REVIEW: Natural Rattan Swing Chair by Kouboo

Looking for the perfect swing chair for your home can be a bit difficult considering all the options out there. Despite the market being literally flooded with all sorts of designs and models, there are a few that you can never go wrong with. One of these is the Kouboo hanging rattan chair.

Swing chair for your living room

Key features of the chair:

Hanging Chair Review Hand crafted from naturally grown Rattan
Handcrafted from naturally grown rattan – click on the image to see on Amazon

This particular model is designed for indoor use. That means that you could hang it in your bedroom, your living room, your home library or even in the kitchen. The beautiful design makes it a great addition to any space in terms of aesthetics. Below are a few of its key features and design specifications.

  • The betting is made from hand-crafted rattan fibers.
  • It comes with a removable seat cushion for the bottom of the chair.
  • The seat measures 29 inches in width by 30 inches depth by 47 inches height.
  • It comes with strong woven hemp rope for strong and stable hanging.
  • It has a maximum weight limit of 265 pounds.
  • It can accommodate one person.
  • hanging hardware not included




Designed for comfort

With all the features highlighted above, there is no denying the fact that this natural rattan chair is worth considering. One of the best things about its construction is the fact that it is geared towards ensuring your comfort as the user. Below are a few specific features responsible for this.

  1. The seat bottom slants backward with a curved back
    With this basket chair design, you literally get to disappear into your own little cocoon. It is super comfortable and ensures that you do not have to worry too much about foot support. The comfort offered by this design means that you can use it for anything. It could be your reading chair, your meditation haven or just a nice place to grab a quick nap.
  2. It is cushioned and you can add more pillows
    The seat comes with its own bottom cushion. This contributes to the comfort in a big way and ensures that you can sit on the swing for long without getting tired. The large seat also allows you to add a few cushions at the back or side for some added comfort.
  3. There is plenty of space to move around and sit in different positions
    This hanging rattan chair might just accommodate one person at a time but this does not mean that it is tight on space. The dimensions again come in handy ensuring that you have enough space to move around as you try to find the perfect position to settle into.
Hanging Chair in natural rattan for bedroom
Perfect addition to your living room– click on the image to check availability





  1. It has great aesthetic appeal
    The lovely brown and cream earthy tones give this natural rattan chair great aesthetic value. This means that wherever you put it the chair will be the centerpiece of the room.
  2. The net design makes it breathable
    This ensures that you are comfortable while you enjoy your personal downtime on the chair.
  3. It is comfortable
    This is especially important if you wish to use the chair for long periods of time. The comfort features ensure that you get to do this without straining in any way.
  4. It is easy to clean
    All you need is soft cloth and some soapy water to wipe the rattan every once in a while. The cushions have removable covers that are also machine washable. All this makes maintenance of the chair a breeze.


  1. It cannot be used outdoors
    This is a hanging chair for a bedroom, library, living room and any other indoor space use. The material is not resistant to harsh weather elements including UV light and rain. That means that installing it outdoors will lead to damage within no time.
  2. Installation is difficult
    First of all, it does not come with the tools required for this installation meaning that you will have to get them yourself. The manufacturers also recommend that you use a professional to set it up for safety purposes. Anyway, here you can find some excellent suspension sets. And here you can find hanging chair stands, but for aesthetic reasons, we recommend to suspend it from the ceiling.


Alternatives to consider

Twos Company Hanging Rattan Chair
Small Rattan Swing Chair by Two Company

Panama Jack Outdoor Island Cove

If you are not convinced of natural rattan and prefer a weather resistant hanging chair with stand, this could be your choice. It features a hollow aluminum frame. This design makes it lightweight, strong and rust resistant. The seat part features woven synthetic fiber Viro. This material is strong and resistant to UV and water. As a result, you can very easily use it outdoors without any problems. This seat has a beautiful dark espresso finishing for aesthetic value and is very easy to clean with just a brush and water.

Review: Wicker Swing Chair by Panama Jack

Two’s Company Hanging Rattan Chair

It is similar to the Kouboo swing chair in that it also has the woven rattan breathable mesh design. It comes with its own installation tools including clamps and the rope and is a lot easier to install. However, it has very small dimensions measuring 24 inches by 28 inches by 40 inches. It might, therefore, be very uncomfortable for some people especially if you are tall. See here on Amazon


Bottom line

With all these features and factors considered, the Kouboo chair is without a doubt worth investing in. It looks great, is super comfortable and is designed to last and serve you for a very long time.

With all its pros and the great design, you can rest assured that you will be getting full value for your money.



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Natural Rattan Swing Chair by Kouboo


Weight Capacity








Price–Performance ratio



  • Natural rattan
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Easy to clean
  • Cushion included
  • Comfortable


  • Only for indoors
  • Installation set not included