So don’t get hung up on hanging your patio swing on the porch. Some creative homeowners hang swings indoors too.


Hanging Chairs for Kids


DIY kid’s house bed & swing

Hanging chairs are great for kids. They are ergonomic and fun and kids love to have one in their room. It’s like a private area designed just for them. So if you want to make your child happy with an extraordinary gift and use the space smartly, hang a swing chair in a corner, cause it doesn’t take up as much space as a conventional piece of furniture. The gentle swinging in a hanging seat stimulates the sense of balance and can also improve the coordination of your child and help to train motor skills. This positively impacts the ability to concentrate and promotes your kids’ learning success.

You can hang it from a ceiling. Or if you don’t want to deal with the hanging tools, ropes and bolts, you can choose an “all in one”  hanging chair with stand.

Choosing the perfect hanging chair for your teen could be a bit tricky, but the general advice is– they don’t want the same conventional furniture that their parents have. They are looking for that unique touch – something that makes the chair stand out.

How to hang your hanging chair?

wooden stand hanging chair
Hanging Globo Double Chair with stand –  available here


One way to hang a hanging chair indoors is to attach it to the ceiling. Ceiling chairs need much less room, but there is also a space-saving stand solution.

You can buy a hanging chair with stand as a set, or a single chair and a compatible hanging chair stand separately. Having a stand is the easiest way to move the chair into whichever room you want. What option you choose depends on various factors, such as how many available places you have to choose between.


Hanging your chair outdoors is a bit easier if you have a hardwood tree with strong branches in your garden. It can also be suspended from the top of a porch or patio. However, if you want a portable outdoor hanging chair to chase the sun, there are a range of innovative stand designs for every taste and lifestyle.

No matter what stage of life you’re in, there’s a perfect hanging chair for your home.


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