Review: Contemporary White Hanging Egg Chair

You know how they say old is gold? Well, despite being designed and created almost half a century ago, the fiberglass hanging egg chair still boasts of a cutting edge, state of the art design. Looking at that sleek, gorgeous, curved, fiberglass egg shaped hanging chair’s exterior, you wouldn’t believe that it’s a massive blast from the past. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s get a bit nerdy for a few seconds.

white hanging egg shaped swing
White Plastic Hanging Egg Chair inspired by Finnish interior designer, Eero Aarnio, shows us how a futuristic look can become timeless


This modern contemporary accent Hanging Egg Chair boasts of a tough, white fiberglass shell that is incredibly durable. And with dimension measurement of 39” height by 32”W by 32”D, the Accent chair is compact yet voluminous enough for a large adult. As for the weight capacity, this swing seat can comfortably handle a capacity of 350 pounds. The weight of the chair itself will play a huge role in determining its value and function. The last thing you want is a chair that you can’t move around. At a measly 50 pounds, this product is easy enough to move around, so finding a secure place to hand it should be a breeze. Now that we’ve checked out the top features, let’s move on to the most crucial aspect of a hanging chair.



Comfort and Design

Without a doubt, comfort is probably the first criteria that anyone looking to buy any chair looks at. If your chair is uncomfortable and just doesn’t feel right, then it won’t let you rest in peace. The Modern Contemporary Accent Hanging Swing Chair is built to provide perfect anatomical comfort. Everything from the beautiful egg shape to the very material used for the fabric just oozes luxury and comfort.

Since the comfort is all in the design, we’ll start there. Clearly, the human body hasn’t evolved much over a period of 40 years, so the egg-shaped design with generously padded cushions still works magic for the spine. And thanks to the cradling effect once you’re seated, there’s absolutely no risk of falling over even when rocking a wide swing.

However, the icing on the cake comes in the form of a generously padded, soft, red fabric interior. I’m not just talking about the smooth interior coating all over the inside. There are actually two thick individual cushions that support your weight as well as provide a flat place for your back to rest. Unlike other hanging chairs that wear out and leave your feet hanging on the hard edge, the cushions on this bad boy won’t be thinning anytime soon. Thanks to all these and more comfort features, don’t be too surprised if you end up swinging yourself to sleep.

Moderng Hanging Baloon Chair Red White Fiberglass
Egg Hanging Balloon Chair in Red & White , a perfect match with a Black & White Living Room


Pros & Cons


  • Superior Quality Construction – From the tough, robust exterior to the plush, cotton interior, everything boasts of high-quality craftsmanship
  • Eye-catching white fiberglass exterior that adds a touch of modernism to any space
  • Ergonomic, egg-shaped design that really conforms to the human anatomy
  • Cotton interiors are incredibly soft and plush
  • Vibrant, red interior that creates a gorgeous contrast with the white exterior
  • Almost half a century of research and development

-Durable Frame with the maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds


  • The Accent hanging chair is a work of art with barely any flaws. However, customers can expect to part with a hefty initial sum.


Excellent construction, versatile, robust, luxurious and incredibly attractive, the Modern Contemporary Accent Hanging Swing Chair is definitely worth its weight in gold. Apart from a very ergonomic design and all the comfort features you could ask for, this hanging chair is indeed the ultimate form of designer seating. If you can afford it, then this chair will be your favorite seat in the entire house. Get it today and don’t forget to tell us how it goes. I certainly haven’t been able to get out of mine since I bought it (still swinging as we speak). Once you get a feel, you’ll see what I’m talking about.


Alternative Purchases

If the Accent’s price range is a bit too rich for you, there are always some alternative hanging chairs with great quality but lower price tags. Want to see some of the best alternatives to the modern contemporary accent hanging chair?

1:  Bubble Chair inspired by Eero Aarnio Original

transparent hanging ball chair
Inspired by Eero Aarnio – Bubble Chair – click on the image to check availability.

This designer seating company has outdone themselves with their range of bubble chairs. What really grabbed our attention was the clear, acrylic material construction that makes this bad boy see through. But that’s not the half of it. Thanks to the tough shell, you’ll never find any scratches or damage on the outside of your hanging chair. The seat connects to your choice installation spot thanks to the help of an eight-foot chain and includes 2 pillows for a more comfortable experience.



  • Super strong construction
  • Clear, transparent material
  • Great back lumbar support
  • Lighter build with more volume and capacity


  • Cushions might be small and shifty.



2: Bertone – Soft Touch Cozy Egg Shaped Swing Basket Chair 

egg shaped hanging chair
Egg shaped hanging rattan chair– click on the image to check availability.

If you’re looking for something even cheaper that’s perfect for your yard or patio, then look no further than Bertone’s Soft Touch Egg Shaped Swing Chair. This ultra-light, brown rattan chair comes with a powder coated frame for even more durability. But just like you would expect from a rattan chair, the maximum weight capacity is only 250 pounds. Fortunately, this weight is supported by a heavy-duty spring that makes for even more comfort. And speaking of comfort, the water wicking fabric cushions have a thing or two to say about that. The best feature has to be the holes and zones that let the wind gently sway you as you relax. However, some assembly will be required.


  • Incredibly affordable to buy
  • Ultralight construction
  • Ideal for both outdoor and indoor use


  • Lower weight capacity.



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