Home yoga studio – How to set up an oasis of relaxation and exercises at home

The winter is coming, Coronavirus second wave unfortunately too, fitness studios are closing, it is high time to create a home alternative. Cozy, inviting and at the same time a sporty corner. A home yoga studio would not be such a bad idea, would it?

The summer was long and beautiful, one cannot complain. Many of us also enjoyed it sporty, whether swimming by the sea or river or jogging in the park, outdoor activities were popular as never before. This was noticeable in the crowded green spaces in the cities, the dense bicycle traffic and the people who jogged,

But winter is coming and apparently, many fitness and yoga studios will stay closed for a while because of the second (or third) Covid-19 wave. Yes, we will most likely spend a lot of time at home, but let’s make the best of it!

Wide Round Floral Pouf Ottoman looks great in a home yoga studio
Wide Round Floral Pouf Ottoman looks great in a home yoga studio

A home yoga studio seems to be a good idea, both for a pleasant home atmosphere and relaxation to keep you fit. But what do you need for a home yoga studio, how to decorate it and make it really cozy, and if it is also possible in a small apartment? We will explain it all here in this article. So, let’s start with a possibility for a yoga corner in the living room.


Living room yoga – for all who have a small apartment

Large Round Hippie Mandala Floor Pillow Cover for Bohemian Yoga Decor
Large Round Hippie Mandala Floor Pillow Cover for Bohemian Yoga Decor

To have a private room just for yoga exercises – that would be great, but not everyone has that much space in an apartment. However, yoga is not primarily about how the room is designed, but how you feel.

If your apartment isn’t big enough that you can only use a room for home yoga studio, there’s no reason to give up. On the contrary – it is a possibility to arrange your living room in such a way that you can use it as a yoga room at the same time, and still it doesn’t look too oriental.

Stick to furniture made of natural materials

Hanging rattan chair for yoga home studio
Hanging rattan chair for yoga home studio

The key is to use in general natural materials, including furniture.

Especially well suited is the rattan furniture and rattan decor elements. So you could have a sofa with rattan sides, or a rattan hanging chair, which already with its lightness and freely swinging, provides for relaxation.

No wonder that rattan was chosen as the main element for this great yoga studio:

Vikasa’s new Bangkok yoga studio. Photography: Ed Sumner/Vikasa
Vikasa’s new Bangkok yoga studio. Photography: Ed Sumner/Vikasa

“All elements of the project were made from natural, local materials to be a hub or a portal for their existing location, which is based on a hillside in Koh Samui: Thai hardwood, local black slate, bamboo and most notably, rattan,”

– Patrick Keane, Enter Projects Asia design director –

“The result is a space of captivating calmness, cloaked in quiet contentment – an oasis of tranquility amongst the chaos of Bangkok,” he told Dezeen.

Oriental style of furnishing

Mandala Yoga Wall Decor Ornament Mehndi
Mandala Yoga Wall Decor Ornament Mehndi

Too bulky furniture or cluttered shelves that swallow light and take up space can be replaced with lighter and brighter furniture.  Apart from a sofa and hanging chair, you will certainly need some more furniture for your living room.  Be it small altars, sideboards, statues of Hindu gods or Buddha figures, mandalas, pictures of famous yoga masters etc. – actually what looks oriental. They radiate this thoughtful calm and change the room climate. But be careful not to overdo it, because, as we have already mentioned above, everything you don’t need should be removed from the room.

More practical tips for yoga living room

Here are a few more tips on how to furnish your living room for your yoga corner:

Neagle Japanese Plum Blossom 4 Panel Room Divider or home yoga studio
Neagle Japanese Plum Blossom 4 Panel Room Divider
  • If you don’t have a yoga room, you can separate your yoga corner from the rest of the living room with a curtain or a room devider (partition wall).
  • To cover unsightly places or electrical appliances, hang a curtain or tapestry.
  • Think about practicing aerial yoga. You could use the existing suspension from the rattan hanging chair we mentioned above for these exercises, or you can even hang it in the doorway. And after the exercise just put the Yoga swing back in the closet. For Aerial Yoga you would not need anything else except a suitable yoga cloth
  • Create an orderly storage space for mats, pillows, and blankets.

