Designer Hanging Chairs

Design Hanging Chairs.

Coming Soon.

In the meantime have a look at these beauties:


Review: Hand Woven Egg Swing Chair with Stand by Jo-Liza

Hand-woven hanging egg swing with stand- by Jo Lisa
Hand-woven hanging eggchair swing with stand by Jo Lisa –

SWINGY IN by Linda Vrnakova : LIV Design

Swingi IN Hammock Chair by LIV
SWINGI IN Hammock Chair by LIV


BOHOROCKERS: Luxury Hammock Swing designed by Philip Cooper

Bohorocker by Philip Cooper Outdoor
Bohorockers: a refuge, a cocoon, a quiet space to relax and focus, far from the madding crowd.


History of Bubble Chair: Eero Aarnio’s Iconic Design without Edges and Corners

Hanging Ball Chair Transparent
Original Hanging Bubble
by Eero Aarnio 1968

The Iconic Hanging Egg Chair: by Nanna & Jørgen Ditzel

nanna ditzel hanging egg chair


KATÀ Hanging Chair by Ferlea

KATÀ Hanging Chair by Ferlea
KATÀ Hanging Chair by Ferlea
Designed by ENZO BERTI 2003

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