Yoga Trapeze Installation Guide

Trapeze yoga swing is so versatile and can be set up in many ways. Hung in a tree, on playgrounds, porches, beams, and with the aid of ceiling hooks can go in any room of your house. We show you here 4 yoga trapeze installation options: using ceiling hooks in the doorway yoga trapeze stand […]

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Strong Rope for Holding a Hanging Chair -The Best Of

If you need a suspension set for hammock chairs, you can choose between a metal chain or a strong rope. Hanging a hammock chair with rope always a better solution, if you are going to suspend your hammock chair from a tree, cause the tree damage is usually minimal. For indoors, a rope hanging kit […]

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how to install a hammoch chair indoors

How to suspend the hammock chair from the ceiling with a rope?

How to suspend the hammock chair from the ceiling in your living room? Or in your bedroom? It is not as hard as you may think. You need a suspension set for hammock chairs with a special kind of hook. We recommend the patented suspension set by La Siesta. It includes an ultralight multi-spot wall […]

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The Four Best Suspension Sets for a Ceiling Chair

To hang a ceiling chair, you’ll usually need just a single anchor point. Here’s a quick overview of the four best suspension sets for the hammock and hanging chairs on the market which you can easily install and relatively quickly attach your hanging chair to the ceiling. LIST OF THE BEST HANGING CHAIR HARDWARE Here are […]

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How to Install a Hanging Chair

First of all, you should ask yourself this question: Where do I want to hang my hanging chair? And then let us show you how to do it right. In this article you will find details about: How to hang a hammock chair indoors Where to hang the hanging chair indoors What are the best […]

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