Home yoga studio for body and mind – basic rules and guide

Doorway areal yoga swing using yoga trapeze door mount bar.
Photo credit: Gorilla Gym Europe

Yoga is both strength and calm, effort and relaxation. You will make the effort with regular daily exercises. But here we will focus on how to create a cosy corner in your apartment where you will feel relaxed. Let’s start with some basic rules that you should follow

It must be in harmony with you

Sinagra Modern Decorative Resin Yoga Frog Figurine for yoga studio at home
Sinagra Modern Decorative Resin Yoga Frog Figurine

The individual design of the room is the basis for optimal furnishing. The lighting concept, materials, colors and equipment are part of a creative process of creation. Already when entering the room, the sensual experience and a pleasant atmosphere should support the best possible concentration on the upcoming exercises.

Enough space and natural light

Graphic Art Print on Wrapped Canvas

You do not need to have a separate room for yoga, but the space should be large enough, at least 2.5 by 3.5 meters. You will also need a quiet corner, far away from street noise. A place by the window is optimal, not only because it is best to practice in natural light, but also because the place should be well aired. Perfect would be if you can practice with a view of nature.

But if there is not enough daylight in the room, you can direct the light with mirrors, for example. White walls and furniture also make the room appear brighter and more harmonious and reflect the light.

Your yoga home studio should reflect peace and quiet

First, clear out everything that irritates and distracts.  If necessary, repaint the walls in muted, natural colors. Natural colors and natural materials are the most important thing here – they harmonize and ground.

Concentrate on natural and organic furnishing elements

Hand made macrame hammock chair for yoga room

You should follow the concept of bringing nature into your living room, or at least into the room where you want to practice yoga.

“One of the reasons we love nature so much is our inherent connection to the outdoors and to natural elements that are living or decor that was living such as wood, cotton, leather, and seagrass to name a few”

My Move

Yoga studio décor – for a relaxed yoga place at home

6 Meditation Yoga Pose Statue Figurine Ceramic Yoga Figure Set Decor
6 Meditation Yoga Pose Statue Figurine Ceramic Yoga Figure Set Decor 

Small things should not be forgotten, because the right decor makes the best atmosphere. Tip: keep it natural.  Preferred are living accessories made of wood, stone and other natural materials.

Décor should match the interior design. Classic small things that create atmosphere are statues, vases, plants, etc. As with the design of the rooms, mostly rely on accessories from Far Eastern cultures and religions. Then according to your wishes and ideas translated them into a contemporary, urban appearance.

Plants are the best yoga studio decor

Plants support a good indoor climate by supplying the environment with oxygen. With large-leaved green plants you bring nature into your studio. They have an exhilarating and invigorating effect.

“Plants are definitely very therapeutic. The air quality is lot better when you incorporate them into a space. They also help to provide a calm environment by bringing the outdoors in, which can pay off big time, especially when you’re in an urban environment that isn’t typically surrounded by a ton of green space”.  

Well and Good

Indirect lighting creates a beautiful atmosphere

Light is a key factor for the atmosphere of a room! You can hang lanterns or garlands of lights, simply place a beautiful lamp with a warm light or arrange candles on a tray to create the perfect relaxing atmosphere in the evening.

Smells also influence the mood: Lavender and rose have a relaxing effect, vanilla and orange lift the mood. So, if you want, experiment with scented candles, scented oils, scented tea, etc.

Don’t forget the pillows as well as the yoga blocks

In addition to the mat and yoga blocks, a few cuddly cushions may be placed on the floor. Either for relaxation between exercises or as an indispensable accessory for longer meditations. You can also use the sofa cushions for this.

Handmade products feel homelike

If you enjoy handicrafts, don’t hesitate to create small decorative elements yourself. While walking in the forest you can bring home small branches or stones from the pebble beach.  They look beautiful and you have a personal touch to them.

What do you need for the exercise

We hope that you have an idea of how to create your perfect home yoga studio, even in the living room, and what you should always keep in mind when decorating.  Now that the setup is complete, if you decide to go for classic yoga instead of the aerial option, here are a few things you will definitely need:

  • A yoga mat (of course!)
  • Non-slip yoga towel
  • A cotton blanket (organic is best)
  • At least two blocks
  • A yoga belt
  • A Bolster
  • Meditation pillow. Of course, you can also use a matching sofa cushion or similar.
  • If you want to listen to music while doing yoga, you will need a speaker for your smartphone or other devices.
  • It’s nice not to think about time during yoga – but maybe you need a small watch to avoid getting restless.


You should create a connection between you, nature and your living space. Don’t forget what are the main goals: focusing, coming to rest, relaxation and peace. A yoga home studio will most likely be a place where you will spend a lot of time, at least this winter. Therefore, it should be a spiritual space where you can practice, work and live. As with the design of the rooms, mostly rely on accessories from Far Eastern cultures and religions. Then according to your wishes and ideas translated them into a contemporary, urban appearance.

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