Komorebi Hammock Chairs Collection

In a world that no longer seems to sleep, something as simple as sitting down in a hammock chair suddenly becomes a quiet, tranquil and precious moment. These rare moments and the feelings of calm that come with them are what served as an inspiration for Komorebi®, a family-owned business that creates stylish, high-quality yet affordable macramé hammock chairs for the discerning individual.

Komorebi: The Story

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Rachelle, the lovely lady behind Komorebi®, is firm believer in quality over quantity. Not to have ‘more’ of anything in their lives but to rather enhance them with practical pieces that offer both style and quality workmanship at an affordable price – and with exceptional customer service to match.

Komorebi’s first foray into the lifestyle niche was born out of that old saying: Necessity is the mother of invention. With a love for the outdoors, the creators were hard-pressed to find high quality hammock chairs that were easy on the pocket. Premium hammock chairs were too expensive and cheaper ones just didn’t check the quality and style boxes.



And so was born the Komorebi® hammock chairs. A beautiful addition to any home, the creators found that trying to read a book and whilst sitting in the chair with nowhere to store your belongings was just not ideal.

So, they came up with the idea to design a hammock chair with an inbuilt pocket to store phones and other knick-knacks for convenience. The result? The comfortable, premium boho-inspired Hammock Chair.

What Makes the Komorebi Hammock Chair Unique?

For the creators of the Hammock Chair, quality, comfort and durability trump all else. The chair is made of soft breathable cotton/polyester fabric with a sturdy 39-inch hardwood spreader bar. With a weight capacity of up to 265 lbs., it’s incredibly simple to hang and even comes with a stylish bag for easy transport and storage.

Komorebi prizes customer satisfaction and makes every effort to address issues quickly – another unique selling point that sets it apart from its competitors. It has a solid system in place to ensure that only the best quality products are manufactured. They even offer a 3 Month Manufacturer’s Warranty.

The Komorebi Hammock Chair: More than a Piece of Furniture

Style aside, the Komorebi Hammock Chair offers several benefits to adults and kids alike. It’s:

Calming: The gentle swinging motion calms the body’s fight or flight response – ideal for when kids are restless. It’s also perfect for kids with sensory issues who may be overwhelmed by overstimulation.

Strengthening: The Komorebi Hammock Chair is never fully stationary. This relieves body weight and helps increase flexibility, while improving the strength of your core.

Meditative: The relaxation that’s induced when you’re on the Komorebi Hammock Chair can help you enter a meditative state – the perfect place you want to be in after a stressful day.

Installation Is a Breeze

Ideal for both indoors and outdoors, installing the hammock chair is a breeze. You can simply use a rope and hang it from your favorite tree or if you’re looking to install it indoors have a look at one of theese suspension kits.

Komorebi’s Sustainability Card


Komorebi strongly believes in using business as a vehicle to make the world a better place. Wherever possible, the makers use eco-friendly and sustainable materials to try to reduce carbon footprint. Since day 1, they’ve looked for ways to give back to and support the environment. After much searching, they partnered with One Tree Planted, a non-profit with a dedicated focus on global reforestation. For every purchase made, they plant one tree in the buyer’s honor.


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