Review: Children’s Hammock Chair LORI by La Siesta

This hanging hammock chair for kids made of organic cotton is a fun, versatile, and safe piece of furniture designed for children ages three and older. 

For newborns, we suggest having a look at baby hammocks.

It comes in two styles:

  • froggy (shades of green and yellow) and
  • lily (shades of purple and pink).

This hammock chair is designed especially for kids– the high-quality organic cotton hammock is soft and comfortable, but also supportive and safe. The swing has a solid, durable construction that will permit the heavy use that comes with playing and fidgeting children.



Review- Kids Hammock Chair LORI by La Siesta


The Organic Hammock Chair for Children LORI by La Siesta has a seating width of 155 centimeters, a seating length of 110 centimeters, and a bar that is 70 centimeters in length. It can safely hold up to 175 pounds,

Technical Details:

  • Hammock chair for kids
  • Material: Organic cotton (GOTS certified)
  • Handmade in Columbia
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 80 kg
  • Seating Width : 155 cm
  • Seating Length : 110 cm
  • Total Height : 185 cm (6 ft 1 in)
  • Spreader Bar: certified bamboo wood
  • Length of the bar :70 cm
  • Fabric density (g/m²) : 278
  • Integrated 360 degree safety swivel

The hammock is made out of GOTS certified organic cotton, and the spreader bar is constructed out of FSC certified bamboo. It requires at least 200 centimeters of space (in height) to hang properly.

In addition, it has been put together so that it is resilient enough to hang indoors or out, making it an excellent addition to a patio or a child’s bedroom. The two different color options are suitable- Froggy for boys or Lilly for girls. The swing is spacious enough for most children, and smaller children will be able to recline enough to sleep or stretch out.

Kids Hammock Chair LORI for girls
Kids Hammock Chair made of organic cotton LORI for girls


Especially with a kid’s hanging chair, which is used not only for sitting in it but also for swinging, it is important to ensure high quality of the product. This hanging hammock chair will swing enough to excite children, but not so dramatically as to be unsafe or unstable and bears the GS seal for “Tested Safety” which ensures that the product meets the highest safety standards.

Children’s Hammock Chair – Pros and Cons

The Organic Hammock Chair for Children LORI by La Siesta is eye-catching and fun, but unlike many other pieces of children’s furniture, it is also very well-made– the entire chair is solidly built out of high-quality, ethically made bamboo and organic cotton. The product’s solid construction is its biggest pro. The whole chair weighs only 2.4 pounds, but it is sturdy, safe, and resilient enough for indoor or outdoor use. This product is easy to clean, too; for normal cleaning, it does well if placed in the washing machine on cold and then set out to air dry. It is sized appropriately for children up to about twelve years old, though particularly large children may want to look into an adult-sized chair.

Though the product is sturdy enough to withstand outdoor use, it does suffer some cosmetic damage: extended time outside results in some of the colors fading and minor hardware rust.

The set contains the hammock chair and the swivel.

Hammoch chair for kids- sviwel
Integrated 360° safety swivel

The biggest con is that the hardware needed to attach it to the ceiling is not included with the chair. The company does make a high-quality ceiling hook, but it must be purchased separately.



Hammock Chair for Kids by La Siesta - Eco Friendly and Stylish Packing
Hammock Chair for Kids by La Siesta – Eco-Friendly and Stylish Packing

This children’s hammock chair  is an excellent, well-made, aesthetically appealing hanging chair for kids up to their preteen years. It is safe, comfortable, and resilient enough for either indoor or outdoor use.


Kids Hanging Chairs – Alternative Products

A kid’s hanging chair of roughly equal quality is the Hanging Nest JOKI by La Siesta (our review), which features a cocoon-like feel and removable cushion. Another similar is the hammock chair IRI rainbow which is not made of organic but nevertheless high-quality cotton.


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Organic Hammock Chair LORI by La Siesta


Weight Capacity








Price–Performance ratio



  • Organic Cotton
  • Solid Construction
  • Easy to Clean
  • Price–Performance ratio
  • Swivel Included


  • Not Weatherproofed