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You are looking for a ring hanging chair and here we are going to show you the best product matches we have for ring hanging chairs to buy online. With tens of different variations, we’ll help you find the perfect solution for your home and your patio – it’s up to you where you are going to hang it.

Browse through our best selection of hanging ring swings, like rattan ring chairs, leather ring swings, or even macrame.


Rattan Ring Chair with Stand

ring hanging chair with stand natural rattan
Ring hanging chair with a stand made of natural rattan


This unusual rattan round wheel chair is now available with a matching rattan stand! This boho signature piece will give that instant WOW factor to any room! Place it on your porch, on your balcony, by the pool, or in your bedroom or kids’ room, or teen room, either way, you will definitely love this very unique furniture item and it is perfect for renters or if you are not keen on drilling holes in the ceiling.

Hanging Ring Chair suspended from Ceiling

ring hanging rattan chair without stand hanging from porch deck
ring hanging chair without stand natural rattan


You can eater hang it on a tree or porch beam and enjoy the beautiful sunset swinging in this round basket swing or you use the stand and make it the perfect spot for the kids to have some quiet time and read a book.

The rattan round chair stand comes in kids and adult size in natural or white. A divan cushion is included.

The rattan ring hanging chair suspended from ceiling

Measurements adult size: 120cm diameter x 60cm width.
Maximum weight capacity adult size: 90kg
Measurements kids size: 90cm diameter x 45cm width
Maximum weight capacity kids size: 60kg

Allu Ring-O Swing Chair



An imposing and charming indoor-outdoor swing chair to relax and unwind, this piece is made of two green crossing rings formed of aluminum and securely fixed and hung with a 6 m-long rope (included) and one cylinder to envelop the rope knot. Other colors are also possible upon request. Contract and commercial certifications are available upon request.



• Material: Aluminum Rope
• Dimensions (in): W 48.43 x D 18.90 x H 48.43
• Dimensions (cm): W 123 x D 48 x H 123
• Handmade In Italy

Designer Wheel chairs

The round shape of the Stirling Studio designer hanging chairs creates a cozy feel.

Studio Stirling Wheel Hanging Chair
Studio Stirling Wheel Hanging Chair 


This “wheel” swinging seat can be described as sculptural as well as lively. The striking circular design makes it ideal for use as a piece of art that is functional.
The chair offers an open but enveloping feeling.
The design detail is an inspiration from nature and reminds of the veins of leaves, tree branches that intersect patterns on dragonfly wings and cracked soil as well as natural texture.

Each wheel hanging chair is created by hand and the frame is standardized to ensure uniformity in form and the comfort. Because of the different handwork that goes into each of the chairs each chair is unique and has slightly different patterns.
They’re great for indoor or outdoors and look inviting on patios, decks or hanging from a branch of a tree, or even inside.

Chair Information:
These hanging ring chairs are constructed from steel and are extremely robust.
The hanging mechanisms come along with the chair, in standard lengths and is ready to be installed.
Cushions can be purchased separately

Sling Swing Seat - Gold Leather hanging ring chair
Sling Swing Seat – Gold Leather


This golden ring hanging chair has a circular frame with a single sheet of leather or fabric (it is available in various options) hanging freewithin it, to create so comfortable experience. With its clean lines and with its “delicacy” it can make any space special.

The simplicity of aluminum or steel combined with the warmth or the leher, grants a modern look and aesthetic

Each piece is designed by hand. Comfortable and form-fitting, this hanging ring chair fits perfect outdoors and indoors. Pick from a varietyof leathers – metallic, gold, natural brown or elegant black or white or fresh metallics such as bronze and silver.

The ring frames on these circle hanging chairs are constructed from mild steel and are extremely robust. Aluminum is available upon request.
The hanging hardware is included – in standard lengths and ready for installation

Hanging Hoop Chair ‘Brass’ by Lee Broom.

So simple and noble in its simplicity.

But I think I would miss a cupholder here for a morning coffee morning coffee.

And you?

Hanging Hoop Chair 'Brass' by Lee Broom
 Bold red swing ring chair by Lee Broom Photo by https://primeresi.com/


Hanging Hoop Chair, designed by Lee Broom, is suspended from ceailing. Two Black or Brass steel circular hoops join to create the unique piece, with a seat and backrest upholstered in Red Kvadrat wool. Hardware included to hang. Must be in hung from a well supported beam. 44.3 inch width x 11.3 inch height x 19.8 inch depth.

That was our selection of the most beautiful circle schaped chairs. If you aren’t finding the perfect piece of furniture in the results for your current search for a ring hanging chair, you can try searching using the navigation on the top of the page.

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