REVIEW: XXL Hammock Chair with Drink Holder by Hammock Sky

This Hammock Sky XXL hammock chair in very eye-catching summer colors which gives every room you put it in a “Brazilian feel”. It is also called “chammock”- part chair part hammock, cause it is so large, that it can be almost used as a full hammock. You just simply lay back, which means you won’t have to dangle your legs at all if you don’t want to. Or you can sit Indian-style in it.


Size and Capacity

XXL Hammock Chair Two Person Blue

Here are the main features of the XXL Hammock Chair by Hammock Sky:

  • It is extra-large – 73 inches long.
  • It is 60 inches wide
  • The spreader bar is 40 inches long.
  •  It has a superior weight capacity and can hold up to 330 pounds.


Hammock Sky XXL Hammock Chair – Comfort and Quality

This sturdy hammock chair works well for outdoor or indoor use. It comes with hanging hardware already and is very easy to install. This is a stable fabric hanging chair, so you don’t have netting holes and is great for families with kids and pets. The ropes and the spreader bar are very sturdy. The cotton fabric is very soft and breathable

This XXL hammock comes in 3 different summer  colors:

  1. Summerly “Pearl Echo” that feels like an orange cocktail.
  2.  Fresh turquoise color “Limpet Shell” that feels like the ocean.
  3. A delicately suggestive brown color that feels like an “iced coffee”.

And, perhaps most importantly, this chair has a cup holder.



This chair is positively MADE of ‘pros’. It’s beautiful, it’s sturdy, it’s comfortable, it’s easy to assemble, and it has a masterfully-constructed cup holder. Everything that I need for pleasant lounging experience.

hammock chair drink holderThough I love the chair’s aesthetic appeal and comfy fabric, and my favourite part of this particular chair is, of course, the drink holder. As someone who is always carrying smoothies or bottles of tea around the house, the drink holder on the side was a big win for me! It’s big enough to hold most beverage containers, deep enough to keep me from knocking them over with my elbow, and close enough for me to take a sip without leaning way over in my seat to pull my drink off the ground. This thing is really cool, and it seems like a little bit of novelty. You can buy it separate at Amazon, and it fits the aesthetic of the hammock chair. the wave, the ropes and the strings are altogether well done. It’ll fit any bottled beverage well.

It comes with hanging hardware, which is very convenient. The price is more than fair.



Although some reviews you can find online for this chair advertise it as a “two-person hammock chair”, I don’t think it is big enough for two adults.  I wish the edges were a little bit thicker maybe, with a thicker border on the sides, but at this price point, this is the hammock chair that cannot be beaten.

For better back support, I recommend a cushion. This hammock chair doesn’t come with cushions.


This extra-comfortable extra large-sized indoor hammock chair is called XXL for a reason. You can fit two people in it.  It’s also very easy to set up since the set of needed hanging hardware is already included. It would go great on a balcony or a front porch or even inside your home. The purchase includes two free bonuses- hanging hardware and the drink holder.

Hammock Sky XXL Hammock Chair is excellent for the price and will probably save you for buying the second hammock chair.


Indoor Hammock Chairs – Alternative Products

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XXL Hammock Chair with Drink Holder


Weight Capacity








Price–Performance ratio



  • XXL
  • Hardware included
  • Drink holder included
  • Price


  • Without cushion
  • Not organic cotton
  • Borders not thick enough