Designer Hanging Chairs

The hanging chairs are popular. They are the new favorite furniture for relaxation – whether in the garden, on the veranda, or in the living room. Thousands of models were sold out there as mass-produced goods, but only a few of them is an extraordinary piece of design furniture.

Here we are going to show you special swing chair models. Have a look at these beautiful designer hanging chairs and read the stories behind.

None of the hanging chairs is as famous as the Eero Aarnio‘s Bubble Chair. For decades, the Bubble Chair has been the coolest hanging chair ever, a real masterpiece! With its chrome-plated steel ring embedded in the transparent acrylic ball, this iconic hanging chair is suspended on a chain. It looks like a soap bubble and makes absolutely every scene unforgettable!


In the mid-20th century, the design was considered as a man’s thing. The inspiring exception: Nanna Ditzel, who designed furniture into old age. One of her creations is an icon today: the hanging egg chair from 1957. The hanging egg basket is made of rattan. It is suspended with a chain from the ceiling. 

Freifrau Möbelmanufaktur is known for its unique pieces that you can experience in a multi-sensual way. It is not only the eye that is delighted every time you see the perfectly implemented favorite. The furniture can also be experienced through the sense of touch and smell. Soft fabrics, fragrant leather, and the scent of natural wood make Freifrau furniture a feel-good moment in all aspects.

If you are an industrial-style furniture lover, this authentic hanging egg chair could be the best purchasing experience and a perfect addition to your home. Here is the story about how this hanging chair is made, from beginning to end. Written personally by the – Chris Lutzweiler

This beautifully handmade  Macrame Hanging Chairs come from the Nicaragua-based  Hang A Hammock Collective. Every piece is hand made and unique. However, it is not only their way they create this designer hammock swings that is setting the collective apart on the hanging chairs market. It is what they stand for.

Like all of the Czech designer Linda Vrnakova’s artistic creations, each SWINGY IN rocking hammock chair is created with nature in mind— she brings the peace and tranquility of nature indoors with a simple, soothing, responsibly created product.
This designer rocking hammock chair is filled with massage balls, which go hand in hand with the proven Czech ‘ball massage technique” rehabilitation method (Terapeutická metoda MÍČKOVÁNÍ).  

Handmade, beautiful hanging swing chairs and daybeds are the passion of Studio Stirling.

KATÀ Hanging Chair by Ferlea
Designed by ENZO BERTI 2003
If you look at the hanging lounger “Katà”, you want to sink into it immediately: sheltered as in a cocoon and still beautifully airy and free. This designer hanging chair created by Enzo Berti in 2003 is available in different leather and fabric versions, also the frame is available in different colors.

Bohorockers: a refuge, a cocoon, a quiet space to relax and focus, far from the madding crowd. It is a romantic ideal to indulge luxuriating into a functional beautiful swing chair. We dream of a bit of bohemian style but are so often disappointed about the experience. You will not be disappointed by your Bohorockrs chair. On the contrary, you will no doubt celebrating your new bohemian hammock chair with your friends and family as one of your best buys ever. A designer masterpiece among all the luxury hammock chairs.

Hand-woven hanging eggchair swing with stand by Jo Lisa
This beautiful egg-shaped designer swing chair was nominated for the best product at the NY NOW 2017 Winter Show It is one of the most impressive products in the impressive Rope Lace Collection by Jo Liza. Every designer piece is handmade of wrought iron and handwoven with seagrass.

One of the design world’s most iconic pieces of furniture, The Bubble Chair, has been reimagined and remade by Ben Rousseau, a British designer, now based in Los Angeles. The Rousseau Bubble Chair is available as an illuminated version, as in powder coated steel as well as the floor standing version,

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