LINDA VRŇÁKOVÁ- Swingy In Hand Made Hanging Chair Review

SWINGY CHAIR : Collection of Suspended Indoor Hammock Chairs by LIV Design

The SWINGY IN suspended indoor rocking chair is nothing if not unique—this hanging chair is lovingly handmade by the lovely Linda Vrnakova, whose earnestness and creativity shows through in all of her work. It is cute, quirky, and cozy in appearance; the SWINGY chair is the swinging equivalent to your favorite childhood armchair.




Swingy In indoor hammock chair exudes a homey, heart-warming sort of peace and comfort. It comes in a wide range of colors, so it can be made to suit the color scheme of any bedroom or living room.

Of course, chairs need to be both beautiful and functional, and Linda’s SWINGY IN chair is just as delightful to sit in as it is to look at. This suspended rocking chair is made with certified massage balls that help to work the tension out of sore, stiff muscles (and out of your sore, stiff brain!), encouraging stress relief and a sense of tranquility. Anyone who has ever attempted meditation knows that your environment is an important part of relaxing your body and mind, and the SWINGY IN hanging chair is the perfect place for novices and meditation experts alike to clear their minds and seek their inner peace.


wingy in- Handmade by Linda Vrnakova - LivDesign
wingy in- Handmade by Linda Vrnakova – LivDesign
  • SIZE:  110X160 CM


This indoor rocking chair is both color-stable and resistant to scratches and abrasions. Thanks to its resilient, high-quality coating material, it is remarkably easy to clean, and it can easily withstand normal indoor use. The materials used to create the SWINGY IN chair include polyester, genuine leather, beech wood, and cotton ropes. It measures 110 by 160 centimeters, weighs approximately eight kilograms, and can support a total weight of up to about 120 kilograms.



Linda, who confesses to struggling with the restlessness that touches so many of us in the modern world, created this chair out of a desire to relax the mind and to make meditation easier and more fruitful, which is why she put so much care into picking out the design and the materials. As an artist who has always loved to build and create things with her hands (she prides herself on having spent more time as a child tinkering in her grandparents’ garage than she spent playing with dolls), she understands the power of carefully crafted objects and their ability to enhance our everyday lives. It is with this idea in mind that she designed the SWINGY IN suspended indoor rocking chair, which serves both as a practical relaxation tool and as a beautiful work of art.

Like all of Linda Vrnakova’s artistic creations, each SWINGY IN chair is created with nature in mind— she brings the peace and tranquility of nature indoors with a simple, soothing, responsibly created product. Linda seeks to minimize waste and environmental harm in all that she does, and approaches each new piece in a way that is socially and environmentally conscious. Because she draws so much of her inspiration from nature and the environment, she wants her products to bring us closer to nature. This same connection to nature, history, and humanity informs her tendency towards simple, timeless designs; she has always been fascinated by old things and is interested in creating a connection with the people who made those things a part of their daily lives.

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“I am someone who has always enjoyed working with my hands, I love to be creative in producing something. I was always more enticed to my grandparents’ garage rather than playing with my doll.

LINDA VRŇÁKOVÁ- Swingy In Hanging Chair Review
LINDA VRŇÁKOVÁ -Photo by Petr Vysohlid

Nature inspires and recharges me. I often go for a stroll into nature or to run. Nature, for me, cures all! I love to paint. Painting is a pursuit where I do not have to think, spontaneously throwing the paint on the canvas – I can do a great job of it. Traveling is the best way for me to relax. I travel in search of more nature and the knowledge of other nations and cultures, seeking adventures and experiences that positively influence me.

Sometimes my work is accompanied by doubts. Doubts about me, if what I do is good. If he likes others. But I try to displace such thoughts. I think everything will find her admirers. Or at least I believe in it. Faith is a very important part of my life for me.

The great things of curiosity and imagination in me are the old things. I like to climb to my grandmother on the ground and there for a few hours I play in old things or I go to a landfill where my treasures are hidden. I started collecting old iron baths from these dumps and creating new things in the form of seating furniture. For me, old things have an incredible value, hiding the mysterious history and energy of the people who used them.

Recycling fascinates me, but first of all, I like to invent new things that have a practical use and make us happy or improve our lives. All I create is primarily manual work. All my products are trying to give me a unique look, uniqueness and exclusivity.

I try to approach my work responsibly, socially and ecologically, not creating waste and unnecessary things unnecessarily.”


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If you are a person who appreciates art, leisure, and expert hand-craftsmanship than the SWINGY IN Chair is surely for you. It will not only bring a spirit of balance to any room you install it in but it will be by far the coziest and most relaxing hanging chair you‘ve ever experienced.

SWINGY IN is a handmade hammock chair with a story behind. A really beautiful story, cause this incredibly talented young woman is at the beginning of her career but one thing is for sure – she has much to tell us. Just swing and listen.

The SWINGY IN chair, like each and every one of Linda’s products, is handmade with love and care.


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