Urban jungle loft apartment with a DIY Swing

Let’s meet lovely Kristina and her boho loft apartment with more than 130 plants, and a wooden DIY swing, which adds a touch of nostalgia and evokes childhood memories. A romantic inspiration for everyone who wants to bring more green into their homes. But it is also a story of how to meet yourself and make an apartment a home.

  • Your name, or nickname if you prefer: Kristina Kizilboya
  • Location: I live in Germany in a small city called Villingen-Schwenningen, it is located in the Black Forest.
  • Type of home: loft apartment
  • Size: 750 square feet
  • Years lived in: It has been a year now we moved into our current home.

Loft interior inspiration by Kristina

Kristinas urban jungle loft apartment with more than 130 plants

Describe your home’s style in 5 words or less: urban jungle, boho, natural, loft,

Describe your hanging chair in 5 words or less: DIY, swing.

Tell us a story about you and your home: 

Our home is a loft apartment. We only have a bedroom, a bathroom, and the whole other space is open. We moved into our current home a year ago, and it was love at first sight. All the beams, the lovely balcony, and the unique architecture of this small loft apartment, I felt it is me. I love creating living spaces, even though I am not an interior designer. So when we saw this apartment, I already knew, this is the place I want to call home. My mom always tells me our home is with a romantic style, but I would say it is something very close to bohemian style.

What says Kristina for her urban jungle loft: “My mom always tells me our home is with romantic style but I would say it is something very close to boho style interior”

Our home is my art.

Once it was a blank canvas, and now it is everything that represents my husband and me. All the DIYs we did, and the decoration elements we used, the plants, and the cat tree, the swing.  We love nature so much, and we wanted to have it in our home, as well.

What is your favorite room and why?

Definitely the open space. The living room, the dining area, kitchen, and the little work corner with the half attic/creative room is where everything happens. This is the heart of our home.

I found myself in the world of plants

I like this space most because my plants live here, our cats play here, we spend our free times here and we welcome our guests here.

Favorite element?

My favorite element is our swing of course.

Tell us about your swing chair:

It is a DIY swing that I imagined, and my husband made during COVID lockdown. Our home is a loft, and there are so many beams, so I thought it could be fun to have a swing in our living room.

Leisure is the mother of creativity – with Corona lockdown, came up the idea of an indoor swing

This all happened when Corona hit the world and we had so much time while staying home. So he made the swing for me and I love it so much

Biggest challenge?

Because of the beams there was no challenge, we could easily hang the swing on one of them. But if our home would be a standard apartment, I am sure the biggest challenge could be where and how to hang the swing.

Proudest DIY?

Obviously the swing. I had made so many DIY in our home, but I think the greatest is the swing. It was nice working together on a project with my husband.

My husband made the swing for me during Corona lockdown

What would you do differently?

Nothing, I love it on the way it is.

What your friends say?

My friends love it, as well. Every guest who visits us tries it out. I think the swing brings everybody back to their childhood for some minutes.

“Side by side or miles apart we are always connected by heart. 🧡 This was the first time my green friends, my furry friend, and human friends met, we had a wonderful week all together”.
So captioned Kristina this image on her Instagram account @fagusurban

Best advice for creating a home you love?

Before you decorate a living space you can find the style you want to creat on Pinterest. I found a lot of ideas there and I learned a lot, like how to decorate a book shelf or how to design a coffee table. These are very small things but there are a few rules to follow for a great result.

Any advice for installing and DIY a hanging chair:

If you decide to DIY makes sure to get a strong wood for the seat and you have a strong beam in your home where you can hang it. But you can also buy one, a hanging chair makes a home very special and cosy and if you don’t have beams like we do, you can have one with stand which is pretty cool, I think.

What are the favorite things you bought (or found) ?

One of my favorite things in our home is my cat’s tree.

Indor DIY swing and the cats’ tree – paradise for Kristinas two little cats

My cats love it and it even looks very pretty in our home. It is from Mau Pets, and I would like to add their link because they are a great company. They are very nice people and they take care of the quality and what cats actually like.

Home Gallery by Kristina

Urban jungle loft with more than 130 plants

"My mom always tells me our home is with romantic style but I would say it is something very close to boho style interior"

Lesiure is the mother of creativity
With Corona lockdown
came up the idea of an indoor swing

Indor DIY swing and the cats' tree -
a paradise for Kristinas two little cats

This was the first time my green friends, my furry friend and human friends met

My husband made the swing for me during Corona lockdown

The kitten likes to sleep on the swing

I found myself
in the world of plants
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The original submission was edited for length and clarity

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