Ideas For A Hanging Chair under Pergola

Are you looking for functional furniture and attractive accents to furnish your outdoor living space? The most elegant and trendy way to accomplish this goal is to add a pergola swing to your outdoor lounge area.

Most people prefer a couch for their patios to read a book or enjoy the scenery for peace and enjoyment. But the same would be ten times more fun when done on a hanging chair under a pergola.

Pergola with swing chair elevates the look of a yard like no couch ever could And like every other interior design item, you need to have an idea of what you want before getting a hanging chair under your pergola.

We’ve listed the trendiest hanging chair inspirations for 2023, including everything from cage-shaped designs to bohemian-inspired swing chairs. So, let’s get started, shall we?


1- Closed Egg Pod Basket Swing Chair

Closed Egg Pod with white and brown accents
Egg Pod swinging chair with contrasting accessories via

Swinging chairs and covered patios are meant to go together! Pared-back furnishing is the best way to add elegance to your outdoor space. Accentuate the almond-brown color of the chair’s shell with cool tones, like white and soft gray, or darker hues like dark brown and sleek black.

You can hang this closed egg basket swing chair effortlessly from your pergola and watch as people compliment you on your fantastic choice of furnishing.

2- Opened Grid Egg Basket Chair for Pergola

Green-themed Transparent Egg Swing Chair Under Pergola
Open Grid Egg Basket Swing Chair with statement cushions via Instagram via @yakandyetitrader

Swing chairs like these are the perfect addition to your patio if you don’t want to be too secluded from the rest of the seating arrangement. Their woven basket adds a light and airy element to a space, which is all we need for our backyards.

Pergola with swing chair designs like these are ideal if you are a natural person and your pergola is centered on plants. Just add a bold-colored cushion, and you are good to go!

3- Cocoon-Inspired Outdoor Hanging Pergola Swing

Contemporary Cream-Colored Hanging Swing with Bold Accessories under Pergola
Minimalist Pergola with Cocoon-Inspired Hanging Swing via Instagram 📷 by @solazresortloscabos

Hanging swings like these are perfect for contemporary homes with minimalist designs. Their enclosed shell gives a more secluded feeling, ensuring your privacy.

Unlike the standard brown-colored hanging chairs, these swing chairs have a cream color that stands out if you have a dark outdoor exterior. Decorating this swing chair is as easy as throwing in a white or dark gray cushion and a throw.

4- Transparent Egg Basket for Pergola

Egg Basket Swinging Chair with Throw under Pergola
Transparent Egg Basket with Minimalist Decorations via

The transparent egg basket pergola swing chair combo is ideal if you want to make a designated coffee spot on your patio. A coffee table in the middle, a comfy sofa on one side, and the transparent egg basket swing chair on the other are the perfect recipe to achieve the ultimate backyard evening snacks arrangement.

What’s best is that you don’t have to make any efforts in decorating the hanging chair as it wouldn’t be the center of focus. Add some decoration pieces to your coffee table instead!

5- Wicker Egg Swing Chair for Under the Pergola

Pergola Black Wicker Hanging Chairs around Bonfire
Wicker Egg Swing Chair with Fairy Lights Decoration

This hanging chair design is ideal for the outdoors; its lightly woven design ensures you don’t miss out on the breeze.

For a minimalist pergola with swing chair designs like these, we suggest going light on the decorations. Keep the ambiance nice and cozy by outlining the chairs with fairy lights. Add a cushion and a throw to create the perfect bonfire arrangement for two.

6- Futon-Inspired Pergola Swinging Chair

Cozy Futon-Inspired Pergola Swing Chairs
Festive Pergola with Swinging Chair Decorations via Instagram 📷 by @boutiquerugs

Futon-inspired pergola with swing chairs is probably the most versatile design on the market. In addition to serving as excellent seats, they double as single beds.

A pergola-shaded outdoor futon swing is the ideal transitional piece for your outdoor living area when paired with cozy cushions and a few outdoor pillows.

7- Curved Steel Chassis Hanging Chair

Gothic Outdoor Hanging Chairs with Printed Cushions under pergola
Green Accented Steel Hanging Chair under Pergola

This swinging metal chassis chair is undoubtedly fashionable. Its enormous size ensures that you have plenty of space to lounge. With a design as contemporary and minimalist, we suggest styling it green!

Include green accent printed cushions and a comfy throw. Place some planters nearby; you can even outline the chassis with vines if you want to go a little overboard with the decorations.

