Find the Perfect Hanging Ball Chair


Find the Perfect Hanging Chair

Purchase the ideal hanging ball chair for any indoor or outdoor space using our quick guide. Below are some of the most popular styles, including the Flowerhouse hanging ball chair and their overland ball chair.

Flowerhouse Overland Hanging Ball Chair

Overland hanging ball chair with stand – black



The sleek black of this Flowerhouse overland style hanging chair makes a stylish addition to any modern room. This chair is suitable for indoor or outdoor use, making it perfect for families who want to spend some evenings relaxing in the backyard.

We love the lightweight material that allows you to quickly move from one location to another while maintaining a high weight capacity. The hanging ball chair is fantastic for all age groups and includes the following features:

  • Thick quilted chair pillow
  • Sturdy metal base
  • Weather-resistant material

Flowerhouse Porch Swing With Stand


The Flowerhouse porch swing is solid nylon material with a thick cushion made of weather-resistant material. The pale sandy color of the chair stands out nicely from the black metal of the base, making it an attractive piece of furniture for your patio, porch, or entertainment rooms.

The swing and chair can hold a higher weight capacity than some other Flowerhouse chairs, making it ideal for adults. One of our favorite features is the length of the main support strap. At 10 inches, it gives you more of a swing compared to similar chairs.

Wooden Porch Ball Swing


Here we can see a beautiful wooden base and chair of light-colored spruce wood. The plush chair seat is a brilliant terra-cotta red that brightens the room. Anyone who wants a more natural feel to their furniture will love this Giovani hanging porch swing.

All age groups can enjoy this luxurious single seater porch swing, and the water-resistant materials make it perfect for spending a calm evening beside the backyard pool. The comfort and attractive natural appearance make this chair an excellent addition to any room.

Dakota Fields Swing Chair With Stand

folding macrame ball chair with stand



Dakota Fields has created a casual swing chair with a rope weave backing and light-colored features. The residential-only chair has a large open netting back that is ideal for teenagers and adults. The materials, color, and weight give it an attractive bohemian vibe.

A few considerations to keep in mind include:

  • Weight capacity is lower than some other chairs
  • Base protrudes and is wider than most stands
  • The material is very lightweight for easy moving


Can Hanging Chairs Be Suspended From Rafters or the Ceiling?

You can suspend the hanging chair from anywhere capable of safely anchoring the weight. Hanging Chairs can be attached to the following:

  • Ceiling joist or beam
  • Concrete ceiling
  • Tree limbs
  • Pergola

What Kind of Clearance Should You Have Around the Chair?

You should consult the measurements provided by the manufacturer when determining how much space you need around the edges of the chair. However, most hanging chairs have a relatively small radius, and they do not need much room around them to accommodate the slight swinging.

Do You Need to Use the Base?

Some products like the wooden round porch swing named above can be attached to other supportive structures like a tree limb or ceiling joist with the proper load capacity. You do not always have to use the base. Not all hanging chairs have metal fastenings that connect them to the base. A few have material loops that may require additional hardware to transition from the stand it comes with to another anchor point like a ceiling.

What is the Best Material For Hanging Ball Chairs?

The best material for hanging chairs is durable and can adapt to various environments. You can enjoy the freedom of being able to move your chair to any location thanks to the thick, strong materials designed to withstand:

  • Humidity
  • Dampness
  • Temperature changes
  • Direct sunlight

Our Top Pick

Hanging ball chairs are versatile and capable of being used in various environments. Our top pick is the sleek black Flowerhouse hanging ball chair available for purchase on Amazon. The overland ball chair has a secure frame and would be a tasteful addition to any room. The chair is very comfortable, providing an excellent place to spend a relaxing evening.

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