Review: Stylish Macrame Hanging Chair by Hang A Hammock Collective

For fans of boho swing seats, a cozy macrame style hanging chair is a great option. Unquestionably, swings need to be both beautiful and functional, and the macrame swing chair made by Hang a Hammock Collective is just as delightful to sit in as it is to look at. It will fit with any modern home décor styles and is designed for setting up both indoors and outdoors. You can, therefore, set it up anywhere from your study as a reading nook to your garden oasis as your outdoor escape.



big macrame chair hand made hammock
Big Hanging Chair in Macrame with Cotton filling inside and Cotton fabric outside Cushion Photo credits: Lauren DiFulvio Photography 2017 © All Rights Reserved


Here are a few of the key features you have to look forward to should you decide to get this macrame swing chair:

  • It is hung from 100% cotton ropes that are strong and durable.
  • The sides and backrest feature beautifully hand-woven cotton patterns with tassels.
  • It has a strong and weather-resistant stainless steel frame.
  • The seat portion is made from 5/8 inch plywood.
  • It has a one person sitting capacity.
  • It can hold up to 265 pounds of weight.






In addition to aesthetics and stability, this macrame swing is designed for comfort. Here is how 3 key features contribute to this.

  1. Woven backrest and sides

This ensures that you are adequately supported without necessarily being restricted. The fabric curves with your body providing maximum comfort whatever position you decide to take. This design also makes the swing properly aerated which comes in particularly handy with outdoor setups.

  1. Padded seat cushion

This is placed over the plywood seat base. The cushion ensures that you can sit on the swing chair for as long as you want without going numb.

  1. Spacious seating space

Despite being designed for one person, the seat is very spacious. It measures 24 inches by 16 inches by 15 inches. This is important as it ensures that you have plenty of wiggle room while on the seat.



Macrame Hanging Chair in Black. Light wood
Macrame Hanging Chair in Black. Light wood. Click on image to check availability and price on Amazon.


  1. It has great aesthetic appeal

This is as a result of a combination of features, including the woven cotton, the tassels, and the wooden components. The cushions come in different colors and also contribute significantly to the physical appeal. This makes it the perfect addition to any space with the subtle aesthetics blending in perfectly with most décor themes.

  1. It is strong and durable

The woven cotton ropes are robust and sturdy. The wooden beam near the hook also contributes to this, ensuring that the swing is adequately supported and that it maintains its structure even when bearing weight. The materials used also ensure durability, which means that you get to enjoy your swing for a very long time.

  1. It is easy to set up

The swinging chair features a stainless steel hook used to hang it. In this case, the setup process will only require that you find the right support structure to hook the swing to. No frames to put together. No screws and bolts to figure out. It doesn’t get easier than that.



  1. It can only seat one person

It, without a doubt, has some pretty amazing features. Unfortunately, only one person can enjoy them at a time. This means you will have to figure out a sort of schedule in your home on how to fairly share time on this little slice of paradise.

  1. It is difficult to clean

This is because the woven fabric is fixed and cannot be removed for washing. As a result, you have to be creative when trying to figure out how to get the swing clean. You could also opt for covers that hide the aesthetic masterpiece but ensure that it is protected from potential stains.



This macrame chair looks beautiful, but it is also essential to understand where it comes from. The swing is a part of the Hang a Hammock Collective. This Nicaragua-based group designs and hand-makes every swing they sell, which ensures excellent quality and uniqueness in every piece. However, it is not only their technique that is setting the group apart on the porch swing market. It is what they stand for. The company uses its international reach to spread awareness about political turmoil and other issues facing the small Central American country. This is their own way of giving back to their community.

Unlike conventional businesses, the primary goal of Hang A Hammock Collective is not to maximise profits. Our main objective is to valorise the craft sector through improving the work conditions and benefits of the artisans involved both directly and indirectly in our production.

A story about Hanging Hammock Collective

who you are, what inspires you…

We are a team of 9 people from 20 to 37 years old, 6 men and 3 women. Mostly Nicaraguans but we use to cooperate with international people. We called our self the Hang A Hammock Collective since 5 years ago, just for fun, founders often were saying “keep calm and hang a hammock!”.

The vision of our company is to promote the Nicaraguan artisanship, and build a comfy and safe workplace for the collective.  We are inspired by the Nicaraguan nature, which is beautiful and very generous.

We have a Social Enterprise business model. We implement everyday workplace ethics and social responsibility: each member is regularly employed with healthcare, paid vacations, holidays, contributions to a retirement plan and some extra benefit. Our registered commercial invoice certified that Hang A Hammock Collective made the product you bought.


macrame hanging chair tutorial online
Learn how to make your very own wall hanging or plant hanger from macrame artists Veronica Sanchez and David Murillo. Take classes ONLINE directly from our studio located in Nicaragua (Central Time Zone), write me an email to set up a Skype meeting and plan your first FREE lesson!
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A story about your macramé hanging chair

a  few words about the design, features …

To make each Hanging Chairs and Cradles, we ensure high quality of work processes following a procedure to warranty resistance and aim to meet international standards with both quality and safety in mind.

Each product is quality tested two times before to be packed and shipped. Beside it is hand-signed by the artisan. You’ll feel a light calming fragrance when open the handmade box.
The products are compacts, and you can take it everywhere. Can be used inside or outside.

The pattern is unique, and the chairs are safety assembled by double nodes. Wood bars have rounded edges.

The wood we use is called Madero Negro (Gliricidia sepium) a native fast-growing Nicaraguan tree, and it comes from a sustainable tree farm managed by us with the help of American University (UAM).

Some technical details:

  • We use more than 6 pounds of cotton for each chair, that’s why the whole chair weight more than14 pounds.
  • Each cotton thread is made twisting 33 cotton wires to be sturdy and safe.
  • Handmade carton box to thoroughly protect the swing chair and avoid mildew. This is also more ecological than plastic.
Hanging Cradle in Macrame in Cream (hand-woven wicker base).  Click on the image to check at Hang A Hammock Collective


The importance of giving back to the community

the current situation in your country…

Over these last months, the current sociopolitical unrest in Nicaragua has become increasingly unpredictable. Conflicts and protest were happening everywhere, and the situation is complicated.

We are confident of emerging from this situation to allow Nicaragua to realise its potential as never before.

We keep asking for your help in directing international attention to the current crisis.



This handmade macrame hanging chair from Nicaragua obviously has a lot to offer in terms of aesthetics and comfort. We think the initiative of the company is also a motivating factor. I mean what other swing company allows you to get your dream swing chair and also help a troubled country at the same time. If you are willing to live with the limited seating capacity and the maintenance challenges, this is definitely a seat worth investing in. Otherwise, you could have a look at some other indoor hammock chair models.

The macrame hanging chair, like each and every one of Hang A Hammock Collective’s products, is handmade and hand signed by the artisan.

With love and care and nature in mind.

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Stylish Macrame Hanging Chair by Hang A Hammock Collective


Weight Capacity








Price–Performance ratio



  • Woven backrest and sides
  • Padded seat cushion
  • Spacious seating space
  • Hand signed by the artisan
  • With nature in mind


  • It is difficult to clean
  • It can only seat one person