The Coolest Hanging Chairs Ever–Guaranteed

If you’ve been shopping for furniture or thinking about it, you’re probably not experiencing a lot of enthusiasm about chairs. Oh, they’re interesting, some of them, but at the end of the day, a chair is a chair, right? Um, no. A chair can be an experience. Or a work of art. An idea, perhaps, […]

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Designer Hanging Chairs by Studio Stirling

The round shape of the Stirling Studio hanging chairs creates a cozy feel.  Ideal for ‘chilling out’, reading a book, or just hanging out. But not only comfort is what makes these hanging chairs so special. The modern patterns are striking in their appearance and every single chair is handmade. Handmade, beautiful hanging swing chairs and […]

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Meet Freifrau Manufactur, the brand that represents well-being in all aspects – aesthetics, design, and functionality. Working together with a team of renowned designers and newcomers they produce high-quality seating furniture, with attention to every detail and high demand for sustainability. All their products are always stylish, elegant but also functional. We will pick out […]

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7 Most Beautiful Light and Airy Hanging Chairs Images

A Favorite Place in the Living Room is the Hanging Chair Why? Because a Hanging Chair is a wonderful place to relax with a good book and a cup of tea. Here is the beautiful photo von Tanja van Hoogdalem. She painted the wall behind the hammock chair with the pastel green. She first chose […]

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Bohorocker by Philip Cooper Outdoor

BOHOROCKERS: Luxury Bohemian Hammock Chair designed by Philip Cooper

Bohorockers, short for bohemian rocking chairs, is a luxury rocking hanging chair that can fulfil your hammock dream, without compromise. Wonderful. Ecstatic. Blissful. It feels like floating on a cloud. Bohorockers Hammock Swing is a suspended lounger made from luxury fabrics to create a cosy cocoon to find peace and calm in your home. It is both […]

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Bubble Chair is Celebrating its 50th Anniversary

Eero Aarnio is one of the real gurus of modern design, not only in Europe but worldwide. Back in the 1960s, he pioneered the use of plastics in the household’s furniture. This Finnish designer is best known for his iconic spherical creations – the Ball Chair and the fiberglass Bubble Chair. New York Times once […]

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nanna ditzel hanging egg chair

The Iconic Hanging Egg Chair by Nanna & Jorgen Ditzel

The Hanging Egg Chair, designed by Nanna & Jørgen Ditzel in 1957, is known for its timeless design characterized by soft feminine charm and the sturdy rattan material.  Nanna Ditzel, a woman in the male-dominated world of industrial design, was a leading member of the generation of postwar designers who created modern design movement in […]

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