11 Best Interior Designers in Northern Virginia

Interior decorating your home can be both confusing and exhausting. With all the themes you can choose from and all the accessories and decorations available, it could be overwhelming. Having a professional to help you out in beautifying your home could be the solution.

There are many excellent interior designers in Northern Virginia, but amongst them, here are the ten best ones, with their family-friendly interior ideas.


Home At Last Decor

Christine Barringer, the woman behind all the outstanding ideas and design of Home At Last Decors, started the business in 2000. She focuses on home consultations to help homeowners with their dilemmas in interior decorating.

You can get a customized decor guide from Christine. When doing the consultation, do not hesitate to voice your desires, such as inclusion of specific coffee tables or furniture like an indoor hanging egg chair that will add a unique touch in your home.

She will help you by recognizing your decorating thoughts and desire, and then use that information to build an interior design plan for you. Christine specializes in paint color selections. She can also apply general decorating principals to any theme under a specified budget.

Best Interior Designers in Northern Virginia

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June Shea, Shea Interiors

Photo by Shea Studio Interiors, Inc – Discover living room design ideas

Shea interiors help their client manage their budget properly. They guide their client to what and where to spend a specific amount of their budget. They will make the best out of your budget by helping you choose the right decors and accessories.

June Shea is the award-winning President of Shea Interiors. She was featured many times in every major magazine and newspaper. Her goal is to exceed her client’s expectations, and this is what brought her to the top.

Best Interior Designers in Northern Virginia

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Bertin’s Decorating Den Interiors

Janet Bertin has owned her award-winning Decorating Den Interiors business since 1987. She has the experience to successfully complete decorating projects in many styles. In fact, an Alexandria family room she designed was awarded first place in the Washington Chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers’ design competition.

Additionally, she has been named the INTERIORS by Decorating Den Decorator of the Year and her work has been widely published in top home and design magazines.

Best Interior Designers in Northern Virginia

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Interior Style by Marisa Moore

Photo by Interior Style by Marisa Moore – Discover family room design inspiration

As an Italian designer and artisan descendant, Marisa offers different design themes that will fit your desires. She can remodel both small and large spaces in your home with her knowledge and experience as an architect.

If you have large projects that need an architect’s skills and perspective, Marisa Moore is your gal. She has both the artistic genes and knowledge combined to give you the perfect representation of your ideal home.

Best Interior Designers in Northern Virginia

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Julie Coppa Designs, Inc.

Photo by Julie Coppa Designs, Inc. – More bedroom ideas

Julie Coppa Designs, Inc. offers a full service in interior design. They provide concept creation as well as architectural design reviews. Julie also helps her clients in choosing and acquiring furnishings.

As an interior design degree holder with an outstanding 15-years interior design experience, you can be sure that she will transform your house into a fantastic family-friendly home. She will make sure that even the smallest and lightest details will properly incorporate the whole concept.

Best Interior Designers in Northern Virginia

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2 Navy Lane, LLC

Photo by 2 Navy Lane, LLC – Browse dining room ideas

The Architectural Digest recognized them as one of the top interior designers in Virginia last January 2020. Their goal is to help improve the spaces that are most important to their clients.

The 2 Navy Lane designers will plan the design according to their client’s specific needs, budget, and taste. They will suggest new ideas to add to your desired concept from trending styles and colors. Additionally, they also advise in regards to furniture and decorations to help achieve a better outcome.

Best Interior Designers in Northern Virginia

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Primrose Interior Design

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The Primrose Interior Design focuses on fresh, modern designs. They can assist you from paint colors, rearranging furniture to furnishing replacements and renovations. Rose, the founder, and main designer at Primrose, formerly worked on a design firm that caters to both commercial and residential spaces.

Primrose continues to offer its service amidst the coronavirus pandemic. They are working remotely on their projects. Moreover, meetings and sourcing are also conducted online. If you are planning to start your concept planning, better contact Primrose Interior Design to book an online appointment.

Best Interior Designers in Northern Virginia

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Ana Djevenica, Total Home Design & Remodeling

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Ana Djevenica’s goal is to make each home throughout Northern Virginia to have a unique interior. Each home on the Northern side of Virginia has a nearly identical appearance, which is why designing the interiors in a fresh and unique approach is necessary.

She believes that everyone should be given the opportunity to live in an amazingly designed space. If you want your home to be professionally decorated, Ana is just a call away and would be more than willing to help you with your interior.

Best Interior Designers in Northern Virginia

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Lauren Liess

Photo by Lauren Liess Interiors – Browse living room ideas

Lauren’s concepts lean towards simple, relaxed, and natural designs. If you share the same palette in styles and design as Lauren, it is best to contact her, talk about your ideas, and incorporate her suggestions and advice on your personal choices.

An elevated yet accessible follow-up to Lauren Liess’s Habitat, showcasing her signature easy-living lifestyle 
Down to Earth picks up right where Lauren Liess’s critically acclaimed Habitat left off. While Habitat walked readers through the decorating process step-by-step, Lauren’s latest title takes a step beyond the basics and invites readers to incorporate the main components of her familiar design aesthetic: nature, easy living, and approachability.
Best Interior Designers in Northern Virginia

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Murphy’s Design

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Murphy’s design’s expertise focused on remodeling home interiors to produce breath-taking results that their client surely loves. They offer free virtual consultation where you can exchange ideas regarding your preferred concept. When both parties agreed to a design, you can now decide if you want to book them.

Best Interior Designers in Northern Virginia

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Signature Design Interiors

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Signature Design Interiors team accepts projects from both commercial and residential spaces. They offer a full home decorating service as well as home remodeling and home staging services. Depending on your needs, Signature Design Interiors will exceed your expectations in home interior designing.

Best Interior Designers in Northern Virginia

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Choosing among these excellent designers would be very hard. However, each designer has their strengths and expertise to help you choose depending on your taste and style preference. All of them are equally outstanding at what they do. It is why whoever you choose will more than exceed your expectations.