REVIEW: Swingasan Hanging Chairs Collection by Pier1

Are you looking for something hippy, happy, and fun for your home? Then the Swingasan hanging chairs by Pier1 Imports are what you are looking for. They have an aesthetically admirable style that will complement the decor around your home. Whether used indoors or outdoors, this chair is bound to add a trendy and classy look around the home.



Breathtaking Swingasan. Photo and the hanging chair by Pier1. Swingasan old collection

The Swingasan® hanging chairs come with an airy, open-weave back, side compartments for holding drinks and a canopy for shade. Therefore is an ideal companion for warm summer days for your balcony or garden.
Handcrafted from wrought iron and complimented with polyethylene and polypropylene plastics, the hanging chairs are created for practicality and durability.


Romantic: soft and feminine Swingasan chair. Customer review by Anthropologie


The hand-woven one-of-a-kind synthetic rattan is weather-proofed to last long. They come with strong iron frames that are resistant to rust, therefore, guaranteeing durability. Each seat can carry a weight of up to 275 pounds.
The hand-woven Swingasan® hanging chairs have a height of 42 inches with widths and depth of 33.50 and 22.50 inches respectively.

Technical Details:

  • Available in Ivory, Mocha, Turquoise, Parchment, and Gray
  • 33.50″W x 21.50″D x 44.50″H
  • Wrought iron, polyethylene, polypropylene
  • Hand-woven
  • Clean with a soft, damp cloth
  • For indoor/outdoor use
  • Hardware included
Woven Hanging Chair White Basket Elegant Vintage
Woven Hanging Swing Chair


Available in Different Colors and Models

The hand-woven Swingasan® hanging chair is available in ivory, mocha, parchment, gray, pink and turquoise color. Our favorite is turquoise cause it is a color that will speak to you and help you bond easily with the environment as it is easy on the eyes. The cushions are woven from micro-denier yarns to ensure durability. They are resistant to UV rays, mold, and dew.

Swingasan®  stand is sold separately in three colors, but we recommend these wooden stands. Please see bottom of the page for details.



Swingasan, candles, green plants, drink holder and the favorite book. An ideal spot for relaxing.  Old collection. Photo by Pier1



Here are 4 reasons why the Swingasan® hanging chairs should be on top of your furniture list;

1. Easy to clean

With time, the chairs are bound to gather some dust and will, therefore, need cleaning. The Swingasan® hanging chairs don’t need special cleaning detergents. A soft, damp cloth is enough to do the job. The iron frames are rust-resistant so you don’t have to worry about water causing damage to it. It saves you time to focus on other things. A simple wipe is enough to get its shine back.

Swingasan – flamingos Collection

2. Strong enough for heavy weights

Your outdoor experience can be ruined by insects that keep crawling onto your laid-out picnic mat. That’s why most people are now going for hanging chairs for their front gardens. If you are a bit on the heavier side, the Swingasan® hanging chair can handle it. Its frames are made from sturdy wrought iron that can withstand weights of up to 275 pounds.

two swuingasans hanging on the balcony
The Pier 1 Swingasan®. We know you want one. The only question is: Which one? Photo by Pier1 Imports

3. The perfect chair for lounging weekends

The airy, open-weave back, side drink holder and the canopy shade that comes with the chair is exactly what you need for a slow relaxing weekend. It is relaxing and lets your mind wander off. It is perfect for unwinding after a hard week’s job. This is a guaranteed mood changer. Enjoy your alone time and allow your mind to drift off to every fantasy imaginable. If you love quiet weekends in the yard, then this chair should be on your wishlist.

Bowl Swingasan. Also available with stand


4. Make an impression on your guests

Everyone wants to make an impression on their house guests. Some will prepare amazing dishes, others will crack your ribs with funny jokes. Sometimes though, it all comes to naught. But with the Swingasan® hanging chairs, you are guaranteed to leave an impression on your visitors. The hand woven hanging chairs have an aesthetically admirable style that gives the home a classy and trendy look.

swingasan chairs-with drinkholder stands and the dog
Two hanging chairs with comfy cushions and drink holders. The weekend can come. Photo by Pier1


1. Cushion and the stand not included

For all its amazing features, the disadvantage to the Swingasan® hanging chairs is that they don’t come with their stands and cushions. Instead, they are sold separately in case you are interested. This can create an additional budget and can be a turnoff when you are limited for funds. However, this could be an opportunity to put those cushions that you have stacked up in your linen cupboards to use.

2. We recommend buying a separate stand

Swingasan with a yellow flower by Pier1 Imports

Pier 1 Imports had the Swingasan recall for products purchased prior to January 2016. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the chair and stand may become unstable during use and/or have defective suspension hardware, posing a fall hazard.  Clicking the link above, you can see, what particular models were included in this recall.

The recall was in 2016 and all those unsafe products are not available in the market, but we still recommend suspending the basket with one of these excellent suspension kits or buying different stand. Here you can find our recommendation for  The 10 Best Hammock Chair Stands.

3. Limited outdoor use

Although they are in the category “outdoor furniture”, we recommend not to leave it outside very often. The frame seemed to hold, but the wiring unravels and outdoor stand is getting corrosion after two seasons. Otherwise, although made from synthetic material,  the basket chair looks as beautiful, that it can be hung in your living room in front of the fireplace.




Swingasan Chair and the cup of tea- how not to enjoy!? Photo by Pier1

Give your front yard the exquisite makeover it deserves with Swingasan hanging chair. For couples, you can order the Swingasan Double Mocha Hanging Chair. It is perfect for a romantic evening or lazy weekends.

Pier 1 officially went out of business

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  • Easy to clean
  • Strong
  • Open-weave back
  • Drink holder
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  • No suspension set
  • No cushion
  • Limited outdoor use