20 Boho Hanging Chair Interior Ideas

Are you someone who never sticks with the basics when designing their home’s interior? Then you must have a hard time finding inspiration for infusing your bohemian spirit in furniture.

Take a boho hanging chair, for example. Hanging chairs are a great way to add more seats to your house without taking up much space. However, they don’t offer much margin for design or decoration. Or do they?

You won’t find many ideas for boho swing chairs on the web. But that doesn’t mean you can’t style your indoors that way. We have listed some trendy boho hanging chair inspirations to boost your eccentric spirit. So, let’s get started!


1- Grandma-Style Hanging Chair

90’s Style Boho Hanging Chair with Statement Lace Wall Hanging
Macrame Boho Hanging Chair with Floral Decorations Via Instagram  @pannamacrame

You can effortlessly decorate a white wicker rope hanging feature with a hand-knitted cushion. Pair it with a statement lace wall hanging to achieve the ultimate vintage grandma-style hanging chair vibe. Finish the look with vines or flowers around the swing chair to balance the monotony

2- Minimalist Autumn-Inspired Boho Hanging Chair

Cozy Egg Pod Boho Hanging Chair with Wool Throw and Autumn Leaves
Boho Hanging Chair Look for Fall via Instagram @myinspiringinterior

You don’t always have to go over and above to achieve the perfect boho hanging chair look. The key here is to match your living area’s color palette instead of working with contrasting colors.

Adding a few autumn leaves here and there and decorating the space with pumpkins adds an instant yet subtle pop of color. Toss in a knitted wool throw on your egg basket swing chair, and voila!

3- Fairy Light Action

Hanging Chair with Pastel Cushions and String Lights
Deep-seated Boho Hanging Chair with String Lights Via Instagram 📷 by @ @daaystrend

What’s more bohemian than hanging chairs? Fairy lights, of course! And mixing the two creates the perfect formula for unique enchanted seating space.

You can enjoy a solitary evening by your main overhead light. Not to forget, your Instagram followers will go nuts over this exotic design.

4- Modern Effortless See-Through Boho Hanging Chair

Clear Deep-seated Hanging Chair with Funky Cushions
Minimalist See-through Hanging Chair Design Via Instagram 📷 by @ripplebnb

While some people may consider it a quirky design from the 1970s catalog, see-through hanging chairs are making a comeback in more modern contexts.

Not only do hanging chairs with a straightforward design make your room appear more spacious, but they are also effortless to decorate. You can transform this deep-seated geometric chair into the ultimate boho focal point in your living room by adding cushions with rainbow-colored tassels.

5- Festive Indoor Swing Chair

Boho Globo Swing Chair with Deep-colored Seating Cushion and Striped Throw
Boho Hanging Chair Inspiration for Christmas via Instagram @a_mami_home

When it’s winter, you pull off the Christmas-inspired boho hanging chair look! This design features a deep-seated varnished wood swing chair. Instead of lining it with a white or cream seating cushion, go for a darker tone to achieve the cozy winter vibe.

Small decorations like lanterns, scented candles, festive or newspaper-style cushions, and illuminated wall hangings for the backdrop take the look to a whole new level.

6- Complement Your Patio Décor

Macrame Hanging Chair for Patio with Floral Patterned Cushion
Macramé Boho Hanging Chair for Outdoors via Instagram via @zoey_vasagle
📷 by @ @songmics” @bridgewaydesigns

You shouldn’t restrict yourself to decorating a swing chair inside your house only. Expand your horizons to your patio, at least, and pull off the ultimate boho hanging chair look under your pergola.

It will undoubtedly offer a relaxed atmosphere when placed next to more conventional pieces of furniture. You can even style it with floral accessories like a vibrantly printed cushion.

7- The Coziest Retreat

Indoor Macramé Boho Hanging Chair with Fluffy Throw
Macramé Boho Hanging Chair with Fluffy Throw via Instagram @andreak_covelladesigns

Hanging chairs are supposed to be comfortable, but styling them with the right accessories can up the cozy factor even more.

In addition to a few pillows, cozy throws and woolen blankets are essential, especially in the winter.

8- The Ultimate Boho Hanging Chair Reading Nook Goals

Boho Swing Chair with Patterned Cushions and Vines
Boho Hanging Chair Reading Corner via Instagram via @creativehouseplant
@Plantways @Creativehouseplant @lulumoonowlbooks

Hanging chairs are the perfect spot for unwinding with your favorite book after a hectic day. How about decorating yours to satisfy your bookworm demands?

A bamboo hanging chair goes perfectly with a wooden library. Elevate the look by adding some green plants and vines here and there you have it – the reading spot Belle always desired.

9- Think Outside the Box (aka Your Living Room)

Beige Boho Swing Chair with Off-white Throw and Cushion
Macramé Swing Chair for Bedroom via Instagram @myinspiringinterior

While hanging chairs were traditionally a living room or a patio element, you can now find versatile models to style in your home office or bedroom!

Take a look at this boho hanging chair idea, for example. Instead of over-decorating the swing chair, add a statement ceiling hanging or wall décor and finish the look with a neutral-colored vase with pastel flowers. Have an identical color palette to prevent your bedroom interior from looking disjointed.

10- Go Vibrant

Multi-Colored Funky Boho Swing Chair with Patterned Rug
Multi-Colored Witted Boho Hanging Chair via Instagram 📷 by @kristinlaingdesign

This look speaks for itself! A colored rope hanging chair not only makes your space more vibrant but also demands zero décor. So, it’s a win-win.

