Folding Hanging Chairs Reviews

Folding hanging chairs may work like hammocks, but they’re smaller, easier to set up, and more portable. Their space-saving design allows you to prop them up in relatively small nooks around the house.

Some of them include canopies to protect you from strong sunlight and the wind. Crucially, most folding hanging chairs are easy to set up and takedown, and since they don’t require two anchor points like hammocks, you can set up pretty much anywhere there’s a few inches of space.


1. Collapsible Patio Egg Chair with Stand

Looking for a new spot to get lost in your Nancy Drews? This comfortable swinging egg chair should do the trick. It’s a one-person comfort nest that can be folded, carried, and propped up elsewhere, so it’s super convenient.

Its plush cushion cradles you so that you remain comfortable for hours, whether you’re sitting out by the pool or waiting for a sunset on your patio. The removable cushion has a waterproof cover, so a little light rain won’t ruin this chair. It’s also a great sleeping chair for one, especially since its gentle swinging motion can lull you into a deep state of relaxation.

It features an all-metal frame that ends in a four-point stand. The chair’s stable yet completely detachable construction allows you to enjoy wobble-free lounging without dealing with a heavy patio chair.

Source: Wayfair

2. Foldable Egg Chair Swing for Two People

Wicker swing with stand 2 Person Double Folding

With this luxurious double lounger chair, you and your loved one can spend lazy afternoons together under a shade, lounging by the pool, or lost in good books and each other’s company.

It’s a simple but elegant-looking hanging egg chair swing with enough space for two. And yet it does not take up constant space, because you can fold it when not in use It features a plush cushion with a waterproof cover. This cushion is removable for easy cleaning. Whether it’s water or mud staining it, the cleaning process is usually a quick wipe down with a wet cloth.

Source: Amazon

Stability is guaranteed with the frame’s dual-base design, which keeps it firmly on the ground even while two people are swinging in the seat. It’s a fittingly tough exterior for its luxurious sitting nook.

3. Double Folding Hanging Cross-Weave Love Seat

This stunning love seat features an attractive cross-weave pattern, a standout design that’ll make your patio look more elegant. Its spacious design is exactly what you need to enjoy lazy evenings lounging with a loved one. Plush cushioning lets you relax and let go as you enjoy a nice view, reflect as you enjoy the breeze, or steal a refreshing nap.

It has a sturdy design that includes a base with four touchpoints. That alone tells you that it’s very hard to tip over. The egg chair links to the frame with a strong chain, so you can lounge to your heart’s extent without worrying about damage or wear and tear.

The best part is that the chair comes apart into smaller components. The cross-weave framework folds into itself for easier transportation and storage. Meanwhile, you can remove the entire cushion, wipe it down with a wet cloth (it’s waterproof), and put it back, so it’s super easy to clean.

Source: Amazon

4. Barton Deluxe Outdoor Hanging Chair

Good things often come in small packages, and this flexible foldable canopied hanging chair sure is one of them. It’s a compact yet lushly padded outdoor hanging chair for one with bright, teal cushions (including a headrest) in a strong metal frame.

The chair comes apart just as easily as it assembles. It’s a great option if you want something that you can move to your various chill spots around your property.

It has a stable circular base made out of the same sturdy metal that holds up the hanging chair. Comfort is guaranteed by the lush cushion and the matching retractable canopy above.


Source: Amazon

With this design, you’re protected from UV rays when lounging poolside, so you don’t need any sunscreen. It’s a conveniently cozy hanging patio chair that allows you to relax and get lost in whatever you’re doing.

5. Foldable Bamboo Hanging Chair

An indoor/outdoor hanging chair like this minimalistic swing chair is an excellent option if you’re tired of hammocks that smoosh you uncomfortably.

It lets you sit up straight and has adequate support for whatever posture you choose. Therefore, you can work, eat, or relax in this spacious hanging chair over long stretches without getting uncomfortable.

Despite its generous design, it is reasonably lightweight and can support up to 264 pounds. It comes apart, too, so you can quickly relocate it when the need arises.

Source: Amazon

The hanging chair swings by a metal chain from a tough metal frame with a reliable circular base. The only movement you’ll feel is the gentle swinging as you read or nap in the comfortable floating chair. It can be used inside and outside, so this is the only lounging chair you’ll need for all your leisure activities.

6. Collapsible Gray Outdoor Hammock Swing

This outdoor hanging chair allows you to lounge wherever you want. It has a portable design that features detachable elements and a sturdy but lightweight build. You can pack it up and assemble it in minutes without anyone’s help.

Despite its lightweight build, it carries up to 265 pounds comfortably, so you can rely on it to support you. The cushions are all sponge, so it’s as cozy as it gets. What’s more, everything is covered in washable fabrics.

Source: Amazon

To top it all off, the hanging chair boasts a slim, elegant design that fits in with pretty much any type of décor. You can enjoy its luxurious comfort anywhere you wish without creating an eyesore.

7. Folding Egg Chair with Hanging Chain

This is the chair to get if you’ve got no room for metal frames. The standalone egg chair hangs with a solitary chain from an anchor point, so you don’t need a base.

However, you can always use a hammock stand for stability. The chair is spacious and generously padded with removable sponge cushions, which feature a waterproof cover on top.

Source: Amazon

Enjoy this classy rattan indoors or outdoors without fear. Thanks to the waterproof cover over the cushions, it handles rain quite well and won’t easily be damaged if left exposed. Ultra comfort is guaranteed by the accompanying canopy, which keeps you cool and protected from direct sunlight.

8. Alpha Camp Oversized Camping Chair

Here is a classic camping chair with lots of extra space and padding to give you unrivaled relaxation. If you’re a fan of the simple foldable design, this is the chair for you. The lush cushioning is removable, so you can quickly move the entire thing to another location. It’s a convenient design that doesn’t come at the cost of comfort.

The lounge chair includes a cup holder and can even recline for maximum comfort. It’s the ultimate outdoor lounge for poolside relaxation, watching sunsets on the patio, or just enjoying the great outdoors.


1. How do you take a folding hanging chair apart?

Most hanging chairs come attached to metal frames. For the most part, they have a detachable build where you can remove the cushion and the hanging egg chair to leave three distinct components (the third being the base).
Some designs may also feature a collapsible egg chair that’s easier to carry. Taking a folding hanging chair apart is not a difficult job as they’re often built to come apart easily for convenient relocation.

2. How do you maintain a folding hanging chair?

Ensure that all the moving parts are lubricated to prevent wear and tear. Other than the metal frame, the only part of your chair that needs care and maintenance is the cushion. Fortunately, most come with waterproof covers for easy cleaning. It’s important to clean your chair at least once a week. That might require popping the covers into the wash for a more thorough clean.

3.  What’s the most vulnerable point of a folding hanging chair?

weight for obvious reasons. That’s why you must double-check the weight capacity of any hanging chair before making a purchase.

4. Canopied vs non-canopied hanging chairs – what should you choose?

Canopied chairs provide extra protection from the sun and wind. However, they also have more material that needs cleaning and maintenance. Choose a canopied chair if you’re going to be changing locations around your property. It will give you the assurance of protection no matter where you decide to lounge.
If your hanging chair already has a designated position where there’s no need for protection from the elements, then it’s okay to go with one that lacks a canopy.

We hope to have helped you with this article to find a good folding hanging chair. Whichever you choose it will afford you resort-level luxury right at home, whether you’re reading a book, drying off after a swim, or stealing an afternoon nap.

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