In a Hammock Chair to a Stronger Body

A hammock chair is wonderful for strengthening in many different ways. It is well known that the strong core and the sense of balance are related. Balance is an excellent way to grow physical fitness, so it shouldn’t be surprising that regular use of a hammock chair  is a great way to improve your core strength. According […]

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Reasons to Buy a Kids Hanging Chair

7 Reasons to Hang a Hanging Chair in Kid’s Room

By now, most adults have fallen in love with the magical relaxation tool known as the hanging chair. We count down the seconds until we can go home and melt into the soothing embrace of our gently swinging seats. We find ways to lure our spouses out of the chair so we can commandeer it. […]

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Outdoor Hammok Chair for the Whole Family

7 Best Spots to Hang a Hammock Chair Outdoors

An outdoor hammock chair is a great way to unwind and relax while enjoying the crisp air and natural sounds of nature. There are many outdoor places that a hammock chair can be hung if you use a little creativity. You also do not need to be limited by the outdoor surroundings. To help you […]

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Hammock Chairs in Living Room

7 Reasons To Hang a Hammock Chair Indoors

Anyone into interior design (or who has surfed Pinterest for five minutes) has stumbled across the fun, unique piece of furniture known as the indoor hammock chair. The Internet loves to share high-resolution photographs of luxurious-looking hanging chairs looking out bay windows into the sunset. We often find ourselves staring longingly into the perfectly-decorated, crystal-laden […]

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The Four Best Suspension Sets for a Ceiling Chair

To hang a ceiling chair, you’ll usually need just a single anchor point. Here’s a quick overview of the four best suspension sets for the hammock and hanging chairs on the market which you can easily install and relatively quickly attach your hanging chair to the ceiling.   1. SWING HANGER BY MARATHON This high-quality swing […]

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How to Install a Hanging Chair

First of all, you should ask yourself the question: Where do I want to attach my hanging chair? In the house or in the garden? Outdoors in the summer and indoors during the winter? Or maybe on the covered porch or balcony? A Stand or a Suspension Kit? In general, the more flexible you want […]

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Outdoor Hammock Chair Weatherproof - La Siesta


You can buy a complete set of swing chair with stand, or you can buy a single stand and a compatible hanging chair separately. That being said, the question that comes to mind here is, why would you need a stand. VIEW THE BEST STANDS WHY A HANGING CHAIR WITH STAND? Outdoors A lot of […]

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Five Reasons Why You Should Have a Hanging Chair in Your Bedroom

The unique blending of style and function that a hanging chair offers is perfect for anybody’s bedroom. Of all of the rooms in a house, none other implies comfort, personal style and privacy more than the bedroom. It is where we sleep, where we wind down, where we go to think, where we go when […]

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