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Here we are going to show you where you can buy these two hanging chairs made by IKEA. Also, there are many outstanding swinging options out there today and want to show you some great alternatives to the IKEA models.

Update: Hanging chairs from IKEA are currently unavailable, and we don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock. Nevertheless, alternatives to both of these hanging chairs are still available.



hanging egg chair with stand IKEA swingasan inspired


A great alternative to the SVINGA is this hanging egg chair with stand. Or if you prefer something where you can stretch your legs, we recommend having a look at this chic teardrop swing chair made of woven resin wicker. In contrast to the SVINGA, it is also suitable for outdoors, it is nicely padded and comes with a solid frame.

Serena&Lily Bedroom Hanging Rattan Chair


If you prefer a warm and natural indoor option Serena&Lilly is worth having a look at. Other great alternatives in different designs, colors, and price ranges can you found here: hanging chairs made of rattan.


Review- Hanging Nest by La Siesta -High Quality and Beautiful Design


There are now some beautiful hanging cocoon swings in the market. I want to introduce two chic options here.

Hanging chairs from IKEA are currently unavailable, and we don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock, but there are many excellent alternatives out there today.  Be creative! Have a fantastic time in one of them!green-Chair-Hammock-idoors-design-top


This chair is available in various colors and is great alternative in Ikea style. It sways like a boat on waves and looks like a half-moon, so its called “the moonboat”. You need two anchor points to suspend this swing chair from the ceiling. It looks great in the living room, bedroom, kids room. Or in the summer outside under the porch or under a tree. macrame-hanging-chair-living-room


The macrame swing is another free-floating option, but for this one, you will need only one anchor point.

SVINGA-  hanging wicker chair from IKEA

hanging chair svinga by ikea

The SVINGA hanging seat was introduced into the market a few years ago and has been available in different colors. Unfortunately, since mid-2015, IKEA is no longer running it. So this charming hanging seat can only be found as a used product: we recommend searching eBay or having a look at some similar models we suggested above.

The SVINGA made by IKEA is a hanging seat made of synthetic wicker, which is the case for most rattan-style hanging chairs. This weather-resistant material makes the chair also suitable for outdoor use. Thanks to the polypropylene rope and a sturdy ring, which are included, the hanging chair is height adjustable.

However, IKEA recommends the SVINGA for indoor use and only for children. Although this model is bridely popular as a swinging chair for the whole family, IKEA has never officially recommended it or adults. But can you also use the models as an adult?

The hanging chair SVINGA has a weight capacity of 100 kg, and theoretically, it can be used as a hanging chair for adults, as long as they do not exceed the maximum weight. However, it was officially recommended as a hanging seat for children, and you could find it in their program as a product for the little ones. The Swedish company does not offer its own frame for hanging chairs, so you have two options- to suspend it from the ceiling or to buy separate a hanging chair stand separately. The rubber springs absorb the shock and reduce the stress on the ceiling fixture.


EKORRE –  hanging cocoon for children from IKEA

hanging chair for kids by IKEA

The EKORRE children’s hanging cave is made of 100% polyester and polyurethane. It is tear-resistant and easy-care, but not necessarily very pleasant to the skin, and we recommend you much better alternatives. Nevertheless, you can read our review for Ekorre hanging chair here.

This hanging cave from IKEA is only available in gray with red cushion cover. A 3m long rope and a ring for height adjustment are included. IKEA recommends the EKORRE ceiling hooks for suspension. The weight capacity of 70 kg is thus suitable only for children. Even if you do not exceed the weight of 70kg as an adult, the hanging pod is too small and uncomfortable for a grown-up.

The Swedish furniture giant IKEA doesn’t sell hanging chairs anymore. The old models- hanging swing chair SVINGA and the hanging pod chair EKORRE for children –  can only be found as a used product, or you can buy one of the alternatives we introduced above.

Be creative! Have a fantastic time in one of them!

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