Review: Hammock Chair Lounger HABANA by La Siesta

Update: The hammock chair lounger is now available with appropriate suspension set and the high-quality wooden stand, suitable for indoors and outdoors.

Size and Capacity

This indoor hammock chair is not only spacious, it is also quite functional. With a carrying capacity of 355 lbs (160 Kgs and a seating width of 4ft 3 inches (130 cm), it is quite large and ideal for one or two people. With a total height of 6ft 1inch (185cm) and a seating length of 6ft 11inches (210cm), it can easily accommodate people of varying sizes. For maximum comfort, the required minimum height that’s required from the ground up is 7ft 3 inches (220 cm). However, if the suspension is from a point that’s higher, then all you need to do is extend the hammock chair with a stable rope or a hammock chair hanging kit.


Hammock Chair Lounger by La Siesta - Relaxation and Fun for the Whole Family
Hammock Chair Lounger by La Siesta – Relaxation and Fun for the Whole Family

To enhance its functionality, the unit does have a spread bar measuring 4 ft 7 inches (140cm). Such a long bar is advantageous since it offers more room for the upper body, making it easy for users to incline on the lounger. Weighing six (6) pounds, it does have a shipping weight of 7.95 pounds

Technical Details:

  • Hammock chair for two
  • Material: Organic cotton (GOTS certified)
  • Handmade in Columbia
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 355 lb lbs
  • Seating Width : 130 cm (4 ft 3 in)
  • Seating Length: 210 cm (6 ft 11 in)
  • Total Height : 185 cm (6 ft 1 in)
  • Spreader Bar: certified bamboo wood
  • Length of the bar : 140 cm (4 ft 7 in)
  • Fabric density (g/m²) : 370
  • Integrated 360 degree safety swivel CHECK PRICE AND AVAILABILITY


Quality and Comfort

The hammock as a cultural asset is considered by many as a place for relaxation and well being and the Organic Hammock Chair Lounger HABANA doesn’t disappoint in this regard. Made by hand in Colombia, the unit is of impeccable quality and workmanship. Developed using 100%, fuzz-free, hard wearing cotton from organic cotton production that complies with EU regulation EEC 834/2007, the unit is durable and sustainable. Apart from being environmentally friendly, organic cotton is also easy to clean, maintain and very soft to the touch.


Hammock Chair Lounger by La Siesta -High Quality Seam-
Tearproof Selvage

To enhance its quality, the unit does pride itself in having a tearproof selvage. This has been achieved by doubling the weft threads which reinforces the selvage. It is also worth mentioning that a large number of cords not only ensure optimal weight distribution but also offers incredible comfort and durability to users, both young and old.



Spreader Bar for Hammock Chair - certified bamboo wood
Spreader Bar – Certified Bamboo Wood

In addition, the robust and attractive spreader bar is made from bamboo wood that’s been certified as coming from responsible forest management sources. Produced using high quality plate technology, the spreader bar has a pleasantly smooth surface and is exceptionally weatherproof.




Integrated Swivel - Hammock Chair La Siesta
Integrated Swivel – Hammock Chair La Siesta

To make the hammock chair more comfortable, it does have an integrated 360-degree safety swivel which makes it possible to easily and safely turn your chair in every direction without the danger of over winding the suspension cords.


Hammock Chair Lounger by La Siesta - Eco Friendly and Stylish Packing
Eco-Friendly and Stylish Packing

The hammock chair is packed in an ECO-friendly bag. Practical tips and tricks about usage and care can be found on the banderole.

Some Facts about the La Siesta Brand

Founded by Alexander and Dorothee Grisar, La Siesta has been specializing in the development, marketing and distribution of hammocks and hammock chairs since 1991. The brand does focus on not only offering the best quality hammocks and hammocks chairs in the market but to do this whilst holding the highest standards in respect of nature, human interaction as well as the environment. To achieve this, the company does focus on quality in virtually all aspects of its product portfolio. For those who pay special attention to nature and are keen on conserving it, the brand does offer organic cotton of the highest quality and all its products are manufactured following the most stringent manufacturing standards.

In this regard, the La Siesta brands of products are not only well manufactured but are also beautiful, well thought out, unique and original.


Here you can watch  La Siesta’s product presentation video:

Further to the above, extra care has been put in the actual composition of the colors used on the product designs and prints. Driven by its slogan, “The World of Hammocks”, the brand is strongly anchored on sustainability. It does this by constantly developing and implementing sustainable practices that ensure that all the products are manufactured in a sustainable environment that’s respectful to humans, animals and nature. In addition, every time you interact with the brand, you can stay rest assured that the company treats its employees, customers and retailers in a respectful and ethical manner. Put simply, the brands are a true gauge of authenticity and quality.


This is without a shred of doubt one of the coziest and most comfortable hammock chairs in the market. Easy to install and maintain, the unit is sturdy, eye-catching and durable. Occupying less space than a traditional hammock, this unit does stand out due to the high quality workmanship, durability and unique comfort it offers users. The unit is also very soft to the touch and smells nice right out of the box.

La Siesta meets the highest standards of quality with respect to nature and humans, and under the slogan “Fair to humans, fair to nature” is easier to relax.

Whichever way you look at it, this is a good buy.





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Hammock Chair Lounger HABANA by La Siesta


Weight Capacity




Quality and Comfort


Price–Performance ratio



  • Organic cotton
  • Integrated 360 degree safety swivel
  • Carrying capacity and Size
  • High-quality brand
  • Tearproof selvage


  • Expensive
  • Only in two colors available