Meet Freifrau Manufactur, the brand that represents well-being in all aspects – aesthetics, design, and functionality. Working together with a team of renowned designers and newcomers they produce high-quality seating furniture, with attention to every detail and high demand for sustainability. All their products are always stylish, elegant but also functional. We will pick out the beautiful hanging swing seats.



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A piece of furniture rich in contrast – as harmonious as yin and yang. Designed by Birgit Hoffmann and Christoph Kahleyss, the Leya and Leyasol swings produce an almost childlike feeling of glee as you gently swing back and forth. Nestle into the swing seats secured to sturdy ropes and indulge in the comfort you have come to expect from Leya. The firmly upholstered outer shell of the Leya Swing Seats is reproduced with a fine frame made of wire for the Leyasol, whilst the interior of both models pampers the occupant with soft cushions. The swing seats come in a variety of fabric and leather upholsteries as well as some weather-resistant materials for the outdoor version.

RED! This color makes everything so cozy that we are kind of looking forward autumn already. Here’s the Leya Swing Seat in red velvet . Photo credit: @urhomelab. | 📷: @leya_zhmuruk

The Leya and Leyasol swings are designed by Birgit Hoffmann and Christoph Kahleyss- pieces of furniture full of contrast, and at the same time as balanced like yin and yang.

The swing chairs come in many different cloth and leather upholsteries, but also ins some weather-resistant version for stylish outdoors.

With its tautly upholstered shell, the chair makes a clear and linear impression when you look at, but at the moment, you sit in, you’ll feel how comfortable it is. It combines successfully design and function, minimalism, and comfort. The swing chair brings a pleasant atmosphere in the office or conference rooms, creating a positive environment without stealing the show, but also in living rooms and as a bedroom swing.


The design duo Birgit Hoffmann and Christoph Kahleyss designed the Leya model for the Freifrau manufacturer’s first collection in 2012, which is now one of the new classics. Leyasol is the new hanging chair, a sister model.
Thanks to the striking shell shape, this is also an outdoor model. Soft down pillows convey the typical soft and casual sitting feeling, which also gives the chair, armchair, or the swing an elegant nonchalance.

Leyasol Hanging Chair

Leyasol is designed to be used inside and outside. The designers invested a lot of time in the development process of a model for outdoor and indoor.

The designer has achieved this requirement. This hanging seat fits great at the dining table indoors and outdoors in summer. The pillows – filled with high-quality synthetic down – are easily removable and stowable. Depending on the cover, even weatherproof.

Below are the manufacturers advise how to correctly mount the swing in an appropriate place:


When choosing an appropriate place, please ensure that there is sufficient space between the swing seat and any walls and objects. We recommend a distance of at least 70 cm on the left and right-hand sides. The distance in front of and behind the swing seat depends on your swinging behavior but should be no less than 100 cm.


Because the ceiling has to bear the full weight of the swing seat and the person using it, it needs to be sufficiently sturdy and structured in such a way that the hook/hooks can be securely anchored. Just to be on the safe side, have a professional install the hooks. No liability will be assumed for damages resulting from incorrect installment.


Because the ceiling height is different in every home, the height of the swing seat can be adjusted using the chain. You also have the option to order chains suitable for your ceiling height. The chains are always slightly longer than necessary for your ceiling height, allowing you to adjust the seat height for the user. Simply try out different heights to determine the perfect seat height, though we have had the best experience with a seat height of 30-50 cm for people of medium height.


Before you start swinging, double-check the installation and ensure there is sufficient space in all directions.


The swing hook with wood thread must be screwed in at least 10 mm past the thread (70 mm) until the marking lines up with the wooden beam (a). This is to prevent exposing the thread to buckling, which is the primary source of stress. The width of the wooden beam must be at least 80 mm: for a 10 mm swing hook, pre-drill 50 mm into the beam with a 7 mm bit. If there are cracks in the wood in the area of the drilled holes, the hooks must be removed, as the notch effect can increase the risk of breakage for the hook


To secure a swing hook in the brickwork, use a 10 mm gauge and an S 12 wall plug. The swing hook must be screwed in 15 mm past the thread until the marking lines up with the wall plug. The opening of the wall plug must be flush with the wall.

IMPORTANT: Regardless of the type of installation, the eyelets of the swing hook must be perpendicular to the direction of swinging (d). All the areas where metal parts come into contact with other metal parts need to be well greased at all times. All of the weight-bearing parts of the swing need to be examined on a regular basis. Use only in pairs


The brand Freifrau Manufaktur was founded by Hansjörg Helweg in 2012. Since then, they work together with a team of renowned designers and several newcomers

The production relies on traditional craftsmanship – all products are manufactured in Germany. The use of carefully selected and durable materials underlines the ecological awareness of the company and ensures that future generations can enjoy their furniture. Swing seats are the best example of this motto.

Already the basic idea of ​​Leya combines a stylish, clear form with sensual cosiness – a comfortable retreat with the highest demands on aesthetics and functionality, which can be seen from the living room to the conference room to the hotel or restaurant.

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