American Made Log Swing vs. Imported Log Swing

Imports or made in America – which is a better way to go? This is one of the questions people have about the patio swings. Nowadays a lot of imported swings are available online. This gives you many more styles to pick from, and a lower pricing on most products, but you have to be careful with quality cause the quality of products imported from overseas can often vary significantly.

American Made Log Swing vs Imported Log Swing

Let’s have a closer look at these two swings available online:

  1. Imported wooden swing available online by Viva Home, made in China
  2. Cedar Log Swing by Lakeland Mills, made in the USA

Where to find on Amazon:

Construction and Logs:
Just by looking at it, you can see a big difference in size of the frame logs.
The logs used for the China Swing are smaller in diameter (3 inches) compared to the cedar logs used for the USA made swing which is about 5 inches in diameter.
The logs for China swing go from the 3,2 inches big on the bottom to a little bit smaller 2,8 inches on the top. The American made log swing has a consistent diameter of 5 inches from top to bottom.

Hardware that holds the swing:
American: Big size leg screws. Eyebolts & S-hooks
Imported: A bit smaller leg screws. Eyebolts & S-hooks

Imported Swing: flat seat.
American Swing: contoured for comfort.

Imported Swing: Not cedar & not oak. Seems to be a light wood. Maybe birch. Creeks a little bit rough.
American Swing: Very durable. Made of insect and weather resistant white cedar. Creeks are smooth

Imported swing:  $219
American made swing: $360

Comparison Video:
Here you can watch a very informative and detailed comparison video.
Cedar Log Swing Comparison Video from Cedar Creek Rustic Furniture.

Please note that the video is from 2015 and some features changed. For example, now both of swings have eyebolts & S-hooks, which is not the case in the video where a custom-made U-bolt was used. In addition, if you look at the back and braces there is no big difference now between these two swings.

The swing that costs less may, in fact, cost more. In our opinion, a cedar (especially white cedar) swing is always better, safer and in this case more comfortable than an imported swing. Moreover, it will last much longer.

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