Wooden Globo Chair Ball Chair

Review: Hanging Globo Chair by Byer of Maine

When it comes to my beautiful Byer of Maine Hanging Globo Chair, it was definitely a case of love at first sight. I had mentioned to my partner that I wanted to put a big, comfy chair underneath our giant backyard shade tree, and I wound up ordering this one that same night. Ten days […]

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Review: Outdoor Swing Chair with Stand by Island Bay

Offering enough room for that cozy feel, this all-weather outdoor swing chair by Island Bay does provide the perfect means for some little escape after a hard day at work or just for relaxing and taking in all that nature has to offer. Round Wicker Swing Chair with Cushion CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON CHECK PRICE […]

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hanging chair lounger wicker

Review: Teardroop Swing Chair Lounger with Stand by Great Deal Furniture

From early spring to fall’s first frost, from early morning coffee to patio parties, our wonderful weatherproof hanging chair Moorea is the ideal companion. This all-weather swinging lounge chair with stand is made using a woven resin wicker material which is UV-protected, preventing fading and wear. The structure itself (the stand and the chair frame) […]

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Review: Hammock Chair SEDONA- by Yellow Leaf Hammocks

When you are in the market for an indoor hammock chair you have a lot of options available. Not many will allow you to purchase an extremely comfortable and durable chair while transforming families and communities. That is the opportunity that the Sedona Hanging Hammock Chair by Yellow Leaf Hammocks provides.  CHECK PRICE AND AVAILABILITY […]

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Review: BRAZIL Hammock Chair by Byer of Maine

  Measuring 4 ft 3 in width and 5 ft 2 in height, this compact Brazilian hammock chair is great for lazing around, reading, sitting and even sleeping! Choose a favorite spot in your home, and you’re all set for an afternoon siesta. Ideal for children as well as adults, the BRAZIL hammock chair by […]

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Review: Hammock Lounger Chair for Two Person Organic Cotton by La Siesta

Update: The organic cotton hammock lounger chair is now available as a set – with appropriate suspension kit, pillow, and the high-quality wooden spruce stand, suitable for indoors and outdoors. Various colors. CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON CHECK PRICE ON WAYFAIR Hammock Lounger Chair for Two People This indoor hammock chair is not only spacious; it […]

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Hanging Bubble Chair – Minimalistic Style for Your Home

The iconic hanging bubble chair was originally designed by Finnish interior designer, Eero Aarnio. The story behind it is unique and highlights how a futuristic look can become timeless. The hanging bubble chair always adds a touch of tomorrow to any decor. Even though it was first designed in 1968 and celebrated its 50th anniversary […]

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Hanging Papasan Chair

CHECK PRICE AND AVAILABILITY The Papasan chair is an indoor basket chair traditionally made of rattan. The removable cushion is filled with cotton fluff. It looks like a big bowl, so it is also called “bowl chair”. This extremely comfy bowl-shaped chair has always been known in Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, and the Philippines. In America, […]

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