Komorebi Hammock Chairs Collection

In a world that no longer seems to sleep, something as simple as sitting down in a hammock chair suddenly becomes a quiet, tranquil and precious moment. These rare moments and the feelings of calm that come with them are what served as an inspiration for Komorebi®, a family-owned business that creates stylish, high-quality yet […]

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Single-Point vs. Dual-Point Hammock Chair

Hammock chairs come in many styles, colors, and various materials. Here we will have a look at the lightweight outdoor hammock chairs with an adjustable footrest, armrest and drink holder. They are first of all designed for camping or outdoors and made of UV protected polyester. However, depending on the suspension way, there are only […]

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REVIEW: Macrame Hanging Saucer Chair 

The macrame swing chair is the latest trend in home decor. Apart from their admirable style and aesthetics, they are pretty handy and can be used in the living room, the bedroom, the kids’ room, or even outdoors. Here we will show you the best options when shopping for a macrame hanging chair and where […]

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REVIEW: Macrame Cotton Rope Hammock Swing Chair

Having a macrame swing chair hammock can and will make the world of a difference to any space. It could be for your patio, your garden oasis, yard or even your indoor reading nook. They are the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality. This means that you get a statement piece to highlight your décor […]

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Bohorocker by Philip Cooper Outdoor

BOHOROCKERS: Luxury Bohemian Hammock Chair designed by Philip Cooper

Bohorockers, short for bohemian rocking chairs, is a luxury rocking hanging chair that can fulfil your hammock dream, without compromise. Wonderful. Ecstatic. Blissful. It feels like floating on a cloud. Bohorockers Hammock Swing is a suspended lounger made from luxury fabrics to create a cosy cocoon to find peace and calm in your home. It is both […]

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REVIEW: XXL Hammock Chair with Drink Holder by Hammock Sky

This Hammock Sky XXL hammock chair in very eye-catching summer colors which gives every room you put it in a “Brazilian feel”. It is also called “chammock”- part chair part hammock, cause it is so large, that it can be almost used as a full hammock. You just simply lay back, which means you won’t […]

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LINDA VRŇÁKOVÁ- Swingy In Hand Made Hanging Chair Review

SWINGY CHAIR : Collection of Suspended Indoor Hammock Chairs by LIV Design

The SWINGY IN suspended indoor rocking chair is nothing if not unique—this hanging chair is lovingly handmade by the lovely Linda Vrnakova, whose earnestness and creativity shows through in all of her work. It is cute, quirky, and cozy in appearance; the SWINGY chair is the swinging equivalent to your favorite childhood armchair.   DESIGNER […]

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indoor big hammock chair twho person blue la siesta

REVIEW: Cotton Hammock Chair Swing Lounger Currambera by La Siesta

We already have reviewed more than one cotton hammock chair by La Siesta, and the Hammock Chair Lounger HABANA organic  is the best of them yet. For all those who don’t really like chocolate color, the Currambera Collection in very cheerful colors Kiwi, Blueberry, Apricot, and Chery could be an excellent choice. Update: this fabric […]

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Boho Chic and Romantic: DIY Macrame Hammock Chair

Once popular in the 70s, the macrame nowadays are brought back by the boho chic enthusiasts. We’re not surprised to see an increase of chic macrame hanging chairs out there due to its stylish and modern versatility. They are simply beautiful but so pricey! CHECK PRICE AND AVAILABILITY If you have been looking for one for […]

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