Airy & Bright Apartment with Globo Swing on the Mediterranean Coast

Let’s meet Valentina and her beautiful family apartment on the Mediterranean Sea, with wonderful and carefully chosen details, Among them, the wooden ceiling chair in her living room attracts special attention.

  • Your name, or nickname if you prefer: Valentina or just.a.val
  • Location: Rijeka, located on the gulf of the Adriatic Sea in Croatia
  • Type of home: Apartment
  • Size: 860 square feet
  • Years lived in: 2 years, owned

Home decor inspirations by Valentina

Globo Swing – the favourite buy
Valentina buys details for the apartment wherever she can, so the most impressive piece of furniture is the wooden swing chair in her living room, ordered from Latvia.

Who do you share your home with?

With my husband and my 5 years old son

Describe your home’s style in 5 words or less:

Sunny, bright, cozy, neutral tones

Describe your hanging chair in 5 words or less:

Big, neutral, round, soft

Hanging Globo Chair


Tell us a story about you and your home:

My husband grew up in this apartment and when we decided to live here, we knew that a complete renovation of the apartment was waiting for us.

The adaptation was extensive and due to the specifics of the space, some things required making custom furniture, especially the kitchen.

I really love DIY projects and that was a chance to create. In the end the majority of the work we did ourselves.

I’m especially proud of the house bed frame in the kids’ room and headboard of our bed.

I’m also proud of hand-painted vases, house bed canopy for my son’s room, and similar small DIY projects.

Kids’ room with house bed and indoor swing
“We mostly did the child’s room ourselves. We made him a bed house, we painted everything the way he wanted, I sewed the curtains, we even set the floor ourselves”

The only thing my husband and I immediately agreed on, was that we wanted a wooden floor and lots of wooden decor, and bright walls, which reflect the light beautifully and allow an abundance of natural light to pour into the interior.

What is your favorite room and why?

I like every corner of my home, but generally that what makes this apartment really special, except a hammock chair and golden mural wall, is definitely a stunning view of the Adriatic Sea.

There is also a detail that has no competition when it comes to beauty – a view of the Adriatic Sea

Favorite elements?

That is definitely our Globo chair and the Mural wall

Golden mural wall
When asked if there are any other corners that she likes especially, she pointedout the wall mural in the living room,. It is a hand-painted marble wall that, she says, attracts the most attention, and the already mentioned swing.

Tell us about your swing chair:

The mentioned swing chair from the living room is not the only one we have. There is also another swing in the kids’ room.

Our Globo chair arrived from distant Latvia, and the indoor kids swing is one of many handmade works that have found a place in my home.

Coffe and Globo Chair – Good morning

The biggest challenge?

It was making house bed myself

What your friends say?

My friends were thrilled and we love hanging out together here. I have helped some of them with decorating their homes, although it isn’t my profession.

Proudest DIY?

Kids’ house bed and headboard

Headboard – the proudest DIY

Best advice for creating a home you love:

Adapt to space, and make use of each part of it! And once you decided on a particular style, do not be afraid to leave your personal mark.

Kitchen with goden touch

Any advice for installing and buying (or DIY!) a hanging chair:

My hanging Globo chair is meant as the exterior piece of furniture. But as soon as I saw it, I could imagine it in my home interior.

Before buying, pay attention to the type of ceiling. Concrete slab and wooden beams are ideal for the suspension of a swing.

What are the favorite things you bought (or found) for your home

That’s my Globo hanging chair 😊

Visit Valentina on her Instagram account:

Valentina or just.a.val
By the way, Valentina is a designer of children’s clothes. When it comes to interior design, it is, she says, only a hobby.

Home Gallery by Valentina

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