11- Hammock-Style Boho Hanging Chair

Indoor Boho Hanging Swing Hammock with Hanging Pots and Fluffy Seating
Hanging Indoor Swing with Fluffy Seating Linen via Instagram @fagusurban

Want to infuse your house or patio with a touch of carefree vacation vibes? The most conventional hanging chair design incorporates a fresh twist by taking design inspirations from hammocks.

And you don’t even have to make much effort in decorating it. A boho hanging indoor swing with a fluffy throw surrounded by hanging pots gives the perfect cutesy vibe.

12- Go Solid

Mustard-Golden Boho Hanging Papasan Chair for Indoors
Mustard-Golden Boho Hanging Papasan Chair via Instagram @kybo_kybo

Patterns and contrasting color combinations are good, but they don’t stand a chance in front of the real boho boss – solid colors!

This design features a mustard-golden hanging papasan chair accented by pillows of the same color. We live for minimal effort!

13- Introduce a Different Aesthetic to Your Space

Yellow Cushioned Boho Hanging Chair Tufted Swing Chair
Yellow Cushioned Boho Hanging Chair Swingy by Linda Vrnakova via Instagram @designliv

Maintaining a color, finish, or style can work wonders, but it doesn’t have to look exactly like your other furniture pieces. In fact, the goal of hanging chairs is to offer an element that stands out.

So, don’t be afraid of introducing a bold-colored boho hanging chair with a tufted back, even if the rest of your furniture is classic.

14- Boho Hanging Chair for Two

Macramé Boho Swing Chairs Pair with Funky Patterned Cushions
Macramé Boho Hanging Chair with Patterned Cushions

Owning hanging chairs doesn’t mean you prefer solitude over socialization. You can instantly create the perfect boho spot in your home by hanging two swing chairs side-by-side.

Not only is it a savvy space-saving tip for tiny homes and patios, but they also give you a huge margin for personalization. Bold, printed cushions? Why not!

15- The Trendiest Macrame Boho Hanging Chair Design for your Bedroom

Macramé Boho Hanging Chair with Printed Cushio and Bulb Decorations
Macramé Hanging Chair with stand with Printed Cushion via Instagram @chilledhome

The macrame style is one of the most trendy choices in the world of hanging chairs. Once only available in white, these lightweight swing chairs are available in various colors. They are crafted from lovely cotton strands arranged in exquisite patterns, opening the doors for your boho creativity.

Decorate them with lights or a bold, printed pillow – these hanging macrame chairs wouldn’t disappoint!

16- Natural Finishes

Bamboo Boho Hanging Chair with Fluffy Vibrant Cushions
Bamboo Peacock Hanging Chair by Anthropologie with Vibrant Cushions via Instagram @theshadestore @changoandco

Raw, organic textures are essential to the bohemian aesthetic. Work with wood, bamboo, jute, sisal, and hemp hanging chairs whenever possible to make your living area feel more bohemian instantly.

17- Barbie-Inspired Boho Hanging Chair

Boho Swing Chair with Pink Patterned Rug in a Girls Room
Pink-Themed Boho Hanging Chair for Girls via Instagram📷 by @melissajanestylist

This white deep-seated hanging chair adds the perfect focal point to your princess’ room. It fits the room beautifully and is a terrific functional element that right away gives the place an animated feel.

18- Incorporate It into Your Favorite Space

Deep-Seated Swing Chair for Bedrooms Inspiration
Boho Bedroom Hanging Chair with Knitted Throw via Instagram 📷 by @homedecor_hippie

When it comes to color, pattern, texture, and decoration, the boho style follows the maxim “more is more.” For example, this cute egg pod hanging chair allows you to enter your comfort zone without leaving your room.

19- Layered Textures

Boho Swing Chair for Patio or Balcony with Indoor Plants
Boho Hanging Chair for 2 people with Indoor Plants for Patios or Balconies via Instagram @tiendachagual

The bohemian style is best achieved by layering textures. Consider a basic hanging chair with various shaped and textured cushions, chunky throw blankets, jute tables, scented candles, and indoor plants.

20- How Much Decoration Is Too Much Decoration?

Pink and White Floral-Themed Boho Hanging Chair for Terrace Metal-Frame Swing Chair with Flower Decorations
Pink and White Floral-Themed Boho Egg Chair for Terrace via Instagram 📷 by @gozdee81

You can’t possibly overdo a boho egg chair design, can you? This one, for example, only features a metal frame egg chair (there is a hanging version too) with pink cushions, a chunky throw, a flower garland on the chair’s frame, finished with tassels, cushions, fluffy seating rugs, candles, and flower pots and still looks cute!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you install a hanging chair in an apartment?

A: Yes! With a suspension kit, you can hang a swing chair in every room of your apartment, from the living room to your bedrooms, the balcony, and even your kitchen (although we wouldn’t if we were in your place!) All you need is a sturdy ceiling structure and permission to drill holes in the ceiling.

Q: What are some classic bohemian décor options for hanging chairs?

A: Apart from the above-listed inspirations, some trendy boho hanging chair decor options include:
●rattan or carved wood material
●butterfly-themed decorations
●indoor plants
●patterned throws or cushions
●vintage décor items

Q: How far away should my hanging chair be from the walls?

A: Ideally, you need to leave at least 3 feet of space behind your boho hanging chair and an additional 2 feet on either side, so you don’t bump into walls or balcony railings while swinging.

Q: Are hammock-style boho hanging chairs safe to use on a balcony?

A: It depends! If you are hanging it from the ceiling, you don’t have anything to worry about. However, hanging the hammock-style swing chair from the railings can damage them due to ropes or hammock straps.

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