8- Shaded Swinging Chair for Two

White Swinging Chair with Vines under pergola
Floral-Themed Hanging Chair under Pergola via Instagram 📷 by

Pergola with swing chairs like these is suitably sized for small-sized gardens. This compact structure has a cozy, romantic air, which you can accentuate with a few DIYs. One easy way to transform this backyard mainstay into a private refuge is by adding vines that wrap around the pergola’s beams. Throwing in bold, printed cushions of the same color palette as the flowers is another excellent way to elevate the look of your patio

9- A Modern Retreat Ring Chair

Minimalist Modern Lounging Chair for the Patio
Geometric Hanging Chair under Pergola via Instagram via @tanjavanhoogdalem

Hear me out: a hammock-inspired swinging chair designed to fit the minimalist contemporary preferences.

These geometric pergolas with swing chairs are the main deal these days. And the best part is that these aesthetic hanging chair designs don’t require decorations. They are a vibe on their own!

10- Bamboo Swing Chairs Under Pergola

Sunshine Yellow Accents on Bamboo Hanging Chairs under Pergola
Hanging Bamboo Chairs with Plants via Instagram 📷 by

The hammock chair has a flexible yet distinctive form that lets it both stand out and blend in a while, also making it a charming statement to your lawn.

Decorating these minimalist hanging chairs is as easy as throwing in a fluffy cushion to sit on. Statement sunshine yellow pillows complete the look by lending a coastal and BohoBoho vibe to your pergola seating arrangement.

11- Single Person Hanging Egg Chair

Deep-Seated Cozy Pergola Hanging Egg Chair
Egg Chair under Pergola with White Seating Cushion and Gray Pillow photo by Sika Design

Cream and stripes are the vibes for single-person hanging egg chairs. The cream-colored accessories add a bright element to the deep-seated back fencing panel.

But monotone isn’t the way to go! Toss in striped cushions in the egg chair and add a hint of stripes here and there under the pergola – an ottoman or a rug with stripe patterns, perhaps – to make it all fit together.

12- Open Back Egg Basket Swing Chair under Pergola

Pergola with Swing Chairs with White and Almond Brown Decorations
Aesthetic Open Back Egg Basket Swing Chair via Instagram @ohana_beachhouse @ohana_beachhouse @villastyling

Sometimes, all you need to decorate the elegant, airy open weave rattan-style swing chairs is a white seat cushion.

However, you can add a soft tone to the decorations, like throwing in the same colored cushions as the swing chair’s frame, perhaps, to make it your favorite spot to spend lazy afternoons.

13- Go BohoBoho! Swing

Vintage Hanging Bamboo Chair under pergola with Statement Cushions and Hanging Decorations
Boho-Theme Bamboo Hanging Chairs via Instagram 📷 by @z_potrzeby_piekna

The Bohemian look is never out of fashion! Install vintage-style bamboo armchairs facing your deep-seated bamboo swinging chair.

Decorate the space with hanging lanterns, a small table, and lots of printed cushions and plants for a homey feel. Hang curtains around your pergola to transform your outdoor sitting space into a vibe.

For rocking under the pergola for several people, look at pergola porch swing, perfect for lounging with family or friends in the shade on a sunny day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should I consider when purchasing a swing chair under my pergola?

A: Deciding which swing chair to purchase depends upon several factors, like:
●Size: the size of the seating area, the chair’s height, and width are the key considerations while purchasing.
●Weight: Weight capacity is an equally important determinant, especially for ceiling-mounted pergola swinging chairs. You want to make sure the hanging chair can support your weight.
●Shape and Design: Swinging chairs come in various designs, so you need to buy something that accentuates the theme of your outdoor living space.

Q: What are the different types of swinging chairs under the pergola?

A: Depending on the size and weight capacity, hanging egg seats can be single or double. They can be built of rattan, wicker, plastic, fiberglass, knotted wood, metal, and various other materials.
●Rope hammock chairs – made of soft-spun polyester
●Padded sofa chairs – features mildew-resistant dyed acrylic fabric
●Synthetic rattan –excellent against weather elements
●Bubble chairs – feature acrylic or PVC cushions

Q: How to protect hanging chairs on our patio?

A: Pergola with swinging chairs isn’t completely covered, so they can’t protect your hanging chairs from the weather elements. Thus, you’ll need a good-quality hanging chair cover if you use your swinging egg chair outside.

Q: How much weight can swing chairs hold?

A: Most hanging chair variants can support up to 300 pounds. However, the value depends on your chair’s design and sturdiness.

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