DIY- How To Make A Wooden Hammock Chair Stand

A hammock chair in your own backyard could make all the difference. You can just lay down and watch the clouds float by, read a book or take a snooze in the afternoon breeze. Who wouldn’t want that? But what do you do if you want to put the hanging hammock indoors and there are no trees to hang the hammock chair on?

A handcrafted unique piece made of a pinewood tree branch. A real design highlight and an absolute eye-catcher. The wood is finely smoothed and treated by hand

Instead of spending money on a hammock chair stand, which sometimes can cost more than the hammock chair itself, you can make yourself one at home. Besides being cheaper, a DIY hammock chair stand is unique and customized to your personal taste.

There’s also that sense of satisfaction that comes when you get it set up. This article will take you through how to make a DIY hammock chair stand.


A Tree inside Your Home – Perfect Hammock Chair Stand

I made this stand from a  pinewood tree branch. Pinewood is a sturdy, shock-resistant material suitable for furniture, especially if you prefer the rustic or country styles. With time, pine gains a patina that gives it an antique-like look, which I like very much. The scratches and cuts that show up in the wood will just add to that aged look.

The massive pine loader is mounted on a solid wood support board to allow mounting on the wall

First, you go into the forest and find a strong trunk. But please find a dead or dying tree for this purpose!

One thing in advance: buying a stand is certainly easier than installing a tree stand in your living room. This makes the wall stand a bit expensive, but it makes it really unique.
As I said, the heart of your do-it-yourself frame is a part of a tree trunk with a long branch on which you can hang the hanging chair.

The materials:

– A branch of tree measuring 1.5 meters in height and extending outwards by 1.62 meters. Its width should be 0.1 meters.
– A wooden board measuring 1.88 meters and 0.22 meters in length and width.
– 8 and 12-inch bolts measuring half an inch in diameter.
– Nuts and washers.
– A measuring tape.
– A drill and an inch paddle bit.
– Deck screws.

The screws I used. The branch carries without problems up to 70kg

Note: The 8 and 12-inch bolts are quite long and may stick out of the stand. You can also use shorter bolts if you don’t want them sticking.


The dimensions can be found in the attached drawing.

Draft and Dimensions


First, you have to pre-treat the trunk by debarking and planing it. Ideally, a specialist will already do this for you.

Hammock chair stand (part 1) – Preparation

How to treat wooden stand for indoor use?

The boards and the branch should be treated so that they can withstand moisture and insects. This gives makes them long-lasting. You can follow the below guide to clean the wood before making the stand;

1. Use soap and water to thoroughly wash the board and the branch. Air them out so that they can completely dry.
2. Smoothen the surfaces of the wood using sandpaper. The edges that are difficult to reach can be smoothened using a sander.
3. The sanding will make the wood accumulate dust and debris. Vacuum the wood to clear these.
4. Use a paintbrush, sprayer, or roller to evenly apply water seal on the surface of the wood. Give the seal time to dry then apply wood stain.

The treatment of the board and the branch should be done at least two days before you start making the DIY Hammock Chair Stand.

Hammock chair stand (part 2)– Construction and installation

How to attach the stand to the wall?

1. Lay down the wooden board and drill holes on both ends. The holes should be drilled 0.11 meters from the tips of the board.
2. Bolt the branch tightly to the board using the 8-inch bolts. You can then use the nuts and washers to secure the bolts.

3. Once the branch is tightly secured on the board, you can latch the board on to a wall using the 12-inch bolts on the holes at both ends of the board.
4. Your DIY hammock chair stand is ready for use and you can now hang your hammock chair on it.

Tip: The task will be more fun if you can find a way to let the kids help when they are around.

If you don’t have time to make a hammock chair stand yourself, we recommend buying one of these wooden stands or you can choose one of these 10 best hammock chair stands available out there.

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