Cozy brutal: Moscow Loft with a Blue Swing is the Proof of how Cool it is

This authentic living space is inhabited by a family of five in Moskow – three kids and a couple. And the interior designer is Pavel Alekseev. Let’s meet him and find more about this project.

  • Interior design: by Pavel and Svetlana Alekseeva
  • Location: Moskow
  • Photography: @k.maliuta_photo,
  • Yellow Door from @doorsbrothers,
  • The bright blue indoor swing, sofa, bed, panels for TV all from @kotovyevgeniy,
  • Pictured from @vladamedichi
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How do you like this loft? In our opinion it is such a cosy, even cheeky family nest. A real home for a self-aware family!

Unlike many popular interior designers who share their very bright photos via Instagram, which are then pulled through filters until everything seems bright and airy, this is something pleasantly different – sassy, naughty and really bold! Only stars under the designers are that confident. And it looks as if the residents in their apartments designed by Alekseev also feel like real stars.

Swinging up into Authenticity

The brick wall is completely real, it’s really made of bricks, it’s not plastered. The ceiling is real too, as it is made of concrete and it doesn’t pretend to be concrete. The wood is really wood, iron is iron, and that bright blue indoor swing is a real swing, installed for swinging, not only for cool photos.

So, as you can see in these pictures, everything is authentic.  That map on the was the wish of apartment inhabitant.

Do not use the stereotypes – dare you!

We asked Pavel Alekseev for some tips in interior design, and this is what he answered:

What do you enjoy most about working in interior design?

In the design of this interior, I like its style – a cozy brutal atmosphere.

What are your main influences when conceiving a piece of work?

Color scheme, arrangement of furniture.

Three tips for small room interior

Do not go on about stereotypes; do not be afraid to use contrasting and even dark colors, as dark color in the right proportions and in the right places expands the room; do not overload the space and treat it with respect.


Three tips for big room interiors

it is reasonable not to put the furniture along all the walls; visually align the shape of the room at the expense of color; try to preserve the visual space in the rooms.

What do you think about indoor swings and hanging chairs in a living room?
A swing in the living room is very convenient for the residents and their guests. We also have swings in the living room. Swings are a favorite place for apartment guests, as well as for residents themselves – for communication, meditation, or just to think.

Who is your favorite furniture designer?
No favorite designer. I like a lot of different furniture styles, different designers, it is impossible to single out one of them.

The photographer who took these awesome pictures, but he worked not only for this project with Alekseev. This is what he said about their cooperation:

“I photographed for Pavel and Svetlana more than once. Each project is a bright, catchy, individual! And in each of them, you can see their own style, different in performance, and approach to the customer.

Good luck and never less daring decisions in future projects! “

Konstantin Maluta (Константин Малюта)

Just like the photographer, his clients often claim that he is incredibly different from other designers. He simply catches the eye.  From the many photos of his projects that he shares on Instagram, we would say- modern style, good taste, ability to combine different textures.

If you like it, you can see more inspirations from this great interior designer at Houzz or his Instagram account: