Yoga Trapeze Installation Guide

Trapeze yoga swing is so versatile and can be set up in many ways. Hung in a tree, on playgrounds, porches, beams, and with the aid of ceiling hooks can go in any room of your house.

We show you here 4 yoga trapeze installation options:

  1. using ceiling hooks
  2. in the doorway
  3. yoga trapeze stand
  4. on tree or beam



Ceiling trapeze yoga swing Photo credit: Chloe Sophia.

Warning! Please use caution when installing with ceiling hooks/eye bolts. We advise evaluation or professional assitance before use.

You will need:

  • Stud finder or hammer and small nail
  • Drill with 1/8 inch wood drill bit
  • 2 Lag screw eye bolts minimum 250 pounds
  • Marker

Yoga trapeze ceiling mount

How to hang yoga trapeze from the ceiling?

  1. Locate two joists in an area that will give you a meter of each side for fee flwoing movement. 3-4 feet from the wall is ideal. 
    To locate joists tap a small nail into the ceiling or using the stud finder. Most joists are usually 16 or 24 inches apart. For safety and strength it is best to put one lag screw eye bolt in each beam for maximum support. If in doubt of integrity of beams get professional assistance. 
  2. Find the middle line of each joist and position the eye bolts in the center to have the best weight bearing capacity of the hidden joists. Use the marker to indicate the middle point of each joist. 
  3. Drill 1/8 inch holes at the 2 marked points. Holes should be 5-6 inches deep and perpendicular to the ceiling. Then screw the eye bolt in, you may need pliers to tighten until all the threads have sunk into the joist. 
  4. Thread the looped end of 1 rope through the eye of 1 eye bolt, send the cut end of the rope through the looped end of the rope and pull to tighten. The adjustable rope with knots should safely hang down from being looped around the eye bolt. Repeat with the second rope and eye bolt.
  5. Place each “S” hook of your Yoga Swing above the knot of your desired height. 

Here you can watch a video on how to install and fix the hanger for the areal yoga swing in the ceiling.

This is the main principle. If you choose a different kit, it is no problem – these are all just minor changes, the basic idea is always the same


Doorway areal yoga swing using yoga trapeze door mount bar.
Photo credit: Gorilla Gym Europe

If you have purchased the Yoga trapeze a few months ago and you’ve waiting for some expert to hang it from the ceiling, you don’t have to do it. You can easily hang it in the doorway, using a multipurose pull up bar and some spring links. Let’s start!

You will need:

  • yoga trapeze door mount bar
  • two spring links (spring hooks)
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How to hang yoga trapeze in the doorway?

This is how to hang up areal yoga trapeze using door mount bar. Try out the same only after you’ve carefully inspected your doorframe to make sure its strong enough.


indoor yoga trapeze swing stand. Photo credit: Keeling Lacie

If you have enough space, don’t like drilling in the ceiling, and the doorway seems to be too narrow, a yoga swing stand would be the solution for you. Whether you have chosen areal yoga or trapeze yoga, you can use an areal yoga hammock stand indoor, but also outdoor.

Yoga trapeze stand – popular gymnastic device for aerial acrobats

The trapeze is an artistic gymnastic device for aerial acrobatics and is often used as a yoga trapeze stand, but also in artistic gymnastics, circus and variety shows. Trapeze gymnastics is also very popular in schools.
Here is an explanation of aerial yoga vs yoga trapeze
Here we show the best-rated yoga trapeze stands, so you can buy a stable, high-quality trapeze.

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A stand for yoga can be used by both children and adults. But also for many other exercises: whether as a swing to sit on or to hang on, to support or to swing.
Gymnastics on the trapeze simultaneously promotes balance, physical strength, skill and agility. If you combine a trapeze with gymnastic rings, you will get a trapeze swing.

Make your own yoga stand

For indoor use, a wooden yoga trapeze stand is more beautiful. Metal yoga trapeze stand is more suitable for outdoor use.


Tree areal yoga swing. Photo credit: HaveWindWillTravel

You will need:

  • Tape measure
  • Additional strong rope
  • A ladder or chair

The rope included with your swing is for part of the adjustment system. You will need additional strong rope to mount around your home beam or tree, 5-6 meters should be enough.

Yoga trapeze tree mount

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How to hang yoga trapeze from a tree?

  1. Select a safe spot where there is at least 2-4 feet of space in all directions. 
    If hanging from a tree, check to see that branch is secure and tree is rooted firmly in ground. If hanging from a beam, the beam must be sturdy and not infested by bugs. Test the strength of the beam or tree if necessary by having two people hang, each holding one handle before using swing or inverting.

  2. Place a rag over the beam to soften the edges where the rope will be creating friction with the beam to prevent early wear and fraying.

  3. Move slowly to test to see that you have enough head room and ample space in all directions.


  • Do a safety check before each use.
  • Check stitching to be aware of any loose threads.
  • Keep an eye on the condition of your rope and watch for fraying. If your swing is left outside ropes may need to be replaced every 6-12 months.
  • Do a strength test before using your swing, have two people hanging or sitting from the swing.
  • Listen to you body and discontinue use if pain is involved.
  • Check to see if “swinging” is actually suitable in the place you have your Swing Yoga set up

Hope these tips will help you with the yoga trapeze installation. We will not accept any responsibility for damages or injuries caused by any mishap or malfuntion. The user accepts all liabilities and risks. For safety use only as directed and do not spin or swing when using eyebolts/ceiling hooks.

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