Kids Hanging Hammock Chair under the Loft Bed

Hanging chair under the loft bed, or in the Doorway

In a children’s room, there are more possibilities to attach a hanging chair than there are for the adults.  Since the smaller hanging chairs for children require a lower minimum height for fixing, besides hanging chair frames and the classic suspensions, there are two more very good possibilities in the children’s room: The attachment under […]

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Baby Hammock: Why to Buy One and What Should You Pay Attention to

A baby hammock has benefits for development and wellbeing of a newborn. Baby hammocks are, just like the name said, designed with babies in mind so that the little one can not fall out. A particular benefit for babies is the gentle rocking, which calms them down helps them fall asleep quickly. CHECK PRICE ON […]

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Indoor Swings: Swinging, Spinning and Rocking in Kids’ Room

For a kid, growing up is a magical time where anything and everything is possible. Filled with energy and zest, kids spend every day living in their special worlds. Swinging safely in the confines of one’s own house is a great way for kids to not only have fun but also to relax and rest […]

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Hanging chair from IKEA

CHECK PRICE HERE Here we are going to show you where you can buy these two hanging chairs made by IKEA. Also, there are many outstanding swinging options out there today and want to show you some great alternatives to the IKEA models. Update: Hanging chairs from IKEA are currently unavailable, and we don’t know […]

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Review: Ekorre Hanging Chair for Kids by IKEA

Here you can read our review of the Ikea’s hanging seat for children called Ekorre, which is a fancy name for a children’s swing. There are a lot of similar models of hanging pods for kids out there, which often are called “nest hammock swings” because they remind of birds nests. They are sometimes called […]

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Review: Children’s Hammock Chair LORI by La Siesta

This hanging hammock chair for kids made of organic cotton is a fun, versatile, and safe piece of furniture designed for children ages three and older.  For newborns, we suggest having a look at baby hammocks. It comes in two styles: froggy (shades of green and yellow) and lily (shades of purple and pink). This […]

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Review: Hanging Tent with Stand Hangout Pod by HearthSong

This big hanging tent for kids is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and it includes three windows, plus a fabric door. It also features a Velcro outside pocket for leaving messages or treats, and an interior ceiling wreathed with beautiful LED flower lights. The  Hangout Pod by HearthSong is a hybrid between a children’s […]

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Hanging Chairs Are Beneficial For Autistic Kids

Most of us have no problem processing everyday sensory information. For children with Sensory Processing Disorders as well as those with other developmental disabilities, it may be a challenging task. The swinging motion of a hanging chair soothes, relaxes, increases concentration and reestablish balance to the vestibular system. Generally, swinging in a hanging nest chair helps autistic-spectrum […]

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Reasons to Buy a Kids Hanging Chair

7 Reasons to Hang a Hanging Chair in Kid’s Room

By now, most adults have fallen in love with the magical relaxation tool known as the hanging chair. We count down the seconds until we can go home and melt into the soothing embrace of our gently swinging seats. We find ways to lure our spouses out of the chair so we can commandeer it. […]

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Hanging Nest Chair for Children- Perfect Place for Listening to Music

Review: Kids Hanging Nest JOKI by La Siesta

The Hanging Nest “Joki” by La Siesta is a trendy kids’ hanging chair model specifically designed for children aged 3-10 years. Available on Amazon in many different colors at the moment, it can be shipped anywhere across North America. “Joki Indoor” Hanging Nest is wholly made of organic fuzz-free organic cotton. The other outdoor version-“Joki […]

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